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Found 10 results

  1. AnatolHasis

    Colors need names

    there is too many slightly different colors. It woul be very usefull to have at least name for them. A tool that let you have every color you gatered at once would be awsome. I allready said in an other post that printable pattern would be great too.
  2. B. Quinton

    Changing name on forums.

    Currently on this site, my name is B. Quinton, but I want to change it. I haven't been doing anything on there ever since I created this account back in 2017, so I'm still a newbie. Help.
  3. So I was wondering if I could change the name of my forum account. For example, my name now is "Salaadmaster" but I want to change it. I looked around in the account settings and couldn't find anything that would let me change it. I also tried just making a new account, but I can't because of my email. So if anyone could tell me how to change my name or even how to terminate/delete this one, that would be great. Thanks.
  4. The idea of permanent suite upgrades as mentioned in the collect-thread would add a bit of rpg flavor and I think without overloading the game this would be a very nice and fitting feature. Oh and a big shoutout for the music, really love it Some ideas, hopefully some of it is useful for you devs: A hovering spherical droid (maybe customizable) that provides one or two services like additional light, acoustic stormwarning etc. With a few random droid sounds he would make quite a difference since the player would not feel so alone in the vastness of space. But maybe that screws over your design-choices. Don`t know. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Random name generator for the planets, no player generated names, so we will be spared in multiplayer from Planet "Analtrafic" ---------------------------------------------------------------------- The option to declare primary and secondary landing spots for the spaceship (My second spaceship just landed at the same spot as my first, now they`ve seemed to fuse) ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Darker nights maybe and some of those lightballoons that I`ve seen at recent big construction sites
  5. When you dig a hole and collect all the resources in one place, the name of those resources (that hovered over that spot) will disappear. Upon (re)loading the game however, the name will show up again even though there's nothing left.
  6. nexus148suet

    name save

    is it yet possible to name your saves/worlds? because i have trouble remembering what date and time i made a new save, i make multiple saves in one day sometimes
  7. I propose to add the ability to add names for the trackers/beacons Something like this :
  8. Please name the save games.
  9. Kornoth

    Text issues

    I have noticed issues with the text on several of the module menus. Either it will be clipped ie first and last letter of item will be cut in half. Or the text will be backward or upside down or both at the same time! 1-seat is upside down and backward.
  10. WichuWow

    Planet land bug

    I don't speak english too good, but, i want to help for this amazing game, i find this bug in my first land on a new planet, the name of the space view don't disaper and the icon too