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Found 2 results

  1. What if we(all) had a special storage ring, with 8 small storages on each side! But, when you add the relics from each planet core to it, & the control crystal appears in the 8th spot(same side)! You would need RTGs to power it(6, max), 1 for each other planet! It opens a gateway to a "Big Purple" on other worlds, by selecting that worlds relic, & activating it through the control crystal! However, if you build other gateways, on other planets, then you'd go only need through the gateways! The Ring would need to be big enough for large packaged items to pass through it! Small & medium items can pass through ok, without being packaged! Small & medium rover can be driven through the gateways, but not large rovers(but packaged large rovers can passed though the gateways)! Once every planet has a working gateway, & the player has passed between each planet several times(at least once to each planet, & back), the gateway(on whatever planet your on), suddenly activates! & the unknown human(from the Pathfinder event), shows up, & beckons you(player) to follow him/her(we don't really know)! & after a few additional beckons, your character pops off everything on their backpack(maybe not the jump jets), & either runs to, or flies to the opened gateway, & along with the unknown humanoid, both disappear into the gateway, together! Then the games ends, or does it?!
  2. Instead of giving all the tech/research to the Astroneer from day one, why not just give the basics and hide the rest in the wreckage littering the planets. This will provide a purpose to explore in the game. Resources isn't enough to travel to new plants. Well no, you don't need to travel at all. Just use the Trade Platform! So there isn't any point really. Maybe after beta the main purpose will be to just collect parts of a radio that are scattered on all the planets and once connected it will send a SOS signal, end of game and start new project. I hope not. Good work so far.