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Found 6 results

  1. I have been having the same incredibly frustrating issue of the game not saving when I enter a vehicle and I think I may have a soulution. First I save by entering a vehicle or habitat. Then I then bring up the options menu and hit “exit to main menu”. This has consistently forced a correct save.
  2. I have been playing for about and hour, gathering resources. Went in to my Habitat to save it and the little green box popped up saying "Saving Game" yet when I go to load the game its an old file, I have lost a day. So I loaded it up any way. Did a few bits Saved it and when I went to reload it was the old file again. Also noticing f you play for a long period you can't pick up items or use you backpack to move items and some of the fabricators and trying to connect power you can't seem to highlight or your cursor will not register.
  3. Hey, I am playing on the windows app version of the game (wouldn't usually but is so i can play with a friend(if we were actually able to play together withought dropping out :-P)). Have windows 10 pro, Intel i7 processor and 16gb of ram. Anyway, I ended up playing the game all the way through the night, and through the morning, building a massive tunnel, underground base, and such. I was saving throughout, as using vehicles, and checking into bases occasionally. Then the game eventually started to get really laggy, so i headed back to a base to save, and then closed the game through the
  4. abeez3

    Not saving PC

    So I've had this game for a while. Love playing it. Both on PC and Xbox. I prefer PC. Herein lies the Never saves. I've uninstalled it and reinstalled it at least a dozen times. I purchased it thru my PC, Windows 10, with Windows Store. I found another blog related to "seeing" the area where saved games are supposed to be: c/user/(username)/AppData/Local/Astro/Saved I look under that same area on doesn't exist. Now, I did a search thru C:/ of "astro" and I actually got a hit. The result was: C:\Zeebe\AppData\Local\Packages\SystemEraSoftWorks.29415440
  5. Why hello there! Since this is my first post on this forums, let me just say that I absolutely love this game! I have lots of suggestions and I will post every single one! And all the bugs I discover, of course. So this one doesn't involve the actual gameplay, it's the settings. In the game I always turn my resolutions a little bit down, since my computer is not the best. Then, when I leave the game and come back later, the settings go back to 1080p. Even though I applied it. This is a bug right, I'm not missing anything? If it is not a bug I will delete this post. Thanks for r
  6. Hello, I just bought the game, and it seems like fun. However, my game is not saving, and I do not get any blue pods for saved game on main menu. - I tried restarting - I tried reinstall - I found posts about file c/user/(username)/AppData/Local/Astro/Saved...... When i looked I did not have this path so I actually created them, but no help. Thanks for your help, as the game is fun, but I cannot play it anymore without saving. Zalloe