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Found 3 results

  1. The flashing white and black is also worse irl as my monitor has high hertz. It's a constant issue that has started occurring more as time goes on. ASTRONEER 2019.02.10 -
  2. My friend joined my game and I had built s base on the Arid planet but when he landed in a spaceship, my cave that I had dug to hide in was not there for him. I dug a part out and some of the cave popped into existence but none of my base was there and he could go through the walls. I hope this gets fixed so no one else has this problem, thanks!
  3. hey there, i can't seem to join anyone, i click 'join game' as said , tried from desktop AND ingame on home menu, after 'joining' i get a blue sky screen and the game freezes: also when other people join me the fps goes down to 2 to 3 fps.... they seem to be fine though.