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Found 3 results

  1. chose1337

    Quick research

    Hi, I was thinking about new feature which works on Smelter, Mineral Extractor etc. and it's quicker research. NOW: You have to drag an item, put it into the center of Research Table, click on display and hit the button. After it finishes research, it stops and you have to get back from cave or whatever place to put another object to the center of Research table and again click on display and button. IDEA: You start the process same, but you add 2 more Unknown items to sides of Research table. After the research of first item is done, it simply drags new item from side to the center and starts the process. + Quicker research, more items at once, no need to come back more often. - Always consumes energy until the Research of all 3 items is done. What do you think?
  2. The game needs more graphical options so that less powerful computers can play it quietly! It is a totally valid suggestion of real necessity. I'm using google translate, I'm sorry for the mistakes! Sorry, I saw the fixed posts and discovered the search tool I had not yet found hahaha, sorry!
  3. Lo Hye

    items blown away!

    So, I was thinking, these storms are pretty annoying, but I can manage against them, but like why not make the storms also blow away your stuff on the ground? Like, you have Titanium on the floor instead of building a storage to hold more things, then it should be blown away when a storm comes, lol. I think that would make the game a little more fun and careful, and more grateful when you get lithium or titanium.