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Found 3 results

  1. Here are some suggestions that in my opinion would make the game better: -Animals (passive and hostile) -More resources (More minerals, plants ...) -Some kind of backpack (an extra inventory) -Experience system (XP) and skills to upgrade the character. - Improved game search system. -More accessories for both vehicles and the character itself. - Combat weapons (the one I most want in the game). - Customization options for a new local or multiplayer game. - Difficulty level varied on other planets that force the player to create a suit or item to sur
  2. Greetings developers, hope you happen to come across my post. I'm currently playing Astroneer on Windows (UWP) and Xbox One and am loving what you've built. One of the key responsibilities I have at work is application packaging and deployment testing. I'm responsible for both overseeing and directly performing application testing across multiple operating system images/platforms, from Windows 7 to Windows 10; 32 and 64 bit. This includes new installations, full version upgrades, minor version updates and full regression testing. All of which involves comprehensive test reports to be
  3. They haven't updated in a while, which also makes me impatient but at the same time it could mean that they are doing more work on the game, like big features. I know that @SES_Adam has added some nice space station wrecks in the livestreams, I hope some major features like Deconstructable Base Platforms and Backpack Upgrades, Terraform Tool upgrades, etc. will come in the next update