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Found 631 results

  1. suppose this might be a common crash and i have a good idea what might have caused it: i was playing with a friend and we both took to the space for the first time with our shuttles. he was the host and flew first. upon arriving both in orbit at Desolo we discussed a landing site and he picked one and landed there. shortly after the game crashed for me (classic CTD, without any error messages). i strongly suspect this might be due to the landing site becoming occupied and therefore removed from my landing options while these were still displayed for me (smells like a null reference exception). i guess this would be a reason why i never encountered it in single player...
  2. LeonKop

    Bugfixes please!

    Hi, I think the buggy multiplayer is a known problem but please stop at first with bringing new content, instead: new bugfixes and performance fixes for the multipayer/coop. There are so many bugs. I have big problem with the performance and still some items disappear or the game crashes while I´m flying and then I´m respawning on Sylva. That´s not cool! Please fix. I love the game but this is very annoying! Greetings, Leon (some examples are below)
  3. I would like to clarify this is an extended but refined version of another problem I had, found here. The problem that I am having is that I can indirectly crossplay Xbox One- Windows 10 on an Xbox friend's world. This working setup is me (win10), my friend who is elsewhere (xbox) and my friend 3 feet away on the same network (xbox). The nonworking issue method is when me and my friend are playing on the same network in the same home without our xbox friend elsewhere, where a 'Failed to join: Could not find session' message is displayed after waiting about a minute. I am signed out of the Xbox if that helps. Any help is appreciated! -Robert
  4. Yesterday playing with my girlfriend on a solid internet connection, we noticed the deeper into the planet we went the more out of sync our games got. She started teleporting all over the place (I was host). And the terrain would block her way but it would be open for me to walk. When she attempted to clear it, it just popped back into existence.
  5. Summary: - Steam - Terrain Tool Vanishes on Multiplayer Description: The terrain tool keeps vanishing when I am in someone else's game. No amount of 'e' pressing will get it back. If I quit and restart it does NOT come back. The host has to quit and restart the game. Issue recurs frequently. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home, version 1903 CPU: Intel i5 4690K 3.5GHz GPU: Radeon RX480 RAM: 16GB Drive: na -----------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. Steve Rodgers

    Slow and laggy multiplayer

    Hi playing astroneer wanderer update,playing 2 player coop.Very slow running and animations , and very glitchy. Hope to see a fix.
  7. MrMarsMonkey

    Game Breaking Bug

    Hey everyone. So I love this game, one of my favorite games ever, but recently I have been experiencing huge bugs in me and my friends multiplayer world. Recently, we set up our first base on another planet, and due to some occasional disconnects, have experienced a lot of problems. We already have used 3 rocket ships to get back to Glacio after something like this happens. You disconnect, then are sent back to sylva in a dropship. This happened 3 times. So please tell me any known fixes. Thank you.
  8. Help, the multiplayer of astroneer has a serious bug with the terrain rebuilding and killing the non-host player. have the developers said anything about it already? I'm playing through xbox store Video about the bug that I found:
  9. Hello fellow astronauts! I am posting this because: A; Almost all 'could not find session' articles are for steam or from 2016, those that are recent are complex and the ones I've tried don't work. B; Not sure what NAT type I need. Both our NAT types are moderate, no multiplayer services are not down, I am obviously win10 and my buddy XB1. Invites/join game from Console Companion do not work at all, no error message or anything. Screenshot included. What can I do to ensure that we can play together every time we want to? All help/redirection is appreciated! -Robert
  10. The Button King

    Severe lag for non-host

    As the title says, when my friend joins my game, he experiences severe lag while playing. This worsens significantly: as the play session continues; as we travel apart from each other; and when we move far away from the original base. It gets to the point where he exited the game and Xbox party due to the lag. He told me today that there was a 10-second delay on a jump at one point. Devs, please fix this issue, as we enjoy the game but it is a struggle to play when everyone but you is severely lagging.
  11. Issue: There is a huge organic resource piece that shows up and overlaps a lot with my character for the person joining my game. I am the host. It's not a bug that breaks the game and quite frankly, it's hilarious. This issue occurs when I pull out my mining tool. When I put my tool back up on my character, it goes away. Computer specs: OS: Windows 10 Pro - 10.0.18362 Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 2600X 3.6 GHz Graphic card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Attached is a screenshot from my friend who was joining my game. ~I love your game and I look forward to future updates!

    Xbox one keeps crashing

    When playing multiplayer the game keeps crashing and I loose everything!! Please fix. We are getting so frustrated and might stop playing this game
  13. CMDR Edu

    Save on vehicle seat

    This function is practical for those who forget to save the game but, honestly, I think it's a bad idea. According the game is explored and there is more data to save, it becomes annoying! Especially in multiplayer for the host which is overloaded with save game request whenever a friend uses a vehicle the host is harmed with frequent lags. You need to deactivate this or, via menu option to deactivate this function, as in skyrim you can deactivate save when traveling. I know this will be resolved with the dedicated server but until then it would be interesting to disable save on vehicle seat. I talked to some friends about this and I add that everyone agreed that this is a big problem in multiplayer game. Therefore, I am here representing the opinion and request of many players from my country (Brazil). Sorry for my bad english!
  14. Summary: Infinite Resources/Oxygen/Energy/Health Description: NOTE: Multiplayer Bug! Unknown Origin This bug causes Infinite Energy/Health/Resources/Bits/Oxygen, unknown cause. Only info I can give on replication is multiplayer, have 1 person on Sylva and 1 person on Novus, then save and quit, then restart game and rejoin. Host also has same issue. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 64-bit CPU: Ryzen 7 2700X 8-Core GPU: NVIDIA 1080 RAM: 32GB Drive: 4TB HDD 2019-07-31 20-36-58.mp4 2019-07-31 20-44-13.mp4
  15. Summary: Only the host can interact with parts of the world. Clients cannot. Inconsistent perspectives. Description: In online multiplayer randomly, the clients on the server can't interact with patches of terrain. The clients' mining becomes undone after a couple seconds; there is no changes to the host's world when this happen. The client will occasionally die due to this. My friend and I have swapped who is host to see if that is the issue, regardless it still persists. Starting a new save doesn't help either. We've verified our game cache and have the latest drivers. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 18362) CPU: Intel i5-7600k 3.80Ghz GPU: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1070 RAM: 16GB Drive: Seagate BarraCuda 2TB HDD Astroneer Bug report 2 (Short).mp4
  16. Pretty simple. You post here, people who are interested will PM you (mind that you can invite multiple people into one PM). At this point let's be clear about that you just put yourself up to play, not to discuss (it'll become messy otherwise). Posts that do not adhere to the format below will be deleted. Example post: Platform(s): Steam Location: Germany Language(s): German, English Microphone: Yes (Discord) Looking for: 2 players Can play from: 15:00 UTC - 22:30 UTC, Friday to Sunday (optional, you're free to use whatever timezone you prefer, but I'd recommend UTC) Can host: No Comment: Usually available through Discord when online. This is an example post so do not actually PM me about playing. And here's the empty post to copy&paste:
  17. Mouse/keyboard? Controller? Mouse and keyboard Steam? Xbox? Steam What were you doing leading up to this bug? The co-op work on and off. Sometime it let me right in other times it'll sat 'failed to connect to host' and other time it will just randomly kick me from a current co-op session i'm in with a friend. I've tried all the troubleshooting steps i can think of: firewall settings on both computers, restarting computers, uninstalling and reinstalling, verifying games files through steam, deleting player data, joining through steam friends list. At this point it's stopped letting me join all together and i can't find anything more to do about it online. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. be on two separate networks 🤷‍♂️
  18. When I try joining my friends of they try joining me who ever is joining game crashes we have tried restarting our devices but this is still happening.
  19. Hello and thank you beforehand. The fact is that me and a friend have been trying to play together Astroneer for a whole day now and we cant join any server between us because an error "User not found" keeps popping up. The fun part of it all is that since a day ago we could play with no problem at all and now we dont know what to do. We are playing on windows 10 edition (with game pass) in case that information is usefull. Thanks again.
  20. Hi I have noted an issue where the vehicle sinks into the ground as noted in issue1.2.10 - Xbox - Terrain issues using drill on vehicle The issues are the same, except I am only finding this problem happening when another player joins. The drill works properly until another player joins, then causes the vehicle's wheels to fall through the world when in multiplayer mode for the host player. Hope this helps with debugging.
  21. Only the host of the game can see the elevation names and numbers. People who join the game cannot see them and have to simply guess when teleporting.
  22. Bonjour , je vous fait parvenir un bug qu'on a avec un pote quand on joue en multijoueur , avant tout notre connexion n'est pas en cause. Cela fait plusieurs fois que l'ami qu'on a inviter sur notre partie a des texture du sol qui ne s'enlève pas. C'est a dire qu'il creuse et que 5 sec après tout ce qu'il a creusé respawn , mais l'host de la partie ne vois absolument rien , il peut voir le troue qu'a fait notre ami . ce bug est très récurent du fait que notre invité ne peux pas miner et donc cela ne sert a rien de joué au jeux .
  23. Sepehr Sanjari

    Session Not Found

    So I'm playing Astroneer on Windows 10 Store. My buddy is on the same platform and we can play BroForce and other games on the Game Pass all hassle free but no matter what ports we open/close/forward, no matter how hard we try, we always get Session Not Found on Astroneer. I've looked up a bit here and there and found that a lot of people are facing the same issue and have found no solutions. Any suggestions would be more than appretiated.
  24. As a client connecting to a host. If you are in a vehicle and you disconnect from the game, either through the menu or because you lose connection, your character will not be saved and actually deleted. When reconnecting you have to start from fresh.
  25. I do think I have the required hardware to be able to run the game decently, but even during the tutorial my GPU starts overheating when I have any settings higher than "low". (See attached MSI afterburner capture, where I play with everything set on "medium" and with FPS capped on 50, doing nothing but standing still). My specs: Operating System Windows 10 Pro 64-bit CPU Intel Core i5 3570K @ 3.40GHz Ivy Bridge 22nm Technology RAM 8,00GB Dual-Channel DDR3 @ 668MHz (9-9-9-24) Motherboard ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. P8Z77-V PRO (LGA1155) Graphics 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 Ti (EVGA) But that's not all... during multiplayer the lag is unbearable underground. My partner has constantly unplayable lag everywhere and has similar specs if not better than mine with an 6th generation i7, a gtx 980m and 12 GB ram. I host the game with a fiberoptic 50Mbits connection and my partner has a 10Mbits fiberoptic connection. We live in the same city. We do play "Plains of Eidolon" and "Orb Valis" in WARFRAME without any major hiccups - which is afaik a peer to peer connection, so I don't see how we can play a graphically and connection-wise more demanding game but not ASTRONEER. PLEASE look into this. I have not had a pleasant time with the game and it is almost half a year after full release. I gave every update a shot. I had patience but it is now running thin. And it's looking like performance is not a priority anymore judging from recent patch-notes. Performance is currently not ok on xbox, but is definitely not ok on PC either.