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Found 35 results

  1. redstonerti


    I was thinking how great the paver is because it now enables us to mine resources with large rovers but then i thought that without tethers, we will surely get lost. I am suggesting some kind of "Glow Stick deployer" where you could stick it at the back of the rover, and it automatically deploys glow sticks every few meters. This could be interpreted in two ways imo: 1st version: T3, has an internal storage, uses power 1st version: T2, no internal storage, doesn't use power
  2. redstonerti

    spaceship navigation

    Okay so, you're going out to find scrap and you've been travelling for some time now and have no clue where your base is.Here's my idea : Packable landing pad • Printed from: Medium Printer • Resource Cost: 1 Ceramic, 1 Aluminium, 1 copper • Byte Cost: 1,250 Description: A landing pad that can be packaged into a T2 package like the field shelter Packable, round trip spaceship • Printed from: Large Printer • Resource Cost: 3 Aluminium, 1 Ammonium • Byte Cost: 2,500 Description: This is a tiny spaceship with no space whatsoever, has an integrated solid fuel thruster, and the whole thing will become scrapable parts once it has done one round trip. It can only fly to landing bubbles of the planet it is already on, but can be packaged into a T2 package like the field shelter. It is basically a one-use small spaceship with the same cost of a small shuttle and a solid fuel thruster with a few drawbacks but can be packaged. Feel free to comment about what you consider fair byte and resource costs and what should be changed.
  3. Sledge


    Navigation is a pet peeve of mine - I'd like to see a compass on the HUD permanently in view at the top of the screen as in other games - with p.o.i.'s marked at their appropriate bearings - at least - things you've already discovered, like gateways, base, beacons etc.Also - a map of some kind would be nice, to help orient yourself - one that expands as you uncover/discover your surroundings. A map that either automatically adds POI's or one where you can set markers for things of interest - like an iron deposit, or underground cave entrance of note etc. The compass you have at the moment is annoying, in that you can't see it while driving - meaning you have to stop every so often, get out of your buggy, click on your character, to see vaguely in which direction you're going - but by the time you've skirted untold holes, hills, forests and other obstacles, you can still get hopelessly lost, as the flag for your home base is only visible a certain distance - after that you have no idea - unless you know the area well. Excursions that go further away are always fraught with the danger of not finding back home. I can't say how many times I've fallen down a hole or died in a cave, with no way of ever finding back. All my gear/ore - lost.To aid this - some decent headlights / spotlights for the vehicles would be grand! Driving at night is suicidal, and the work lights are only so good.
  4. At the moment, if I get lost, the search for my base can be described as agony.
  5. Given that transport often falls underground, this is a very good idea. And in general, for navigation it is not bad.
  6. At the moment, markers of beacons often overlap with clouds. Because of this, the last time I could not find a base for 2 hours.
  7. It would be nice to add a map of the planet, for example, as a small module which, when installed on the ground, would project a holographic map of the planet.
  8. Bomoo

    Vehicle Beacons

    Please bring vehicle beacons back. It's baffling why these were removed, but they make it significantly easier to find your rover again if you happen to get separated from it. Possibly due to bugs, as happened to me a few times. Die in the middle of nowhere, spawn back at base. Well crap, where's my rover? Too bad it doesn't have a built in beacon like it used to. Well, maybe it should. That was a good idea I wish you hadn't discarded for some reason.
  9. CopperyMarrow15

    Better Beacons

    I have an idea for a logical beacon system that is actually based off of something System Era has already done. When you first start off a game you are given an examinable Landing Pad as shown below: Then, when you go away, the text disappears but the icon remains as shown below: Every object with a tag has a beacon similar to this. It can be toggled by holding B while it is selected. This is also similar to the tags in No Man's Sky. My new system also allows for finding your base, even when halfway around the planet. Please let me know what you think.
  10. Timbo


    One simple suggestion. Please add a map. So very easy to get lost....
  11. Idea: 1. Make a mini map, BUT make Repeaters that must be places insight of you, and it insight of the base. Makes player climb Mountains to place these Repeaters. 1a) If it were me, I would just take your Asset for the Small Solar, and change out some color, and put a huge (8ft) antenna whip out the middle. Let it run on its own, no platform, no power, it just works. You could make it go out if there is a storm by it or by the player. OR 2. Or can you make the Beacons more customizable so I can drop "Bread Crumbs" as I walk away from the base. Like let the Player choose a Keyboard Letter, And more colors. Email me, hit me back if you need more info or help doing any of this (I'm a game developer).
  12. As of now, the compass is difficult to use, making navigation difficult and leading to players, myself included, getting lost. The simplest way I see to resolve this situation is to add an option in the menu to toggle the compass on continuously, so that the player can be constantly aware of their bearing. It would also be helpful to make the compass visible while driving, such as by making it appear below the rovers as it does below the player. This seems to me as a relatively simple option to help players keep their bearings while exploring.
  13. I like Astroneer's minimalist UI, and I have a suggestion for increasing beacon usefulness without adding to the existing UI paradigm. When you place a beacon, you assign it a name or number (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc). This is done by tabbing through with the use command (E or ALT-click on ground, etc.). When you've cycled through to the identifier you want, stop: That becomes the beacon's unique identifier. You could still use colors, or color combinations, but that might limit the number of beacons... which could be OK, if that's desired limitation. To use the beacons, you would need to research a receiver. It would be a dish antenna similar in size to the small solar and take one slot, and I think it should be expensive, at least 5k or more. This would be a tool for advanced exploration, after the basic base it built. Slot the receiver antenna on the top of your backpack or on a rover (this is perfect for the small rover, because it has one extra slot after power is attached). Use the X button to cycle through active identifiers, just like selecting when selecting one on a beacon. Once an active beacon identifier is selected, the receiver antenna will always point in its direction, indicating the most direct route to the selected beacon. This would be much more effective for navigation, but still retain an element of challenge, without cluttering up the UI. Some usage scenarios: Leave a beacon at the base, drive far away, drop another beacon. Then switch to the first beacon and find your way home, without fear of losing the location you were at. Another scenario: Drop a beacon on the equator, then traverse the circumference of the equator. When the antenna switches direction, you have just passed the exact opposite side of the sphere. This system would be much less effective underground. It would still work, but the confines of tunnels would limit its usefulness. However, there are still cases where it could be helpful. For instance, if you have travelled far underground, you could place a beacon, then go to the surface and use the location to dig a direct shortcut to the location. You could also use it to dig your way out of a deep place, or to find vehicles lost underground. A couple of other thoughts: In this system, I would rename the beacons, calling them transponders instead. Beacons would be limited to planet range only, so beacon identifiers (transponder codes) could be reused per planet. The base yurt could have an entry by default and planetary range. Other beacons could have less power, which could be increased by investing more research in antenna upgrades. If a map system was ever implemented, it could be based around transponder triangulation, where you couldn't mark a location unless the appropriate number of transponders was deployed. Something I haven't figure out yet: How would the antenna be animated if the beacon was directly below the antenna? Thoughts?
  14. During my wander through planet terrain i was thinking about navigation. Than i read few posts regarding maps and GPS. Due to you are alone on distant planet there is no map and you are not able to develop global positioning system but you have simple beacons. The idea is to combine compass with beacons. Allow compass to show destination to beacons. Not all at the same time but to a group of "green beacons" (limit to one color at a time, be able to chose group in compass menu). This would allow to group your waypoints in player style (show your vehicles, home base or important places "red blinking beacons"). How to display all this information? Allow compass to display on ground (after hovering on player, similar to terrain deform tool) a bigger circle with colour arrows on edge. Add a fancy grid to compass circle. Allow to display a distance to beacon next to an arrow. Holding use key during cursor on player there could open a compass menu, allow to chose which color of beacons to display. I think this would be nice alternative to current simple compass but would not create easy to use maps and GPS systems.
  15. quietsplash85


    Please, add MAP. So, it's too difficult to find out the main base of you drive a rover far away.
  16. Hello; I am new to this forum, actually i am new to forums. I don't usually take place in a games development but hack! I love this game. I only have 20+ game hours, so instead of making a suggestion on navigation I would first like to ask people about my problem maybe i am missing something after all Navigating in caves Sometimes (almost always) I dig through a cave in almost 10 - 15 entrances. The bad thing about is that I get lost a lot in those caves and forgetting which thether was leading me to the exit where i left my vehicles. (Thethers everywhere!) Is there a way I can mark my exits but not without beacons? (Waste of resources and there are limited colours) I kind of find navigation in the game a bit hard, since beacons are the only way to navigate except compass. Is there something i am missing? I mean like colorful thethers or placing high landmarks or etc. Thank you all in advance.
  17. Hi Everyone, Any of you ever get frustrated by getting lost during exploration? Get turned around in that cave, come out a different entrance and never see your base again? Well suffer no further! Here is a [near] foolproof method of GLOBAL navigation, tried, tested and verified: The Beacon Meridian Method. Fig 1. The Beacon Meridian Method of global navigation. Step 1: Make beacons. For example, you will eventually need about 10-14 depending on terrain for Terran. Step 2: Drive North from your base, dropping beacons as you go (see Fig 1, second panel). Be sure to look over your shoulder and keep the last beacon in sight. Ideally, you should be able to approach one beacon and see the next on the horizon. Step 3: North Pole. Make a short column and place a beacon on top. Step 4: Drive back to base along your beacon meridian and continue South, dropping beacons as you go (see Fig 1, third panel). Step 5: South Pole. Make a short column and place a beacon on top. Sounds great, but... how do I use it to navigate??? ----> SOLUTION: If you get lost, just drive by dead-reckoning until you reach the beacon line. If you have no clue at all which way to go, drive West or East and you will encounter the beacon meridian (see Fig 1, fourth panel). Then head North or South. If you are really lost, you will end up at one of the poles before reaching your base (evidenced by the column, so don't bother looking for the next beacon) and simply have to turn around and go in the opposite direction, eventually reaching your base. Using this system, you can explore the entire planet and never worry about not making it back home. I hope you all find this useful. Cheers! -TSG
  18. TheSpaceGuy


    Hello System Era, I love how ASTRONEER is coming out and i got some new ideas to share with you guys. First Of all, Its navigation, Add signboard system. Suppose if we have Multiple Tether line connected to the main base and going in different directions And they are going pretty far that we cannot see the end. it would be difficult to know where they are going. So, i request you to add a SignBoard system so that we (player) can Place them down on the ground wherever they want and know where the tether line is going basically and not only for tether lines but for many other useful stuffs. I hope you guys found my idea useful and if you then please try to add it. Thank You! - TheSpaceGuy
  19. It's understood that asbsence of a map or a GPS contributes to the concept of the game, where you can get lost all alone on an alien planet.. But you know, after actually getting lost and driving around the extremely bumpy terrain for like three years, I'm beginning to think that it kinda sucks the joy out of the process, you know. So I dig a lot of ideas already articulated here on this forum like Holomap (a nice way to avoid traditional HUD) and GPS satellites. Here's my "model kit" of suggestions concerning GPS and how to nerf it. So, you start out with your customizable beacons. Somewhere in the middle of technological evolution you obtain a GPS satellite and a holomap (maybe as separate researches). Wow, great! But! You only get 1 satellite (maybe 2, but not total coverage, forget it) ) fuelled by hydrazine and powered by a solar panel and a battery to live through the dark side. and a holo-projector (that might take up a slot in your backpack or might not as well). After the first launch the satellite has to map the planet, (that is make a few flyarounds to scan the surface) and it takes time. Once map is ready, you can enjoy your GPS. But the satellite keeps running it's orbit, right? So GPS service will interrupt when satellite sets down and until it shows up again. Good news, there would pobably be 2 opposite regions of the planet with total coverage (probably not too vast though). Bad news - well, you need fuel to stay on orbit, right? The fuel runs out - the satellite falls (or flies off into space). So, the GPS satellite(s) is/are to be found and refueled and relaunched (or you just make a new one). Maybe upgradable fuel tanks or something to prolong orbiting. But you only need to map a planet once, the map will be stored. (Opportunity to carry a spare assembled sat as a 2-slot "luggage" on your truck?) Maybe you could find ancient GPS satellites out there buried in the ground, so you could modify/fuel/charge them and send to orbit. But due to age they would provide a poorer signal or less iformation, but hey, might as well save you one day when your roam those caves for too long! Maybe these could be made usable earlier in the game. Sort of 1st tier GPS. And no sat resource tracking, no no, too easy )) I think that's it. With love for this game!
  20. OmahaSteve

    Xbox One Controls

    Really enjoy the game guys, great job so far! My biggest suggestion is to update the UI for the Xbox One version. The current system is obviously for a mouse setup. Just simply by putting button icons on things as you get close to them (push to activate) would help a bunch! Any time you can avoid having to move the pointer with the left stick would be great. For example, to push the button to activate the smelter "B" should show up next to the button when everything is in place. Any time you can streamline it and make it button activated would be great.
  21. SnowBurn

    Compass Markers?

    The hovering icons for the home base and vehicles are very helpful in locating your base and such. However, if you travel too far away and the icon disappears over the horizon you don't have a clear indication of the general direction you need to head to make it home. I suppose you could make a mental note of the terrain and outlying mountains and such but they can be hard to distinguish from one another at times, especially at a considerable distance. A simple fix or rather addition would be to have a small icon on the compass that appears when hovering the cursor over your astroneer. At least for the home base or habitat closest to you. I had an unfortunate turn of events on the Barren moon where i lost my base over the horizon and was doomed to wander the moon in my buggy. I did find out that the planets have north and south poles through this so thats pretty cool i guess lol. Keep up the good work!
  22. LazoR


    As beacons vanish form a certain distance a map or a compass would be really helpful to navigate back to your base. Maybe coordinates like in Minecraft?
  23. Hello everyone. This post is all about one idea that I think would make Astroneer a great game. As you can see by the title, I am proposing the idea of a map of the planet you are currently on. Now, most of you might be thinking to yourselves these 2 things: 1)Why is he being so formal about this? 2)But Richie, It's a survival game! It's supposed to be hard!...Now, I get it's survival, yes, but this map would update like a Minecraft map, minus the sectioning of a map. It would only show where you have been, and would allow you to see any and all blips that are active, such as beacons, vehicles, your base and all that good stuff. This would be a great addition to the Astroneer world, and would fit in quite nicely, with the whole "Satallite orbiting the planet" thing, as shown by the main menu and how you launch off it to reach the planet below. If it was craftable like a beacon instead of given, that'd make it a bit better for everyone who says it makes the game easy. (I already posted this but in general because I didn't know)
  24. Here's an observation to test out. I thought I'd go for a drive around the irradiated planet, heading due South. I was using the stars to navigate as usual but I notices that when I checked the mini compass on my astro, it was all over the place after a while. I'd set off in the direction, drive for 30 secs or so then recheck, and it kept flipping. This completely threw me so i went back to using the stars; and immediately noticed what looked like a zenith overhead. So is there a magnetic north and south pole effect here? Looks like there is which is pretty cool but can throw your navigation out .
  25. Leonardo Ferreira

    Manual Navigation on Spaceship

    I would very much like to leave the orbit manually of the planets then I had a stupid idea. Build a platform and get me out of the planet's orbit. I want to try to enter the orbit of another planet by building a bridge of stones. I'm working on it. It's tiring. As if there was something better to do kkkkkkkkkk Maybe I've created a tiny little planet and look like the little prince's illustration.