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Found 14 results

  1. Fauna is the existance of life other than our own, life of bystanding creatures that cooperate with the world and it's environment, they could have homes, procreation, age, death, decomposition. Livestock is Fauna being harnessed and claimed for their resources they can produce. Ranches, Farms, proccessing plants would be places considered for Livestock activities. It would be the players job to sustain livestock using _Bio-Tags_. Fauna Types: Beetle-Beast: medium large scaled ground fauna that roams in herds from 3 to 7 individuals. They feed on organic and proccess
  2. Playing with only 3 of us in the game we keep seeing a 4th body. It is following one of us around and picking up things behind us. It also sits in the seat of the rocket keeping us from getting in. Besides that it does nothing.. it is just there. At this point, we are kind of creeped out. Is there any idea what this is?
  3. On the Astroneer Steam new page, on there post on there 1.0 release and some content they were planning on adding there was a paragraph about them adding a 'directed experience' to the game. Here is that paragraph. 'And while many players enjoy the self-guided sandbox experience of Astroneer, "We've also heard this call of people want stuff to do," Tirado said. "They want directed goals, they want exposition about the universe we built." These goals will be a part of version 1.0. These aren't quests, Tirado told me, and there won't be a proper campaign in Astroneer. But players inte
  4. Colony System I appologize ahead of time if this has already been suggested or is already planned. This has also been posted on the steam suggestion forum for the game to increase exposure and gather more feedback. SInce this game will not involve combat as it will be a family friendly title, I would like to see some kind of colony system put into it. Explore, terraform, mine, and colonize planets. Construct community buildings for npc colonist such as housing, bio domes, hydroponic farms, etc. More advanced structures would require resources that are only found on certain types of pla
  5. This Topic is for those who wants to make Astroneer ALIVE! If you have any questions to a post just write it down. The main focus of this Topic is how to make Astroneer a bit more ALIVE so my main ideas are NPC´s which can trade or more planets or generated structures like a planet is allready captured by another Species. What ever i hope that you are going to support my Topic. HAVE FUN
  6. Perhaps research and assemble a robot helper. Would have a simple list of actions and a few slots - follow, stay, return to base, deploy tether in x direction, etc. - limited via power like vehicles
  7. Yes please, these are all really good ideas and i just want to add to them. More resources, and could even possibly be Planet specific. (I really like the idea of many more planets, but to have more planets we need more resources and reason to go to them other than the cosmetic venture) Please Please Please structures for building walls and base/fort. (Which would be very handy if added with mobs) Since we have to have oxygen all the time it wouldn't hurt to also have to eat or drink water. Which could add to more base nodes. i.e Water purification and cooking/packing station for
  8. It would be really cool to have other living things such dangerous and friendly wildlife and other npc's like other explorers,traders,pirates and maybe you could defense turrets to your base to help protect it from wildlife and pirates.
  9. It would be really cool to have other living things such dangerous and friendly wildlife and other npc's like other explorers,traders,pirates and maybe you could defense turrets to your base to help protect it from wildlife and pirates.
  10. NPC - I believe that the only way this game will last is if it becomes more lively. There needs to be more things to interact with, I was thinking along the lines of NPC aliens to trade with, villages (hostile or not), raiders and bandits! Very simple but very effective (e.g MINECRAFT, SKYRIM) MOBS- .To put it simply, weird creatures that can be hostile or friendly, suited for the specific environments. I know that I'm not alone when I say this - RED PLANTS ARE GETTING BORING... STRUCTURES- Finally, structures to build enclosures for our habitats and towns. This goes along with NPC's
  11. It would be cool to have npc aliens in the game. They could have built their own little colonies and have their own abilities to do stuff. What if there were traces of them to so you go to a planet with no life on it, and when you get there you find pyramids or something, so you know life used to be there. Maybe you could trade with them too. Like a trade platform but right there. What if you could pay them to work for you too, that could be cool. Like you pay them some aluminum or something and they mine some compound for you.
  12. I was thinking that you could add NPC bases and maybe add fighting and trading along with them this could give the opportunity to add weapon and raiding.Another idea i have is to add multiple bases if a friend joins so we can compete,trade,or do whatever we choose to do.
  13. The planets all have their own plants, colour and style. I would love to see NPC's in the game that are unique to the planet also. For now they all could be low intelligence so it fits the game as the worlds are not explored and its resources mined on. They could have huts or caves etc with bombfire maybe. Programmed to hide when storms appear. Since they will look different on each planet they should have different characteristics of how they react when they first come in contact with you. But never hostile. (that can be thought about in the future) they could be amazed with your technology
  14. 1) To start I want to say,me do not like the suggestions from our players about adding an NPC (inhabitants,strangers,aliens) in particular, the ability to take quests,I would like that, would the game interact only with other players (or perhaps in the future a beefy multiplayer) Buying blueprints ,friendship,war,only the players, but I do not deny that I would like but the life of the planet ,like bugs and stuff,or evil creatures 2) want something in the game had AutoSave ,I sometimes leave the game but then I remember that it was necessary to continue