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Found 4 results

  1. Version: Running same updated version on Xbox One and Win10 PC 0.3.10190.0 Platforms affected: Xbox One and Windows 10 Issue: Cross play used to work flawlessly for me since launch. However, after the last patch I have an issue I am able to replicate. When running a session on Xbox One the PC player is able to join flawlessly. However, when the PC session is running the Xbox One account constantly gets the "Failed to join: Could not find session" NAT is open, Works one way but not the other. I was using the PC version solely as a "dedicated" server for the Xbox players to join and it was working great. Would love to see the issue resolved. Thanks!
  2. ^^^ List of bugs Dropbox >> Save Dropbox >> Screenshoots
  3. I have been playing with some friends and loving the game so far, but I've found an issue that prevents us from playing on the same network with someone off-network as the host. Players A and B on the same network, player C is off-network. Player A can connect to player B and play just fine. Player B can connect to player A and play just fine. Player (A/B) can connect to player C, but when player (B/A) connects to the same game they are greeted with an eternal loading screen. We have verified that we are all on the same version of the game (, the current Beta available through Steam). Also to note, some games seem to have trouble distinguishing between IP addresses, but with our network configuration we have resolved that with all other games.
  4. I have found that when a vehicle (truck) thinks that it is falling, it REALLY drops the FPS to below 5 FPS. One you have it upright AND on all 4 wheels, then the FPS stutter is gone. This would assume that those truck that are in orbit are also in the falling process and making for worse FPS. Mouse/Keyboard Windows 10 Pro