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Found 19 results

  1. I think I've made a fatal mistake. Flying to the moon with no oxygenator or additional resource (like aluminium). Plus my thruster is out of juice so I can't get back to home. Anyone find any resource on the barren moon so I can fuel a thruster or build an oxygenator so I can use tethers? I'm dreading having to start a new game. I've unlocked a few gates on my homeworld which took ages! #schoolboyerror
  2. McFley

    Trapped on Moon

    Hello, I have launched a rocket to the moon of the initial planet in Astroneer and do not ask me how, but my engine so the solid fuel booster is broken. So I have to build a new one on the moon, but nowhere is alluminium, which is needed for the booster. So how do I get away? And dieing doesnt help because I respawn in the rocket. Thank you
  3. When unpacking a Medium storage module (when the module is sitting on the Moon surface) causes the unpacked storage module to fall through the Moon ground and disappearing. The only way to avoid having it disappear through the ground is by picking it up (by left-clicking on it right after the unpacking animation completes, and manually dropping the unpacked module on the ground)
  4. I have a base on the moon and after the update today, it is almost impossible to drive a rover. First, you have to mess around a lot to even enter the seat. Holding E does not work all the time, unless you first remove the seat and then re-attach it, then hold E and it works. The crane has similar issues, but without being able to remove it, you just have to click multiple places and keep trying to hold E (then putting your terrain shaper away) multiple times. Secondly, when exiting the vehicle, it throws the vehicle in the air, and shoots it backwards or flips it over. One time, it shot me into the air so far, I died from fall damage. Finally, although not new with the latest update, we need a parking brake on the rover. When you get out, the rover is stable (Compared to when you are sitting in the driver seat) and not affected by the terrain (slope), however, when I get in the crane to use the drill, it moves as if i was sitting in the driver seat, and slides down terrain. This makes it almost impossible to place it somewhere to effectively use the drill. I am curious about directional power. What if I want it to go both ways - to and from my vehicle, not just one way? There should be a way to set that other than plugging, unplugging. All this said, I am extremely impressed with this game and look forward to MANY more hours expanding my Galactic presence. Thank you for all you do. Jpicton63
  5. Idk if this is for all planets and/or everyone but for me when I am on the moon, The tethers do not work what so ever. If I hit "T" they place but are black as if they have no oxygen. If I move them by hand they are blue but supply no oxygen to me. Many time tethers would change between black and blue depending on where and how many tethers were placed off of them. Also the only tethers that did "work" were the first and only ones touching my base. that being said I had to be no more than 1-2 meters from the tether for it to give me oxygen/power. A video showing this bug is below:
  6. Hey! So i just played Astroneer after a long break and decided to visit my planet's moon. I built a second base on the moon and went for a walk. After a few steps i got goosebumps because of a very weird sound...It was quite eerie but amazing at the same time! It sounded like space whales singing their eerie melody somewhere nearby... it could be only heared in that one sector of the moon and i've never heared it on my home planet yet. Did anyone notice that as well? Could it be a space whale? Did anyone discover something about that? Let me know Cheers
  7. The Eclipse would be a great addition to Astroneer and a fun way to Travel to the Different spots on the planets to see the Eclipse.
  8. Hello everyone ! That is my first bug report and my english isn't too good. I promise, i'll do my best So ! I come here to tell you i've found a bug on the moon, The wires of my base have (i don't know why) just despawned. That's quite annoying 'cause the energy is no more transitting. Fist, I thought it was a graphical bug but the energy doesn't go to the Research and the Printer.. Look at my screenshot Hope you like my feedback and over-hope you will can fix this and it won't happen to anyone. Thanks for you work guys. Summary: 125 - Steam Experimental - Base Wires Despawning Description: The wires of my base have (i don't know why) just despawned. That's quite annoying 'cause the energy is no more transitting. Fist, I thought it was a graphical bug but the energy doesn't go to the Research and the Printer.. Look at my screenshot Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 125 Experimental Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Entreprise x64 | v. 1607 | Build 14393.693 CPU: Intel i5 4690 3.5GHz GPU: GeForce GTX 960 2Gb RAM: G.Skill 2x4GB DDR3 1600Hz Drive: HyperX Savage 120Gb
  9. I finally managed to build a moon base over a crater, these pictures don't give it justice, but I wanted to share. Made copies of my saves before building, and it's a good thing I did because I had to start over a few times before getting it how I liked it.
  10. playing a multiplayer game, we went to explore the Barren planet. we landed and we discovered a large crater, which i noticed had some caves, i dug a slope (to make entry easier) but when this slope intersected the mouth of the cave, there was a flicker(update) in the map, and the mouth of the cave disappeared.....I tried to tunnel where the cave mouth was but no joy, the game host (who was present) saw the disappearance and the cave was gone from his perspective too. we tried a similar operation on a cave on the opposite face of the crater......which disappeared in a similar fashion. hope this helps
  11. These are my top 10 features and suggestions. Most of which I did not see on the astroneer website. 1.Fix for the vehicles ending up in clouds or in the ground 2.More liquids than just water (which should be implemented). Ex. Acid rain/puddles that can make holes in the crust and damage your base 3.More weather effects individual to each planet like hail/snow storms for Tundra or acid rain for an acid planet 4.Very little or no power for wind vanes on Barren since it is so small it would probably not have any atmosphere. Also it would create an interesting obstacle for building a base there 5.More diversity for planets in general and new planets with new variations including differences in rotation and orbit. Also new planet biomes including lava, acid and different gas levels causing your oxygen to go down slower or faster 6.More elements including iron (but not iron ore) 7. More precise terraforming for better building + deforming 8. Randomly generated comets + asteroids that are landable, respectively very small, and have different elements 9. A rare but still possible chance of meteor showers 10. Spacesuits that protect from things like acid allowing the player to travel safer on planets where acid is everywhere. There could be other spacesuits that protect against lava or help the player to travel underwater better
  12. Hei, I noticed that the solarcollectors on a moon are not working. I played this game in co-op and tried out later alone ( started a new session ) . The solarcollectors are directed to the sun ( see screenshots ), but are not collecting energy from it. * the energy i harvested is from a generator *
  13. Okay, brace yourself because when I was working today, a whole bunch of ideas came to my mind, so sorry if it doesn't make sense, but I'll try to make it sound perfect. I play Astroneer on the Xbox One, and I love the planets you can travel to. So, I was thinking there could be planets that are like Saturn and Jupiter. Even planets with rings around it that you can actually land on and the ring is around the planet, and you can see it just like the image below. Another thing is to build telescopes so you can see other planets or suns or stars from where you are. Like, I was thinking you can see a meteor shower from normal view, and if you build a telescope, you can zoom into it and it would be beautiful things that you can see closer. Some of the debris could even fall onto the planet you are on, or maybe on another planet that you saw it fall on with the telescope! That would be soooo cool!! Another thing would be Worldly Events! On Nintendo's Kirby Air Ride, when you played the city mode, things would happen while you collected stuff. I think that should happen too! Like when there is a meteor shower, it could be coming to you and you gotta take cover. It's kinda like the storm, but this would be a lot more dangerous. Obviously, that might be too extreme for this kind of game, but there could also be tornadoes or earthquakes. I think earthquakes would be the best of all those choices because then the ground would break apart and you could explore much easier, much more would be covered, but it would be scary because you never know where the earth would split, even on your base! I felt like this idea needed its own spot, but I think Supernovas should be a thing. Like, not in the galaxy you're in, or wherever you are, but the telescope you build can zoom so far to other places that you can actually witness the sun explode. Then, there are black holes and all that, but that's for another time, lol. One more before the last idea, I think there should be notifications from the computer or you base that pops up a picture or some text or something that lets you know what and when the worldly event happens. It could have a timer as well too to give us some time to prepare, but an estimated time, because it's obviously supposed to be a surprise event. It could even let us know when a supernova is going to happen. One last idea, and I really hope this one works for the game as well. It's about the moon, or Barren or whatever, but I hope there is a full moon, new moon, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, red moon, quarter moon, waning, waxing, yellow moon, harvest moon all that, while you are on Terra or whatever other planet has moons. That would be so cool if that could happen somehow. There should also be a DAY COUNTER to see how long you have survived on these planets as well. If you think there are dumb ideas here, let me know so I can think of other things, but if you agree, let's talk about more stuff. These ideas really blossomed with me.
  14. I was exploring a cave on the moon and came across this. It's not research so I can't identify it. Does anybody know what it is or is it just something cool to have at you base.
  15. I was wondering what would happen if you dig downwards on a planet or if you even could dig through it. Since the moon is the smallest celestial body currently available I figured it would be the best test object. this is the entrance to the hole I dug: It turns out that the further down you get, the lower the gravity is. This is me, slooowly falling towards the moons center. Shortly after reaching the center, gravity is almost non existent and your player model as well as camera get turned "upside down". I put that in quotes because youre technically upright now since you reached the other half of the planet. Items as well as yourself now practically hover in mid-air as seen in this picture: Conclusion: Yes, you actually can dig through the whole planet but getting up on the other side is very hard if not impossible. I found this to be a fun little experiment. Id recommend you try it yourself. Low gravity is a lot of fun! ^^ PS: Again Getting out of there alive is hard if not impossible since youre basically stuck and after floating a certain distance, fall damage will kill you upon contact with any surface... so dont bring valuables.
  16. Hello again As some already noticed, some things that can be attached to vehicles can bug them pretty bad. If you put two habitats attached to a Truck (one each side) on the Moon, then drive until you fall upside down (making you automatically exit the car), it will be constantly accelerating (without losing energy), and the low gravity of moon will make it fly a lot, until you take the habitats off.
  17. I just left my planet and headed for the moon, but i feel like there is an unusual amount of research items here.. Anyone else seen this?
  18. bug #1: As we know, this game will become laggy after a while. then the terrain on Barren(moon) go crazy, cannot drive truck properly, half truck stuck into the ground and keep shaking. camera view keep being dragged down to the ground when get off the truck. it turn to normal after restart the game. Bug #2: the beacons layout i placed on Terran(earth) floating in the space like a model. Bug #3: when landing the spaceship on vehicle bay on the moon, my truck floating in the space, if land on original landing spot, its alright. bug #4: tethers gone dark on earth sometimes at daytime, shows the connection to the player on and off.
  19. Nothing much on the moons surface so I drilled way down. I found lots of deadly plants and other things that kill you when you get close, also a ton of coal. These little purple dudes were everywhere down there. You can kill them with terrain tool but they give off poison gas. Deadly plants were everywhere, especially around the coal deposits.