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Found 2 results

  1. Mr.Bubbles 3.0

    Asteroids and New Moons.

    I think that this game would really benefit with these new features. The game just gets really old after a while, you,re just doing the same thing over and over again. Mining for resources and conquering new planets. Could you guys please consider adding in new moons on other planets. Also I think it would be very awesome if comets and asteroids would be added into the game. And the ability to land on these comets and asteroids and mine their resources. The new types of moons would add a few more places to discover and more places to install bases. I really hope you guys add at least one of these new features to Astroneer.
  2. So, after playing for +/- 20 hours, here is what I thought would make a nice feedback 1. The first landing pod. It seems to always choose a big plateau as starting location, and I cannot move it from there; the world is big, but usually I get the Habitat blueprint when my base is set up and running nicely, therefore there is little wish to build something from scratch, even if I have spot some interesting locations. I think it would be nice to have mountains and canyons/ cave landing as well. Furthermore, I think that giving to the player the choice of the exact landing spot would be a nice addition. 2. The truck. Physics bugs aside, the truck suffers from road bums to the point in which having a little exploration become quite frustrating at times. I think that a making the truck bigger would underline its differentiation from the rover, and make for a smoother journeying and resources hauling. 3. The rover. This is the tiniest of the cars. Please, give me some gadget to bring it underground for underworld/ cave exploring! 4. More vehicles. This would be a nice addition, like a fast scavenger (I saw it in some pics but never in-game), an helicopter and so on and forth. 5. Character Classes. My favorite Astroneers are #1 and #3 (especially #3). Give them classes with some nice stat boost or one special unit available only to them (never played co-op RPGs? You got the idea!). #1 Could be Wanderer/ Scavenger, #2 Engineer/ Technician, #3 Explorer/ Mercenary (??? he is so fluffy! <3) and #4 Researcher/ Scientist. Of course, more models too! The more difference between characters, the more choice and replay-ability the player will gain. 6. Oxygen and Energy. They deplete too fast, especially oxygen. If balancing is your issue, there could be some research-able upgrades for it. 7. A nomadic life & More reasons to explore. Exploring usually is my favorite part of the game (a new world every game? Awesome!) but unfortunately I don't get many reasons to go far, besides the nice views. Add unique relics scattered across the planet. Also, it would be interesting to have a high-tech vehicle capable to act as mobile-base, for those of us that are interested in exploration more than base-building. 8. Rogue-lite elements. "Oh, I am lost, far from my base and my vehicle fell down that canyon. Luckily once died I will re-spawn at my base and I will build another one in no time". No more! By introducing rogue-lite elements and allowing the player to build a central node (like the habitat) out of their backpack, you implement meaningful choice and consequences mechanics in the game! The player have the means of basic survival (no storm shelter though) and is left with the capability to get out of the mess with is own intellect. This would also allow for a better emergent-gameplay. Good stuff!