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Found 25 results

  1. Basically what is happening any time I make a new world or play my older one, the starting scene music plays over the game overlapping any other music that's playing which just makes it sound incredibly weird to listen to since I do enjoy the music this game offers since it really gives it atmosphere. I can give a video if needed.
  2. The main menu track callled Starting Scene (and only this track) plays all the time when I'm in a astroneer world and doesnt stop even if another track is also playing. There are no steps to recreate this, It just happens everytime I play the game. I am playing the pc Steam version
  3. i discovered that the music from the main menu is overlapping the in-game music as i explore the caves and the landscape. the main menu music is always running in the backgrund.
  4. hi i want to share this little piece that i made for or from idk , this charming game , in fact i have 2 pieces, this one is more....positive , idk . I hope you can like it I'm not very good at mastering, I hope you'll excuse me.
  5. When I first open the game and I'm at the main menu, the track called Starting Sequence is always playing. When I load a save, the only music that plays is the starting sequence on a loop. If I then exit back to the main menu, other songs from the soundtrack will be playing. From there, if I start a new game, the soundtrack seems to behave as intended. It will shift through the different tracks as I move through the world and do different things. But after the first time that I save and quit the game or quit to the menu, and then load back into that new save, the only music that plays from the
  6. --------BEGIN TRANSMISSION // Fellow Astroneers, I have been exploring this vast ocean of stars with friends for just over a year now, and like many of you, I have grown to love this game and it's beautiful depiction of it's solar system. Being heavily inspired by the feeling of pioneering, the intensity of a storm, the adrenaline of exploring strange worlds where no one has been before, I sought out to compose an album of 10 musical tracks that represent what Astroneer means to me. I realised as I composed, exploring the Universe was never a happy feeling, rather it was loneliness m
  7. I love this game and I bought it real early on but recently I was on a grind and the music spooked me out so much I left the game, I also couldn't commit to this im tired now.... do happy music please
  8. I do no say is bad. I like it! But I want to be even better. Something which would fit exploration and research on alien planets. Also certain themes could be synchronized with events in the game, like storm, entering a cave, approaching some POI's...
  9. I recently discovered that I can play my Spotify playlists while gaming. So I've created some game specific playlists. Astroneer Mix is entire Pink Floyd library plus a lot more! My Spotify is bvokie if anyone wants to check it out.
  10. Hello everybody ! First, I'm sorry for my English. I am Belgian and I do my best to write in English. I am not an ASTRONEER player but my older brother told me about it. He loves this game! He showed me videos and that inspired me. I was inspired by ASTRONEER's space universe. I decided to compose a piece that I named "Let me sleep here on the moon". I wanted to share it with you. I hope you'll have a good time listening to it. Thank you for your inspiration. Thank you for your great game. Benjamin
  11. i don't know how everyone else feels/experiences the music/sound inside a cave, but this sound is very depressive and/or creepy. That sounds makes you feel uneasy, the longer you are in the cave or area underground. like the music outside, something like that would be nice
  12. Is there supposed to be sound on the Xbox one version?
  13. Hi. Nice job on the update tho. Really love the features (Been busy and just watched the new update video) Can you like sell the music in the video too as another DLC? Or include it into one. (oh include Friends DLC too. So i can buy friends to play with). Thanks for the wonderful time and your hardwork!
  14. Hey! First off, I love the game! Undoubtedly the atmosphere in Astroneer is what sets it apart from other games. And, to get to the point, I have just made my first new base on another planet, what an experience! And I was thinking how incredible would it be to be able to, one day, maybe find a mysterious Reaserch Item that would emit strange sounds, and when you research it, it will unlock a short, but distinctive unique theme of music, which could implement itself into the players game sound files from then on, upon its playing you will immediately associate it with that Planet
  15. Every time I launch the game the sound is reset and when I go into the menu to turn the music back off and close the menu then re open it the slider is all the way to the right again. I usually have my own music playing by this point so not sure if after changing the setting it actually resets or just the slider does but the sound for sure resets every time I launch the game. I'm playing on steam
  16. i think we need a little more BGM. It's nice as is but we could use a little better, I'd suggest getting in touch with FlyByNo, creator of the (amazing) endless space soundtrack:
  17. The two bugs I'd like to report are that during gameplay I do not have any music, but all other audio works. The second bug is that Astroneers will not play through my headphones. I tried a few different ideas but to no avail. All of my other programs and games can use the headset fine and when using discord while playing Astroneer, discord still ran through the headset but Astroneers did not.
  18. Puxian

    Trailer Music

    <----------EN------------> Hello everybody, So here I am allowed to create my post here because i am looking for the title played in the first video trailer of Astroneer available on Steam (the one with the Chorus) I buy the early access with the original tape but i do not find it. Cordially CMD Puxian <----------FR------------> Bonjour tout le monde, Donc voila je me permets de crée mon Poste ici car je suis a la recherche du titre joué dans la premier video trailer de Astroneer disponible sur Steam ( celle avec les Choeur ) J'ai acheter l'early acces ave
  19. Custom music track idea was going around for a bit on this forum. However here's my take on it. How about a custom folder, where I can just place my music tracks I want in the game and they'll randomly pop up along with the original game's soundtrack. That way if I add a lot of ambience tracks, the game will be less stale while exploring. I'll never know what next track will be played. Belive me, doing the same things over and over can be grating. Some variety would be nice to beat up the monotony. However to make it more natural when the music is transitioning, maybe the game will automa
  20. I finished the shaft to the other side, but nothing more was really needed. So I made this fun video for everyone to enjoy.
  21. I found some bugs I'd like to share with you guys 1. Had a bug where I joined my friends game and the tethers would not light up after i placed them down. (It was very dark in the caves ) 2. When I joined my friends game the sound cut out. I could still hear the music, Footsteps, and placing items down. but nothing else like collecting materials, research, and when I was crafting an item. 3. Sometimes when you use your space vacuum to cover up and extend terrain, my friends would get caught in the middle of it and get trapped underneath, then they would start falling thr
  22. I just had to comment on the score/ music. its so tranquil and should win an award on its own. Once all the kinks are worked out, this is going to be worth every penny! I hope the music expands, and stays within same genre.
  23. This idea sort of came to me in a dream, but what if you could find these music boxes that could allow the player to change the music that played in the background. These items would be much rarer than research objects and when you're in proximity of a music box you would be able to hear a sample of the music that it contained, thus allowing you to track it down with your ears. Now obviously the music would have to be custom made by the systemera team, and maybe this idea is not as cool as my dream made it sound because in my dream the music box that i found contained Zelda - Lost Wo
  24. Greetings! Straight to it; The game lags to such an extent I cannot play it. It seems the only fix I found thus far was -nosound in the launch options. This is no fun. I can't hear anything, the music, the cues. It completely loses any fun factor to it when it's silent. Does anyone know how to fix this?