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Found 14 results

  1. Playing on XBOX One with software version I'm on Glacio trying to finish up all chambers. I powered up two chambers and could travel between them fine. When I powered up the third chamber I look at the Odd Stone and I see two Bright Nodes (Surface Elevations 1 and 5), one Origin Node (Surface Elevation 6), and four Dim Nodes. When I travel to one of the first two powered nodes I only see one Bright Node and one Origin node, my third chamber (Surface Elevation 6) shows as a Dim Node. But the chamber is powered up, I can't re-power it so how am I going to get it to be a Bright No
  2. I was playing with 3 friends in a multiplayer session and I wanted to show them the Fast Travel Node (which looks awesome btw). When they walked over to it however, their characters died before they could gaze at the odd stone. There appears to be a glitch where if the character walks over the slits in the floor, they repeatedly hurt themselves on the ground. Is there any chance this could be patched in the latest update?
  3. System: Steam I had been trying to unlock a teleporter a night. So I Landed on Glacio Unlocked a teleporter logged off and went to bed. Rinse and repeat several times. Unlocking about 1 teleporter a day. I started to notice that I had already been to some of the teleporters, but they were showing Dim from other teleporters. To test this I found a Node that showed dim on others, that I knew I had unlocked already. Then beamed to a bright node. Sure enough, when I got to the bright node. The node I had beamed from was now dark, leaving me stranded to die, unable to get
  4. Summary: - Steam - Can't activate either of the surface nodes on Desolo, despite supplying power Description: In one of my save files, I can't activate the nodes on Desolo. I've restarted my game, supplied more than enough power to both nodes, tried various plugs on each node, supplied more than double the power required, etc. Nothing I've done has helped so far. I can hook up power to the node, and the pillars appear, but they don't go down, despite making the charging sound effect. I've included a save file and a screenshot, if that will help. Platform:
  5. What if we could print movable small nodes at the Printer? Two resin (twice as expensive as a base-expansion node), needs to be researched, can't expand off of it, can't upgrade it. When it is on the ground you can't push/pull it. Can place it on vehicles (using two connections), attach it via the cables (like a vehicle to base connection) to both vehicles and the base. Tethers would attach to it like they do to a vehicle or base. Can be used to connect found solar panels to your base, more base design options, placing at the mouth of a cave for a solar power underground, zebra
  6. I was trying to remove a large node (research type) and used dynamite, I have tried everything, but the node's end/start bit on the HAB won't disappear and is blocking me from building any new nodes. I am in the newest steam version (whatever number that is). Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit 10.0, Build 14393 CPU: Intel Core i7-6800K CPU @ 3.40GHz (12 CPUs), ~3.4GHz RAM: 32768MB RAM
  7. My friend and I were playing the game on Xbox (it was his first time) and we were just doing basic things like collecting materials, building facilities, researching things, etc. The friend noticed something popping out of the research facility. He pressed RT on it and used 1 resin to build a node. He told me to come over and see. I screenshotted it and came to the forums to submit a bug fix. The node works as nodes are supposed to, with the exception of being able to turn it into a large platform. I can branch off of it though (as shown in picture) and build a facility there. P.S. I love
  8. Ok, this is old, but still
  9. When trying to use the terrain tool on resource nodes (not sure what the correct term is? I call it resource teets with my friends lol) I can't seem to suck the resource from it. Let me clarify, I aim at the arrow, and it kind of gets stuck, and the arrow doesn't turn green. Is there a specific angle you have to attack the teet to get the goods? Could be a bug but I could also be looking at it wrong. My friend says he always latches onto the teet lol Good game SES, keep it up!
  10. so i took 4 condensers and a trading post, what i got is an infinite amount of every resource, so I think the post should only be usable if you have 2 trading posts each on different planets.
  11. Base node acts like it has something connected, and has 2 extender ports. Cannot make into a platform, even if I put 2 resin on top. One of the extenders follows my character, the other is stuck at the mid-point. I think it started at some point after I connected a truck tube to the node, but I am not sure. I want to say it had one of the large solar panels on top at the time. I have tried saving and reloading the game. After reloading, the 2 resin templates reappear on it, but they disappear again after anything, even resin, is put on those slots until reloading the game again.
  12. Mouse/keyboard? Controller? Mouse/Keyboard Steam? Xbox? Steam What were you doing leading up to this bug? When I started playing, I used 1 resin to create a node. Then, standing next to it, I used 2 resin to expand the node. When it expanded, it clipped in my character, who started doing a falling animation. I was stuck there for about 10-15 seconds, pushing various buttons to get out. Finally, the game unclipped me, putting my character on top of the platform. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. It happened when I placed two res
  13. I've spent half hour to prepare the terrain for my base (each time) to have it planar , but when I create the node, they goes up and down absolutely random!