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Found 4 results

  1. i think since there is a solar arrayy there should be wind farms
  2. Hi friends, My main suggestions here are simple: There should be a female character for women playing this game, may not be a hard thing to do and makes a huge difference. We should encounter creatures/mobs/aliens or something like that to make the gameplay more dinamic and challenging. Gathering resources and flying planet to planet only might get boring in a certain point of the game. Something that get close to PVP I think. We also need objectives, the game is so f*ckin funny and nice to play, but it will get boring if we don't have a bigger objective or something tha
  3. I have a few ideas that may or may not been spoken. 1: Giant Solar Panel & Giant Windmill that can be researched = that can be built on to large plantform like the large storage from the vehicle bay...??? 2: It would be ((COOL)) to be able to shut off the Wondering Storms in the worlds? In the settings...??? PLEASE? 3: It would be AWESOME to be able to research a backpack upgrade = maybe in the upgrade it could have, a jetpack, more storage spots, or it's own solar/windmill built in...??? 4: Could u make a giant spaceship to research: it would be cool if it was the size
  4. Different from other survivl game,astroneers are prepared to mining in a outer planet,so they should have prepared goods and materials well before they land. Here is the features about the robot partner type: type 1: It can expand ur stronage,as a stronage. type 2: It has Holographic display map,it would be useful before u have a gps satellite,become more useful after u have satellite,even has gps guidence. type 3: support robot ,it would light the surround environment,provide oxygen and power. type 4: Freight transport robot, it can carry the "unkown"things,and