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Found 4 results

  1. Hey. I just started playing Astroneer (PC, Mouse and Keyboard). When I'm flying to another planet, I am unable to start a new base. I know how to do it and tried at least 10 landing spots on 5 different planets in two different savegames. Hope it's just a small bug. Thx 4 reply
  2. Platform:PC version on Steam Playing with my friend and connected via Steam. The home planet and the moon synced fine for both players, but when we traveled to the planet Radiated and started building a new base, the connecting player cannot see any structures built by the host. Still invisible to the other player after reconnecting via Steam. This is frustrating as we cannot start anything on the new planet.
  3. So my friend and I landed on a new planet and tried to set up a base there which worked perfectly for her whereas I cannot see, place or interact with any buildings and tethers, though as can be seen in the video I seem to be connected to the habitat. Attached are the bugged version aka my view and the correct version aka her view. astroneer_bug.flv astroneer_no_bug_version.flv
  4. I think a great idea for the game would be adding a water planet with small islands. The Planet could have special vehicles such as boats and submarines and have special events such as tidal waves or tsunami's. I think something like this would be great for the game Thanks for reading