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Found 6 results

  1. I'm a PC Steam release player who is having issues binding the tab key to any settings. I get RMI flare-ups with my left hand trying to run with shift, and in my attempt to remap my keys to a more comfortable position realized I could not use tab when rebinding any key settings.
  2. I've played extensively on PC before my motherboard fried and it's more than obvious it's meant to be played with keyboard and mouse (just like warframe, which supports both). Placing tethers without being able to look around is beyond aggravating. Any action that involves the right stick is buggy in comparison to PC version. I LOVE this game, but it's seriously un-playable with a controller, so is mouse support ever going to be implemented?
  3. I usually find it uncomfortable to reach down and use left alt or shift, but when I change the keybinds to something different, it just doesn’t work out. So I feel that you would be able to use the additional mouse buttons on the side for any of the keybinds, like in most other big games.
  4. So, as the title suggests, our world encountered a few bugs with the new Vehicles that makes it impossible for the Host to play, unless you use a controller. So other people that join our world are able to play the game normally, but not the host. These are the following bugs we encountered: Vehicles have no weight. Host can't interact with objects, unless using controller. Host can't snap objects onto vehicles. Host can take objects off of vehicles ONLY using controller; objects can't then be put back onto the vehicle, once taken. Other players unaffected, except for the lack of vehicle weight. Vehicles can't be reconnected once disconnected. This is true for every vehicle, bugged or not and seems to be related to our world file. Video Attached below is our worldsave. If you need any other files, just let me know. Astroneer
  5. When your inventory fills up, the resource you're mining gets spat out behind you in chunks. When I'm standing facing downhill, with the back of the terrain tool clipping into the hillside, the blocks disappear from the game. I've seen them appear a few times, but disappear into the ground if the hill intersects the gun/the block being created. Other times I never see the block. My guess is that it just falls out of the world?
  6. When in a world hosted by another player, any resources I mine past the capacity of my backpack, the ones that get spat onto the ground as chunks, can only be picked up by the host. I think if they then give me the block I can manipulate it, but if my terrain tool spits out extra blocks in someone else's world, they "belong to" the host.