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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! I love the sound design of this game, and would love to have a clean copy of the sounds the backpack makes to use as my phone's notification tones in real life! Specifically, when an item completes crafting it makes the "bee-boo bee" sound, and when you open the research center it makes the 'buh-duh' sound. These are a couple of sounds of many that I think would make great ringtones -- but lack the knowledge to try and extract them from game files! So here I am! Thanks for such a great game, in every way. From the sound design, to the art style, and especially the modular nature of the attach points on everything. This game is a masterpiece!
  2. Question about the notifications: What setting for the notifications do i need to use when i want all the notifications here in the forum but not in my email ? Other: First off i want to compliment System era and the developers on this website and forum, i really think its slick and the UI is nice and easy to use. Though as i student software engineering i wonder if System Era made the front end from scratch or used a template ? I also really like the smooth menu/notification and messages. There is nothing wrong with using templates , i also use alot of templates. For projects when we need to build a website or web application we use bootstrap and there 'free' templates a lot, we are graded mainly on backend so making our own frontend from scratch for a project is a waste of time. thanks!