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Found 13 results

  1. Temmy30403

    Levitating Node

    I can't post a screenshot (I'm on Xbox) but I encountered a strange bug. I was playing creative driving my buggy around on Sylva when I found one of the nodes, floating high up in the air. I was only able to get up to it because I was playing creative. If you want to see it, I uploaded the clip to my Xbox profile. (TeenTroller23) While this bug didn't inhibit my experience, I thought I should report it anyway.
  2. DillyBar8

    Bug on Calidor

    Hi, i am currently trying to ignite all of the nodes on Calidor however when i went to light one, it activated and allowed me to travel from it, however i could not travel back to it. Once i traveled back by foot i noticed it wanted me to connect power to it again so i did. Now there are two dim nodes floating simultaneously, both not bright nodes. What should i do to fix this?
  3. So my rover could previously use power nodes and would consume their power so i could go down deeper into mines but now this is no longer occuring. Any solutions or familiarities with other users?
  4. Jordan HOPE

    Connecting Base Nodes

    Base nodes that are close enough should be able to connect to each other. This can currently be achieved by having a vehicle between the nodes, but this shouldn't be required.
  5. Death666911

    Dead tethers

    I travelled to the "moon" like planet orbiting my starting planet then from there continued onto the exotic planet, but when I returned to the moon my tethers were all dead and my character wouldn't connect to any new tethers I placed further then one link away from my base, playing on the Xbox one. Sorry for pic quality
  6. Hi all, First of all thanks for the great game ! I'm having tons of fun I am amazed by the overall stability of the game, I have played 32 hours according to Steam and not a single crash. A few "bugs" here and there, or more precisely : jumpy physics, the occasional falling through the ground when digging under my feets, and sometimes vertices not matching creating a crack in the ground, but except that, nothing major to report. But after hours of fun, trying to connect my home base with one on the top of the closest mountain, the framerate progressively dropped to reach an unplayable level. It can't be because because of tethers, I removed almost all of them. Also I don't think that it is related to the area explored since I visited a few caves and maybe a few landing spots on the planet (didn't even go to another planet) and I didn't explore "that much" while building my link between the two bases since all I needed was walking around my base to find loads of resin... But by looking at the screenshots I am under the impression that all the nodes, their holograms, habitats, ... are rendered whatever the distance. It seems obvious to me that "not rendering distant objects" is on a "to do list" somewhere, but just in case, since I heard of tethers and area explored as source of framerate drops, but didn't read about nodes, I wanted to report it :-) Thanks P.S. : I forgot to mention : I'm playing on PC, a beefy one, experimental version
  7. Teh_Leviathan

    Thermal Vents in Caves

    Guys, I'm sure that some of you will have come across those thermal vents that appear mostly in caves. They stick out of the ground and steam comes out of them. You may have noticed that items can be placed on these similarly to the nodes at base or on vehicles. I was wondering if anyone knows what purpose these serve? Can they be used to power anything or ... ? Thanks.
  8. Simple, just give the player the ability to connect two nodes from two separate bases(Just like you would attach a truck/rover to a node)
  9. Itstwoam

    The fuel pass

    If you have seen my previous post talking about storage then you would have seen the boatload of hydrazine sitting around with no shuttles to go in because I haven't found enough materials to make them yet. Let's talk about that. Instead of running around and finding hydrazine nodes lets replace them with just hydrogen nodes that pop up like the oxygen and power ones. Either in the convenient stone, ground patches or both. It would collect on the gun/backpack like o2 or power. Here is how I imagine fuel production would work. First thing is it gives organics another use from the itty bitty wearable geny. So you gather organics and put them into the decomposer at the cost of energy and time. It would output at the very least nitrogen with hydrogen, oxygen and carbon being optional. The second module would then combine the hydrogen and nitrogen into hydrozine at the cost of energy/time again. With optional output from the decomposer water/food can be synthesized if hunger or thirst was to be implemented. Also as demonstrated coal could be generated in this manner and done right it could even make it where it costs more energy to make the coal than it can provide in generators. That would make it a viable thing to carry into caves where wind and solar power are not an option. Now onto fuel usage. Shuttles and spaceships in game just use a fuel to travel. We all know that O2 is required for this. If the decomposer also output oxygen then this could be stored. craft would have two tanks, one for fuel and the other for oxygen. Having both being a requirement to take off.
  10. Currently, our base layout is severely hampered by the strange way that nodes deploy out from the habitat (and each other). It creates strange elevation issues, layout problems, and bugs related to power not traveling through properly. My alternate suggestion: First, the habitat has all four "plugs" already present. They don't rotate freely around the base, they just exist at the cardinal points. Second, nodes are not longer constructed by extending from the habitat. Instead, they are crafted in the backback using one Resin as the material. You plop them down and deploy them just like a Habitat, and they (like the Habitat), have all four plugs already in existence. If the plugs of any two nodes (including the Habitat) are within range of each other, a "ghosted" power cable appears (just like when you park a vehicle near a plug). You click the one you want and boom, connected. When creating crafting tables, it works the same as before: If only one plug is in use, you have the option to add two resin to make a crafting table. The "front" is opposite wherever that one plug is. I would also add that after the table is constructed, the front plug works like the rest (so it's eligible to connect to nodes), AND add one plug to each side, giving it 4 total plugs (just like a node).
  11. No need for additional info. The picture shows it all (character is immediately stuck inside a building after respawning, can't get out by any means). Also included the dxDiag. DxDiag.txt
  12. First Idea: When you stop and mouse over yourself, a compass pops up. I would like to suggest adding a marker system to this compass to make it easier to get home or find a beacon that you placed. making it only available here would help to simulate stopping, pulling out a compass and taking the time to find your way. Optional: place a compass or similar device on the screen when you bring up your backpack. this would give the same benefits as above, but give you the ability to move, albeit slowly. Second Idea: when building new nodes on a base, Offer the player the ability to direct the node to raise, lower or stay on the same level. Third Idea: create an inability to move terrain around the player in a radius equal to the radius of the build tool. I think that this would be a proper fix to the issue of glitching through the terrain and falling to your death. Fourth Idea: on the Node that builds vehicles, Please consider adding 2 build slots in front of the node instead of just one. That would provide a space for wheeled vehicles and non-wheeled vehicles. this way if i were to build a lander then gain the ability to build a truck, I wouldnt have to fight with terrain and tipping and dragging in order to make space to build my truck.
  13. When placing a new node, it will only match the terrain height if the node it is connected to does not, vice versa, a node will not match the terrain height if the previous node did, it will instead be a constant distance below the ground. The first(left) node in the image matches the terrain height, the second does not, etc etc.