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Found 6 results

  1. Credit to User Topher for the idea. While Topher quickly mentioned the idea of making an indoor base with tether-less oxygen, I would like to add upon the idea. This would be a great way to isolate storage or some crafting, especially during storms. Allow for limited crafting in there (maybe limit it to no Extra-Large Modules, hoop platforms, or tall platforms), and allow people to sleep until a certain time (such as dawn or dusk). I know this would require extra work on your part as the time of day for each planet/moon is vastly different. This would also mean a clock would help. Ma
  2. You can do astroneer for the PlayStation 4?
  3. Hey, is it possible to save the Audiosettings atm ? And my Idea for the Future: Some Option to set the Audiosignaloutput to whatever i have connectet. For Example to my Headset, TV or Hifi For now I love Your Game, great Work
  4. I was poking around the forums and noticed a lot of desire for water. That's what inspired this thought: quicksand! I think it would bother the lone explorer not very much, rather, vehicles would fall prey to this terrain type. It would not be easily differentiated from normal ground, but once you drive over it, your vehicle sinks into the ground and you're stuck. The only way to get out of the quicksand is to dig yourself out or pull yourself out. In fact, this might be best with the refill tool. Thoughts?
  5. Hey, i think you should be able to give Beacons a Name or at least some Kind of Color, so you know what that beacon was if you see it from the distance.. I have like 4 beacons currently around, and im already getting lost on which one was for what. So something to help remember the purpose of the beacon would be great! ps: awesome game
  6. As i suggestion, and i'm unsure how difficult it would be to implement in the future, but would be cool to have a first person view through the camera options.