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Found 8 results

  1. Summary: Terrain snap back bug / potential de-sync in multi-player Description: See the attached video. When in multi-player my friend (who is also hosting) will dig up some terrain while making a tunnel etc. and the terrain will still be visible on my screen. He can run through the cleared area with no problem because it's not there for him. But I collide / can see the terrain. If I try to remove it, it snaps back in to place. This problem persists through game restarts / re-connections to session. This problem is also visible across planets, on the surface and in tunnels. Some times occurs in smaller sizes, random rocks floating in the air where the once was terrain. If I try to remove them, they pop right back in to place. No network connection problems are present, voice communication etc. are stable. AstroBugTerrain.mp4 Platform: PC - Steam Version / Build Number: Steam BuildID 3597932 - Astroneer Version Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 10.0.17134 Build 17134 CPU: Intel i7-7700K @ 4.20GHz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 RAM: 4x 8GB DDR4 2400 G.Skill Ripjaws V Series Drive: Samsung 860 Evo 1TB
  2. Callum Bullard

    Split Screen Multi-Player

    I think this one is simple, For console at least adding in split screen would be amazing, My Fiancé and I love this game and would love to be able to play it from the comfort of our lounge together without getting separate consoles and tv's.
  3. Had a sweet base started on Tundra World. Invited 1 for multiplayer (LAN). we begin 1) Had 2 trucks, kitted out, linked up and ready to explore, player 2 entered game. I hopped out and waved hello. Player 2 hopped into the first truck (3-player seat) and launched about 1 km into the air (both truck 1&2). They landed...eventually (weird in-game noise). 2) Let's try this again, trailer had tipped over, so we both were in cab, I pulled forward 5 feet (1.65m) hopped out to [TAB] trailer in order to right it. It launched and I am not sure if it was up or down (very fast). Same weird sound. Second player made it back to surface (unclear how), truck is either in orbit below planet with all my other stuff (it's getting crowded down there), or deep in a cave (currently exploring...hey, I might get lucky). 3) 2nd player "touched" storage racks, (5) and all 5 disapeared upon spawning new game. 4) Upon entering caves looking for my trucks (previously explored and tethered) the textures started to disappear. Not sure if I am at a wall or about to fall into the pit of doom. Laid out a new row of tethers to explore. Found a previous line, and decided to go up to the surface that way. Half way up all walls disappeared and I started flying through the ground (transparent) (I lived, don't be worried). Ended up near base. 5) 2nd player could not see my base or storage racks, only my trucks and space ship
  4. Spoobinator

    Multi-play Idea

    I think having a cestral hub/s that all players can talk to, like starting space station to organize ground parties and even trade supplies with other players would be ideal, upon leaving the station all members of an away team would be placed into the party leaders planetary system.
  5. We load up to see if was a bug or a problem on our part. We crashed three times. If any other player than host left, the host game would crash no matter who was host.
  6. My brother and I are really liking this game, however there are a few things that has come to our attention. The joining player cannot easily use vehicles, specifically trucks. If you hit a minor bump in the road it flies off into space every once in awhile. Also multiplayer has an issue with keeping in sync on other planets. This was exacerbated after the recent patch or after James joined my game in progress it is hard to tell. This last bug occurs in single player as well . Sometimes after using the crane to mine it creates partial resources which cannot be easily dealt with. If it gets into your inventory you have to go to printer or something that uses the resource and shift click it in there. Then when you make it so that it switches to another print design the resource has nowhere to go and flies off onto the ground. There is no other way to get it out of your inventory.
  7. Hey guys, Love the game and keep up the great work! So, My friend joined my session through steam (as theres no option in the menu [theres also no options apart from which save]) and tried to get in a rover and it randomly bugged out and disappeared after trying to flip it over. There was quite a bit of lag when we were close together (rendering?), but my friend tried to get into my "Big Hauler" - consisting of a truck-rover-truck set up, with a crane and winch attached, which was on even ground = and he got shot into outer space. He got out of the vehicle and managed to land back on my planet without dying, but now my vehicle is currently stuck in the sky. It would be nice if i could reach it but every time i try to build underneath myself I sink through the floor. I tried joining my friends session and within a matter of minutes it freezes up on my friends end and the whole game crashes for both of us, so I know its proper early days yet, but I'd like it if you could work on fine tuning some more of the multi-player aspects of the game and help with these bugs/glitches!
  8. This game is absolutely amazing but there is one small problem. Multiplayer dedicated servers. I want to play with randoms and with my friends. Co-Op People always lag out or the host has bad internet or the hosts game crashes which happens a lot with this game. the ping is shit and only 4 players we need dedicated servers.