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Found 4 results

  1. Unrealxs

    Drill working light

    Hi Astroneers, I've been hitting my head against one 'minor' annoyance I've seen... Currently I'm drilling myself a highway through an incredibly large mountain, why? why not? The only problem that there is is that I can't mount a working light to my drill, which pretty much leaves me in the dark to what and where I'm actually drilling. The drill itself does appear to have some sort of mounting point, but does not accept anything attached to it. Kind Regards, Unrealxs
  2. I've noticed the resources in mountains are the same as going underground. To me, its easier to dig underground right next to base then go look around in a mountain, which is unfortunate. I would like to have a reason to go explore the mountains more. There should be more rare resources in mountains to make them worth exploring. They don't need to have the rarest elements like astronium, instead they should have higher concentrations of gold, iron, rare metals, etc. Mountains naturally bring elements from deep in the ground to the surface so it could be easier to find some elements in mountains than digging underground. I think the idea of having to go build bases and find rare metals in the mountains would be cool. It would be a fun element to the game in addition to looking for stuff deep underground.
  3. Circumstances: Still working on destroying a small-sized mountain / big hill to see what it's made of. Managed to remove one third of the thing, starting from the top, before going to bed yesterday. Loading the save again this morning, I was able to see the removed part back in place. Only it was not really there. Getting closer to the formation made the resurrected mountaintop disappear proving that only the visual effect is persisting at a very specific distance. The hill is situated 18 tethers away from my home base in a straight line (a tether being the maximum distance one tether pylon can be placed away from the next one without severing the connection). The effect does not appear immediately after loading the save but rather on approach, near the 13th and 14th tether The effect can be reproduced by exiting to the main menu of the game then loading the save again. Platform: PC, Windows 10 64-bit, Mouse & keyboard, Steam, intel i7 CPU and nVidia GPU all with latest drivers/software updates. Playing at 1920x1080 resolution, fullscreen, with VSync off.
  4. Vin The Butcher

    Windmill Mountain

    Just showing a couple screenshots of my base, you can see the mountain of pods with windmills on top. I did not fill all spots, but with this setup at least one windmill turns at a time because of the different height levels.