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  1. While playing the Steam version of the game with keyboard and mouse, there will be fraction of a second lag-spikes, and if you were pressing any button during this time on mouse or keyboard, it will keep going even after you let go until you click it again. It's a very small glitch, but it's just gotten me killed, so I felt the need to report it. It happens to me most often while I am digging.
  2. Hello. I'm not certain as to why this is the case, but it seems that Novus in particular has a serious problem with terrain shaping; at least I'm guessing that's what the issue is. This problem happens for me and a friend both in every mode. Creative, Survival, Singleplayer, and Co-op. Attached below is me replicating the issue in singleplayer in Creative Mode (just going to ignore the double lighting bug there.) I will include specs as well. There are no necessary steps to replicating this, simply being on the surface at all makes this occur. The same happens below ground. I have veri
  3. About once an hour, my character will just spontaneously start running. I play the PC version, (WASD) The only way to stop him is to click multiple times on the screen, but that only pauses him. Then I have to hit the escape key multiple times until the Options menu pops up. That ends his running. Then he is slow to start walking again and then off we go.
  4. With the recent release of the new Creative mode to Astroneer, a creative flight mode was introduced While this is already a great feature which greatly aids creative construction, some minor tweaks to the creative flight mode would render the flight experience all the more smooth and easy to use Some Improvements I would like to suggest: Disable Backpack jetpacks while in flight mode - It doesn't make sense to be using both at once Camera speed - the speed of the camera hardly keeps up with the high speed of flight, often lagging behind the player's character and causing
  5. When the main rover is using the other 3 "wagons" the last one (always the last one, no matter if it is new or intercalated) seems to be freezed and don't let let convoy move. The first time I used the convoy it worked perfectly but got stuck with something in the ground, after moving the terrain to start moving again I noticed I couldn't move the entire convoy, just the main rover and other 2 wagons. -Tried replacing it with another one. -No work -Tried moving the convoy to another planet. -No work -Intercalating the rovers to try to find a "gliched one". -No work -Re
  6. Summary: Rover behavior when three or four are connected Description: When connecting 3 of the large or medium rovers together only the front two show signs of movement. The back one looks like its is acting as an anchor. if I drive backwards they try and pivot around the read wheels of the third. I have tried making it a train of 4 rovers and still get the same results. Moving the seat between the two end rovers produces the same results. The tractor is pulling 3 small rovers with no issues. I am also seeing the same issue from testing where sometimes when you get into t
  7. Summary: 1.0.4 - Steam - Large Rover doesn't move(video included) Description: Hi, i created 3 large rovers and attached them to the first one which has a medium rover seat. It doesn't matter what is them. If you attach 3 large rovers, then look away and then try to drive them, they won't move unless you deattach the rover with the seat, drive it a bit, reattach it and in the worst case scenario dig under every rove. I am pretty sure it is intended to have up to 3 large rovers attached to each other because if you do what i said, they move normally and the tractor can be attached to 3 t
  8. in version 1.0 the landscape on the surface and underground has gained a tremendous improvement. I like it. But now my astroneer cannot run any longer while carrying research items. Walking all the way from the end of the cave to the base in slow motion is no fun. (Win 10, steam edition)
  9. Sometimes after exploring with the rover and exiting the vehicle, the rover won’t move upon re-entry, even wth full power
  10. Summary: - Steam - Character gets stuck randomly when moving in any direction Description: In my second save file, my character will randomly become stuck on invisible objects when trying to move. Travelling over perfectly flat ground, even flattened ground doesn't help, and it can occur when moving in any direction (WASD has no impact). Happens equally to walking or sprinting. Jumping avoids the problem 100% of the time, and gets the character unstuck if the problem is occurring. The running animation plays like normal, but the character can't move. Platform: S
  11. Summary: Issues regarding planet exploration and building ( Steam Description: These issues only happen when I leave my starter planet then stop once I return. flattening terrain in near impossible. When trying, my cursor will seem to get stuck soon after I start dragging and then will jump to a near by location. Placing buildings such as platforms share the same properties as the previous issue Travailing by foot is difficult. After every step or two I seem to get stuck on the terrain despite little to no deviations. The only way I can avoid t
  12. Rover stops moving after a short run. Have to reboot game. After reboot, same thing happens.
  13. Sometimes a rover won’t move, even with full charge
  14. In this version, as in past versions, my avatar continues to run even after I have released the forward arrow / W key. It eventually stops but not before plummeting down into a cave to my death. I am able to steer the avatar in a different direction but unable to stop it.
  15. Driving the small rover on the map, I ran over a flat, medium size rock. The end result is it left all tires up in the air, unable to move and get it off the rock. I may eventually try getting a medium rover later and ramming it to knock it off, but it seems like there should be a way to reset a vehicle (in a manner of speaking).
  16. When I move my avatar using the W key, it keeps running even after I release the W key. It eventually stops but sometimes it stops after I've fallen down a cliff or run into a poisonous plant. Please fix.
  17. The control of the vehicles have stayed the same ever since the game went into public test... and it's still horrible! Because the relation in which way the vehicles will move correlate to which way your camera is facing, not which way the vehicle is faced (which how it should be from the start...) and it's confusing and frustrating to drive the thing around... driving it feels like those people who struggle way too when it comes to parking... I've you seen those vids? It's rage inducing! Also, it would be nice to have some sort of handbrake or any braking mechanic. As of now the only way
  18. Just misread "Power System Skill Ceiling" in a PC Gamer article. I read "Power Skiing" and thought "hmm great! like in Tribes!". No game seems to want that method of transport in their games, even though it's great fun! Could be some kind of Frictionless shoes or skis. Might break a lot of stuff though, unless it's some kind of late game stuff. Rare loot on strange planets? Cheers.
  19. XBOX 1 - I think a more fluid way to carry items would be to keep the screen fixed just like when your walking around. as it is, when you pick something up you get a mouse cursor like effect and you cant turn the screen easily anymore. the screens movement is now based upon the item you carry instead of the 3rd person camera. it makes for slow clunky movements, and personally the most aggravating part of the game. i understand that having a non fixed movement like that allows for a fine tuned placement of things, but what about this. when you pick something up the item simply gets put x amount
  20. Summary: - Steam - Character will get stuck on ground when walking Description: While walking normally on a radiated planet the character begins to stutter and some times even stop all together. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 10.0.16299 | Build 16299 CPU: Intel, i5-7500, 3.40GHz, 3408 Mhz, 4 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s) GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB RAM: Corsair 2x8GB DDR3 1600Hz Drive: TOSHIBA DT01ACA200 2TB Notes: The planet is the closest one to
  21. I thought about a tool to draw roads that are flat and have a constant width so u can builds ways between ur bases. There could also be different types of roads(some have more width, some more hight, some have lights and some needs power so that u drive faster on them(my favourite)) Probably there could be even rails and kinda trains to automatically move resources(or urself XD) between ur bases.
  22. How cool would it be to have monorails, or at least train systems (the monorails staying with the futuristic theme)? Rather than having to drive a rover over, worrying about holes, caves, etc., a monorail could transport you or your materials to and from your base to different locations. The construction could be as simple as building the main compartment, as well as the track and legs to hold the track up.
  23. It's been a little over a year since I've played the game and I finally picked it back up two days ago and it's all I've played the last two days. I was thinking though that the suit might need some modular upgrades. Possibly a thruster blueprint for the boots/backpack so that way if you get stuck inside a hole with no power you can easily get out(I've died like four times in the past 24 hours because of being stuck in a hole). Maybe some upgrades that make the player run faster too like an exo-suit. I know it's a pain carrying anything that you can research from down in the caverns and my onl
  24. Hello there... since the last update the rover movement is different and more difficult than before. It would be great if you could revise the steering, because sometimes its so hard to get out of the base. And heres a new Idea: what about "streets"? thats it! Bye.
  25. I looked around the forum and I didn't find anything about this so I thought I would suggest it. I noticed that it was a real b*tch to move around the exotic planet with anything more than 2 large rovers attached together because of the rocky and steep terrain. my idea is spiked tyres that can only be attached to the large rover. These new spiked tyres would help you get up the large hills with ease. they would be made with 2 parts compound and 2 parts aluminium (that's how you spell it Americans). They would be bigger than the current wheels on the rover and will have spike loo