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Found 5 results

  1. I hate the rocky eneven ground and the messy tubes strewn everywhere. Could we perhaps have the option to spend resources to make flooring that is above the tubes but level with the module we are working with? Also can we eventually create an enclosed space or dome around all of our modules with automatic doors for vehicles, explorers, and landing ships? If not a dome at least storm walls that can be erected without looking like the derelict ship on LV-421 made by the terrain shaping tool?
  2. I think we should be able to use the new habitats we can build (after finding them in research) to build new bases. Afterall, we land with one and start up our exploring. Once we make a new habitat should we not be able to place it down independently of our old base and pull "tubes/wires" out of it in order to make new buildings attached to it?
  3. Hi! I am unable to make a new base with my shuttle? I flew to one area and quickly messed u and made a machine with one connection (useless), so I flew to numerous other areas and I now cannot build a base. Are shuttles one time only builders? Or should I be able to make new bases all over, and continue to launch away from them? Thanks!
  4. Ever wanted to settle a base in a new area with the space shuttle? I AM SORRY BUT THATS NOT POSSIBLE. Quote "Did you already use the space shuttle?" (Quote is at the end of the page) When I went to a other location with the space shuttle, saw I that you'r very limited with exploring. Because the only thing you had was a space shuttle. You need to get oxygin. if you could build a new base you could also get: power, printer, vechicle builder, etc, etc. I really want to see that you can build (a) new base(s). I would like if you can mayby sent like an new sp
  5. Ok, landed on a new planet.. how do I get started with a new base? I don't seem to be able to click and select the new umbilical connector... no "hologram" effect on it. Any ideas?