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Found 4 results

  1. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary: Camera angles and auto adjustment (Mostly vehicle related) Description: Driving up a very steep narrow slow some times causes the camera to auto adjust constantly Driving with large items beside / behind you can making driving blind. Walking in very tight areas can cause the camera to 180, or clip trough terrain Suggestion: This is mainly directed at vehicle usage. A first person camera angle in vehicles would be very help
  2. Sometimes the terrain tool, when used, will produce the most ghastly rattling sound, and I assume it to be a bug because it is only sometimes and so annoying.
  3. In an attempt to pick up 4 research pods at once, I drove my truck into a large, flat cavern with a clear and open ramp up to the surface just "feet" away, as well as PLENTY of power... but the instant it went underground (where there was some "surface" above the truck) , it refused to move even the slightest, the ONLY feedback I get is the power depleting as I try to move it, as well as a CONSTANT skidding sound (as if it's sliding down a hill, whether or not I'm in it) even though it's not moving at all. I've already tried digging out ALL the wheels (so that it went airborn and fell ea
  4. Hi guys I just wanted to report this strange occurrence in my game, I believe it is a bug becouse it is loud and painful. Basically what happens is sometimes during my game when I am connected to a tether line a strange loud painful noise blasts from my computer speakers, i am using the PC edition of Astroneer and I have only had it about 4 days and this started on around the 2nd day. I thought it would go away if I kept playing however it started as a quite noise that turned into a roar, it was frustrating and forced me to return to my base to save and exit each time. This is extremely f