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  1. so here are some miscellaneous modules I had ideas for: landing pad things (I'm too dumb to come up with a real name) so this essentially is for interplanetary item transport and getting rid of auto arm trains, and here is my idea for the UI: receiver: set the ID (can also send items back to sender if needed) sender: choose the ID to send to (should be able to be switched remotely), also the user can choose which items to send, kind of like an AutoArm filter, and how much items it should fill up with before sending them (max: 8) rocket: fly resources condenser and sublimizer: condenser: takes a gas and astronium, outputs an item named "solid <gas name>" sublimizer: takes a refined/composite/natural resource and astronium, and outputs an item named "<resource name> dioxide" synthesizer: basically chem. lab but 4 slots Vs 3 crane remake: add the ability to drive while sitting in crane right now it's only useful if you have a friend thing that takes 2 hydrogen and outputs helium and a **** load of power (still to dumb to come up with a real name) the name says it all, but before you say it's too OP, think about it, 2 hydrogen = 1 helium + lotsa energy released (which can be turned into mechanical energy), and EXO wants the BEST tech post your ideas below in the comments for system era you could also add an item that is more expensive than nanocarbon alloy
  2. More elaborate tech in astroneer could increase the range of capabilities that players could to with it. Research Items could require something else to collect the bytes, like fiber cable and wireless transmitters. Stories could also exist in old camp ruins, you could collect their bytes, maybe even recover special blueprints. More vehicles like Motorcycles and aircrafts can be useful. Large land vehicles like rovers and tractors will require some clearing to make paths. Aircrafts will help evade obstacles, motorcycles can be small enough to avoid the trees, and hauls the only important asset in the entire game; the player. Probes and small satellites that can be built and launched could help the players communicate with one another and could control probes on other planets so they could control cameras, probes, controls for automation lines for factories. Relays can support and improve signals. Satellites could even allow oversight which can allow players to figure out where they are. Small T1 tools: Fiber cable: acts like a winch but it can link to Data banks and terminals. Activating this tool in a tool slot will place the exposed end of the fibercable on the ground, the players can pick up the end and connect it to a open data port.
  3. More elaborate tech in astroneer could increase the range of capabilities that players could to with it. Research Items could require something else to collect the bytes, like fiber cable and wireless transmitters. Stories could also exist in old camp ruins, you could collect their bytes, maybe even recover special blueprints. More vehicles like Motorcycles and aircrafts can be useful. Large land vehicles like rovers and tractors will require some clearing to make paths. Aircrafts will help evade obstacles, motorcycles can be small enough to avoid the trees, and hauls the only important asset in the entire game; the player. Probes and small satellites that can be built and launched could help the players communicate with one another and could control probes on other planets so they could control cameras, probes, controls for automation lines for factories. Relays can support and improve signals. Satellites could even allow oversight which can allow players to figure out where they are. Small T1 tools: Fiber cable: acts like a winch but it can link to Data banks and terminals. Activating this tool in a tool slot will place the exposed end of the fibercable on the ground, the players can pick up the end and connect it to a open data port.
  4. So whether I'm holing a platform or a printer or anything else and I want to turn it around, what are the keys that let me do that?
  5. ...just use it if you want...different ways to say the module names instead of spelling them out... Backpack Printer: XS-PR or B-PR Small Printer: S-PR Medium Printer: M-PR Large Printer: L-PR Oxygen Filters: S-F or S-OF or OF or F Portable Oxygenator: S-O or PO Oxygenator: M-O or O Medium Storage: M-S A Medium Storage Silo: M-S B Tall Storage: M-S C Large Storage: L-S Extra Large Storage: XL-S Medium Platform A: M-PL A Medium Platform B: M-PL B1 or M-PL B Starting Medium Platform: M-PL B2 or M-SPL or SPL Large Platform A: L-PL A Large Platform B: L-PL B Large Platform C: L-PL C Extra Large Platform A: XL-PL A Extra Large Platform B: XL-PL B Extra Large Platform C: XL-PL C Power Cells: S-PC or PC Small Wind Turbine: S-WT Medium Wind Turbine: M-WT Small Solar: S-SP Medium Solar: M-SP Solar Array: L-SP Small Battery: S-B Medium Battery: M-B RTG: inapplicable Shelter: XL-SH or XL-EH or SH or EH Research Chamber: L-RC or RC Smelting Furnace: L-SF or L-SF Soil Centrifuge: L-SC or L-ME or SC or ME Tractor: XS-R A or XS-TC or TC Trailer: XS-R B or XS-TI or TI Buggy: XS-R C or XS-B or B Medium Rover: M-R Large Rover: L-R Like it? I miss anything?
  6. Since i last played there were many new changes to the game. About 90% of which made the game much more fun to play. But there are still some small issues (possible pun) that i think need to be addressed in some way: In particular Large and X-Large versions of some structures and items. First off i have some ideas for some new T-3/T-4 structures *Note: units/s pertain to power units per second* 1. Windmill (Large Wind turbines) The large version of the "Wind Turbine". Wind driven power source. A larger unit to gather more power from the wind thus producing more power then a single Medium Wind Turbine. One Windmill Produces 5 Units/s (the same amount of power as 5 Medium Wind Turbines) 2. Power plant (Large Generator) The large version of the "Generator". Fuel driven power source. Large unit to generate more power from a fuel source. This unit utilizes Hydrogen gas in order to operate and produces 12 Units/s over the course of 200 seconds. (The same amount of power as 4 Medium generators, but runs for 200 seconds per fuel unit instead of 100 seconds per fuel unit) *3. Extra Large Platform C Another Extra large platform that has an either a square or Octagonal shape (similar to the Extra Large Platform A) with 4 Tier-2 slots each slot being on one of the the four sides (Top, bottom, left and right side. This applies to the octagon shape as well). The main purpose of this Platform is to allow multiple Tier-2 structures to be placed on it. Such as for example several crafting modules, having one or more modules and/or storage items (which can be used to make production faster/ easier to manage. 4. Item Transferal Module The ITM allows players to transfer Units from one source to another. It would/should contain two T-4 connections. It would transfer items/units from one side to the other. This would only allow Storage units to be placed. Structures such as the X-Large storage (or any other storage sizes) would be placed on either side, and then allowed to transfer items into the slots. This is only meant to save time from taking units and items off of storage modules, such as the X-Large storage, allowing the attachments to be transferred to another storage unit. For example: If you want to transfer the contents of one X-Large storage, to 2 large storage units with (4) medium storage units attached , you would place the X-Large Storage on one side and the empty storage's on the other. Once activated it will automatically, and quickly, pull items off the X-Large Storage and place them onto any free spots on the other side. If there's no more space to move items to then they will not be transferred. This would not be much different then how some modules pull items from one storage and then after use/or smelting places them back onto a free spot. Suggested changes: I found a few items that already exist that have some issues with them: 1. Solar Array: The power output should be 10 Units/s instead of 8 units/s. The difference would mean your getting one extra solar panels worth of power to offset the cost of making them. Part of the reason this change would be nice is to make the module worth the materials it costs to craft it. For the time and cost of materials required, you can use a few extra easily obtainable / abundant resources (all of which can be found on the starting planet) to make a singe Large Platform B and 4 Medium Solar panels. Comparatively you save on copper and glass, but you still must craft Plastic and Graphene (both of which require the chemical lab as well as the atmospheric condenser for the latter). In turn, adding more power output to the array would make getting it over getting a solar farm more efficient at the expense of the resource cost, as well as take up less space (something it already dose very well) 2. Extra Large Platform A: An addition of the single T-4 slot, there should be two smaller T-3 slots allowing for up to four T-2 slots on either side. this would make the platform more useful as a production platform allowing multiple Production modules to be attached and work off each other and/or having multiple storage units attached to speed up production. This of course wouldn't be necessary if something like the Extra Large Platform C idea (as mentioned above) exists, however this could be a good alternative to it.
  7. Bugs: Mouse/keyboard? Controller? Keyboard Steam? Xbox? Steam Bug 1: Large Platform B/Smelter Sinks What were you doing leading up to this bug? Setting up home base, smoothing out terrain with Ctl + Digging Tool (no mod) Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. Smooth/flatten out the terrain. Place Large Platform B, with Smelter & two med storages on top. One storage was full of ceramic, the other was empty. Come back to it in about 30 mins to an hour (not sure if it's a timing thing) Use tool and "accidentally" carve a tiny bit under one foot of the large smelter. Re-smooth under the Large Platform B/Smelter (no mod, just with ctrl) Results: Everything sunk- cable came unplugged - All was lost to the 'Astro-Underworld' Bug 2: Full Med Storage Sinking What were you doing leading up to this bug? Setting up home base, bringing items back to the base, making med storages for resources. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. Had at least 1 full med storage with Zinc, 1 full med storage with Aluminum, 1 full med storage with Charcoal + some other stuff on med storages in an area together. Med storages were just on the ground (flat surface), they were not attached to a platform When the Smelter in bug 1 above sunk, it apparently decided to take some other unattached things along with it (they were close but at some distance from each other) Bug 3: New Tractor Sinking on a small mountain top What were you doing leading up to this bug? Drove the tractor up a small mountain trying out the new vehicle's handling of the terrain. Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. Drive the tractor up a mountain Exit the vehicle on a mostly flat surface Gather resources near by and above the tractor Tractor either disappeared or sank (Character's back was facing the tractor at the time - the tractor was gone within a few mins.)
  8. Hello, so after playing 40 hours of this game I have come to realise that there aren't quite many objectives in the game, don't misunderstand this I think the game is great but maybe a good idea would be the need to find alien blueprints in the different planets, this would increase the need to go to those planets in order to get those blueprints, it would be awesome that each planet has 1 exclusive alien blueprint and you have to explore the whole planet in order to find it (random location), this blueprints could include some nice modules like teleporters, automatic machines, etc... , of course you would need to spend a lot of research points in order to unlock this alien modules, this could also implement the use of astronium, diamonds, nanocarbon alloy that currently have no use.
  9. Jwyl

    Smelting Furnace

    Hi... started the game, opened my home base, the starting platform and the medium printer. The medium printer can make a Research Chamber and a Large Platform. What do I do to make the Smelting Furnace? Jwyl
  10. Please make a feature / button for packing back modules and builds from vehicles and platforms! <3 Its needed for people who are bad in pre-planning, like me :D thank you!
  11. Hello, System Era! First, I would like to say that I genuinely enjoyed the 22 hours I've played so far. The lack of a permanent UI is probably the most underrated part of the game. Well done. I began with the tutorial--which was completely necessary. Thanks for that. After starting a full game, I researched, built, and used, at least one of everything. I drilled to the core by transporting a Rover for Oxygen, which is a gentle way to say "dropped repeatedly for nearly 30 minutes," mined Astronium, then dug back out with tethers. The storms on Terra were interesting and cool, but I do wish we had something to do while we're sitting inside the Hab--even if that just means access to Tier 1 crafting. I loaded up a large shuttle when I felt like I was done on Terra and took off to the moon--mostly because that felt like an obvious progression choice. The new terrain was littered with "rare" resources and research objects that I should have been excited to see, but I no longer needed. However, the new flora and day/night cycle provided a welcome challenge. I look forward to exploring the other planets for the same reasons, but I don't have the avid lust to play like I did during the first 15 or so hours. All-in-all, I'm excited to see where the game is in a year from now! I read the roadmap AND the list of requested/planned features. Please forgive me if anything I say is redundant or not in line with your vision. I also searched the forums, but didn't find anything specifically related to my suggestion, so here I am Bytes: Bytes are the most abundant resource in the game, but you have no use for them after the first few hours. Research objects were SUPER exciting until I purchased every schematic, then I felt disappointed every time I saw one--which is extremely often. I know you're planning to add customization for the player. Maybe that could be a use for it beyond the necessary? Trade Platform/Mineral Extractor The Trade Platform and Mineral Extractor completely remove an expected desire to mine other planets. I found enough Titanium just by exploring salvages to make a winch and several oxygen tanks. I found some Lithium in wrecks as well, then used the Trade Platform to acquire a few more to make a couple backup batteries. These modules completely remove any necessity for visits to other planets--or even deeper drilling into the current one. Maybe you don't want forced visits to other planets. That's fine, but it seems weird that you can easily have an unlimited supply of "Rare" Resources without even going to other planets. Rares Resources Like Bytes, they aren't very rare and have no use after you've made a few Batteries and Oxygen Tanks. For a resource found only on other planets that's suppose to require a drill, Lithium and Titanium are much too easy to acquire. I didn't have to leave the planet, build a drill, use the Mineral Extractor or Trade Platform; I found plenty just by exploring nearby wrecks. When I finally flew to the Barren celestial body, I discovered Lithium and Titanium veins! I was excited until I remembered that I didn't have a use for them by that point. They became just like the once-exciting research objects. Travel Implement user-control for Shuttles. This would massively improve and encourage exploration. It would also add tons of value to Hydrazine since you would need more of it. Not only that, but imagine searching for a large asteroid in space to mine its unique resource! Come on..that's pretty cool, right? Though, honestly, travel is currently pretty fun. Stringing up a bunch of Rovers to go exploring is hilarious and a total blast. Future Resource Uses: MEGA-MODULES! Each one of these structures would require a MASSIVE amount of resources and many modules to construct. Modules currently cost 1-4 resources and require 0-1 base modules. This is cost seemed pretty low throughout the entire game. Adding Mega-Modules would offer a reason to visit other planets for unique resources. These Mega-Modules would require massive amounts of energy. You could even require a constant funneling of Bytes to fund the projects. Wireless Energy Site: Nikola Tesla was working on this back in the 1800's. It's not a stretch for a game like this and could give us a reason to explore and expand. This project would provide the massive amounts of power required for other Mega-Modules, giving value to every past, present, and future base the player creates. Celestial Drill: This behemoth is capable of drilling a wide hole to the core of any planet. Currently, the process is slow and boring, but this would give us a reason to continue exploring and gathering those "rare" resources to supply additional shafts, support columns, and drill bits. Elevator to Hell: This could be built onto the Celestial Drill by swapping out some modules since the Celestial Drill would be immobile. Once the drill is done, you could swap out some modules to lower yourself and a large rover to branch mine for Coal, Astronium, Hematite, and whatever else you add. Interplanetary Teleporter: This would allow instant travel between other teleporters anywhere in the solar system. You wouldn't even need a 3-D view of the solar system, just a list of functional teleporters. The high resource cost wouldn't make sense for bases within a close driving distance, but it would save time and be a cool option for fast intra- and interplanetary travel. TL;DR I love the game so far and look forward to future updates, even if they don't include any of my ideas. Who knows? Maybe something I said will spark an entirely different idea that's super rad! Cheers, Max P.S. I did read the thread suggesting that separate ideas be split into multiple posts. I didn't do that because I had no idea my post would turn into this beast...
  12. One thing that I would like to see in the game is the ability to separate modules from platforms and doesn't have to be free, maybe you need a special tool or new module to do it, but just having it in the game would be helpful. Even if you can only do it to platforms with broken modules on them that you find next to wrecks, it would still be great.
  13. So I found a broken medium platform and am wondering if there is a way to fix it. This would apply to other broken things but I haven't found them yet.
  14. When you build any module like mineral extractor, printer, vehicle bay etc there should be a little tutorial, like the old one a few images with arrows explaining how to use them, how you select the item you want to print etc, many are self explanatory but who knows someone may need a hand.
  15. Hi, first time posting here but have played for over a year. Enjoying 8.0. These are not new ideas; rather ideas rehashed with some twists. COMPONENTS - I like the idea that there should components, but for T3 (tier 3) and even some T2 items. They could have names or for Alpha/simplicity-sake, Component A-F, etc. Moreover, have them need to be crafted at a craft-able workbench... My idea for the workbench is that it resembles half of the medium rover storage plus a habitat-type enclosure. The storage half would allow medium (8-slot) storages to be attached whereby allowing the astroneer to make Components based on what is currently attached. **see below for automation-linking thoughts** It would need to be attached to a platform or a medium/large rover to function (craftable at medium fabricator?). Also, an astroneer could "enter" the workbench during a storm and craft components then. Perhaps its own ui? I think having "structures" that require multiple components made up of smaller crafted pieces rather than 2 or 4 pieces of copper, etc. will make some more end game parts of the game more strategic to get to. ELEVATOR - that is made from stackable (T3) evelator modules. They would piece together (only) vertically and only be used for astroneer transport (as opposed materials transport). It would require power and would be oxygenated. Perhaps it would only deploy on a true flat surface and one could dig down from inside? Perhaps a special platform for the first/surface module? Elevator becomes a permanent structure and can't be disassembled once placed. WEATHER DISHES - having a weather dish that tracks weather patterns, but has slots for 1 weather augments per dish. I.e., it will only track the weather system/hazard that you program it to track. The output is a timer for how long before pattern "touches down". A 2nd augment slot could recieve the Alignment Mod to tell if weather system/ hazard will pass directly overhead. HAZARD PLANET - could be a hard to reach planet with a heavy fog/mist (to reduce visibility) with only "end-game" resources, like what Linkman81 mentioned in a previous post about piece-ing together objects for rare modules/etc. This planet would not be overly hazardous, but an astroneer could not build on this planet. Only tethers could attached to the surface (but no compound is available anywhere on the planet, so supplies would have to be brought with). SMALL ROVER attached to LARGE SHUTTLE - for initial exploration of new planets.
  16. I haven't been online on the forums for very long. I strongly believe it is crucial to add logic modules in order to make special systems in the game not following a simple pattern (or doing creative but disappointing stuff that take loads of time). What do i mean by 'Logic Modules'? All kinds of tier modules that can operate a single basic input-output proccessing, for example: Input: titanium Proccess: Does the input match the material set on the settings? (Yes/No) Output: a signal (set to send a signal if yes or set to send a signal if no) Together with such logic modules there should be some communication system, a cable or any other idea that would be offered. Logic Modules will be interesting in case of different proccesing, if it was up to me, there were things like auto-loading machine to rovers and other ideas. Please write +1 or -1 grouped with an idea or fix you would want.
  17. I'd like to have the ability to build a larger Rocket where you can store store multiple items. Make it so you have to build the rocket in 3 stages. Each module requiring at least 4 resources each but of various resources coat. ENGINE module, STORAGE Module( 5 DOUBLE SLOTS/10 SINGLES AND COMMAND module. The engine module would have its own internal tank and hydrazine cataylser which woukd require ammonium to be processed prior to take off. Would require the equivalent of 12 ammonium to be full of hydrazine. The storage has double doors that open while landed to allow access and the engine module produces processed oxygen and power much like the hab. Ship design based of of Vintage rocket design. Streamlines with 3 fins that act has landing legs with a ladder up the side for command moduke access or leave it for the astroneers to build a ramp up to the command module
  18. I wanted to share some feedback based on a few hours of playing the latest update, namely to see if I'm the only one seeing these or not and to make sure they're reported. 1. Entering rovers, especially the large, is very difficult. I press and hold the e key and typically the terrain tool will open instead of entering the vehicle. It's tough finding the correct spot to enter. 2. I created the research module, placed it on to a large rover and then tried to research items, nothing would slot into the research module so it appears to not be working. 3. Research objects are being found floating randomly in caves, typically in groups. 4. The large rover disappears or flashes when turning your head away from the rover. The starting platform, where the small fabricator gets dropped does the same thing.
  19. Hello. I recently just picked up Astroneer for the first time in a long time; I love the new base-building system, and I was amazed when I saw how cool the new habitat looked. However, when attempting to settle on other planets with the habitat built using the printer, I seem to be stuck with the standard drop-pod sort of habitat. Is it supposed to be like this? Is there any way I can make it bigger? I'm not gonna let it bother me too much, but the bigger one is much more aesthetically pleasing and it's also nice having four connections. Any info would be appreciated.
  20. While I do prefer the look and abilities of the new base building system, it also feels like it's more of a hassle to build your base, which kinda puts me off. Before building new platforms and printing base modules was really simple. Dragging out a conduit, dumping some resin, choosing the module and you're done. Now you have several more steps to go through. First you have to physically go to the new module printer, hold q to choose what to print, take what you print to the desired spot, fiddle around with the positioning, unpack both boxes (platform and module), and connect the power. The fiddling with placement might be resolved by having some sort of snapping, either by default or optional. Snapping platforms to certain alignments so that placing them in a row or grid becomes easier. Connecting the power conduits is also a bit fiddly. I would suggest that dragging a power conduit to the desired platform as a whole, instead of the precise placement of the power connector would make it less fiddly. Now the rest of my "complains" deal with the new system as a whole, so changing that would mean redoing the entire operational system of how you print your modules, which I think is unlikely...but I wanted to comment on it none the less...
  21. As the title suggest, when you print a module crate you can unpack it with alt+click, it will then unpack itself on the ground but you can't pick it up. Even alt clicking the module will show an interaction ring directly under the module, but it won't pick up. My guess is when the module unpacks itself on bedrock, it will plow it's socket into the bedrock and you can't dig it out. But I'll have to test this later and fabricate a module outside of bedrock
  22. I have three ideas for some new modules to add into the game. These would add to the fun and help you out a bunch! Shout out to @H@n for making these amazing pictures. He also came up with the ideas for the Crane and Shield Generator (The teleporter was my idea ) Teleporter: Built with two astronium. Requires massive amounts of power for each use. Maybe even one astronium per use. You simply walk up to the module and press a button similar to the habitat to enter the teleporter. Once you click it, you are teleported away to the other portal. Or instead of random, each teleporter you build is numbered. And once you hop inside one of them and option is given to you which number you want to go to. Forget about using those clunky rovers with messed up gravity. Teleport to you very far away mine in seconds! Now would making travel between planets be too OP? See that's why I said use astronium because it is so rare, but this could potentially make the shuttles obsolete. So maybe restrict it to travel on the planet you are currently on. Shield Generator: "bubble generator that can be placed in any connected sockets. When activated it creates a temporary protective bubble. It does drain power quickly so use with caution." Does your base get constantly hit with storms? Do your friends die because there is not enough room in the habitat for everyone? Well not anymore with the shield generator! Built with two astronium (or some other rare material) at the larger printer. You can charge it up and take it with you on your rover or just leave it at your base for some extra protection. Once activated it will continue to run as long as it has power feeding to it. Once it runs out of power the first time it deactivates. Once meteor showers and other awesome weather/storms are added this will be a necessity for every base. Crane: "First is a larger module. It's excavation lift that can support a player and some research nodes or some storage. Upon creation it would automatically create a hole to the nearest cave system below it. It comes in two parts that are researched together, but crafted separately. The crane is built on a table and the cable spoon in created via the printer." -H@n This idea is so beautiful. I love the look of it. It would make mining SO much easier. I think it should be built out of Titanium You could just build one of these right above your deep mine and bring up all your resources. I think the mechanics could be somewhat tricky. You would have to be able to move it up and down somehow. Another question is, should the lowered platform give off oxygen? Would that be to OP or something necessary? Please tell me what you guys think! I would love to see all these modules added into the game, how about you?