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  1. This is two part write up on how to move files between the Windows Store version of Astroneer and the Steam version. To quickly locate your Windows 10 save files. Press Win + R, copy/paste the line of code below, and press enter: cmd /c Powershell.exe "explorer ((Get-ChildItem $env:LOCALAPPDATA\Packages\SystemEraSoftworks*\SystemAppData\wgs\ -Recurse -Filter container.*).FullName | Where-Object { ((gc $_) -replace \"`0\",\"\") -match '\$(\d){4}'} | Split-Path)" To find your Steam file location, press Win + R, copy/paste this, and press enter: C:\Users\%Username%\AppData\Local\Astro\Saved\SaveGames PART 1: Converting and Importing Game Files Steam to Microsoft Click here for a video guide on Steam to Windows Conversion Open both save file locations shown above in separate windows of your File Explorer If you already have saves in the Microsoft version, take a screen shot or write down the first few characters of each file that's there so they don't mixed up in future steps. Create a "Sacrificial Save" Start a BRAND NEW save in the Microsoft version of your game. Launch off, land, exit your pod, and enter the habitat. Once you enter the habitat, a new file is created in the Microsoft Saves Location, make note of which one it is. Quit the game/Exit to desktop Place a copy of the save you wish to import into the Microsoft Saves Location Right click the "Sacrificial Save" and select Rename. Instead of renaming, copy the save name. Delete the Sacrifice. (RIP) Rename the imported save after the Sacrifice. IMPORTANT: If the file you are converting is from Steam, also delete the ".savegame" extension at the end of the file name. You will be asked to confirm, so confirm the action. This "Sacrifice" process is necessary regardless of whether you're importing a Steam file or a Microsoft file. It's also safer, just take my word. You're done!! Launch the game, you should have a freshly imported/converted save file ready to play. PART 2: Converting and Importing Game Files Microsoft to Steam or Dedicated Server Astroneer community member, Tignus, developed a tool that will locate your Microsoft save files, identify them by the name shown in your in-game menu, and convert them to the Steam format so you can play them on Steam or upload them to a dedicated server. Visit:, read through the guide, then click "Last release" (just above the table of contents) to view and install the AstroSaveConverter.exe in the "Assets" section. Disclaimer: This conversion tool is not System Era developed software. If you rely upon this software, you do so at your own risk, and you assume the responsibility for the results.