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  1. I have Made a new shelter and I immediately un-packaged it, only to find that it's now permanently placed right next to my original shelter. I would like the ability to repackage only the player made Shelter for moving it's location if not placed in the position the player wants it.
  2. Instead of being able to take modules (ex. the research station) off of platforms to move them, I think it should require you to pack them back up first then unpack. It means yes you spend the extra time and resource, but it stops you from accidentally grabbing them off the platform, and offers a little bit of consequence. If you don't try to plan base building ahead then you have to spend the time and resources to remodel.
  3. I noticed that the shredder can't shred everything craftable, but only some stuff. Sometime you find an abandoned base, and you're looking for extra scrap, sometime you built something on mistake (or you want just to upgrade the platform it is built in). Also, everything you create with the vehicle printer is permanent. Often I have to dig a "shame hole" where everything I don't need gets dumped. Like abandoned platform after I build a base on barrens to feed on a huge broken complex. So a solution can be more shreddable stuff: platform, what is on platform, rover, large
  4. (Steam version The Research Module when filled with any unknown object wet to be researched, when opened its module menu in order to start its function...(one mouse left click uncover button cap, second click activate green button, but when accidentally pressed following a third click it immediately cancel the research eliminating the current object. Consider adding a 1 to 3 second cooldown so this can be avoided. Also, add to research items, a short description for each.
  5. I think a module that would allow to combine two or three things(e.g. small solar panels) to one better thing(e.g. medium solar panel) This would be useful for the players that made a bunch of small things, only to research the better things later in the game.
  6. Summary of the problem: I was holding a small wind vane in my hand and I let go of it midair, it then disappeared and I couldn't find it. I went to my habitat to save my game and the camera panned through the habitat, and my wind vane was inside. I tried the same with a small solar panel, it also disappeared. I then entered my habitat a few more times to see if i could see the solar panel inside, and sure enough I caught a glimpse of it. Platform and Version: Steam on Windows, Computer Specs: Windows AMD Ryzen 3 1200 Nvidia GTX 1050Ti 16 GB o
  7. Before going into detail about this idea I want to thank forum user franekdolas_eu for creating the awesome 3D model shown in the pictures below. franekdolas_eu was able to take my 2D concept drawings and turn them into a fully realised 3D model over the last month. If you like the work that they have done here, please drop them a message to let them know. "The best kind of community is one where its members support one another". Now, on to the concept: Overview The Fuel Tank Module (could alternatively be called the Fuel Storage Module) would be a Large Tier object
  8. Recycler (medium module) deconstructs any unwanted items and recover the resource used.
  9. Could we have the button prompts for interacting with modules, fabricators etc made bigger please? In some cases you need to press and hold the Y button (I'm playing on Xbox One, not sure what the controls are on PC), whilst other times you press and hold the X button. The little round button prompts you get when close enough to interact with things are just that: little. I can JUST tell that there is a letter displayed on the prompt, but it's not always easy for me to see which button it wants me to use. In addition to making the prompts bigger, could we also colour/code them? For anyone
  10. The ability to detect and refine Astronium. Reactor module would have challenges dealing with heat. Ability to create isotopes of Hydrazine and combine with refined Astronium in order to build thermonuclear bomb instead of TNT.
  11. Hello addicted Astroneers Aggressive flora and other threats are being prepared, are there any diseases? If so, it would be worth adding a healing module to the habitat. If the astroneer attacks the plant he will fall ill. When he is sick he walks slowly and does not run. You must heal him. Collect organic or maybe new herb material. You can also leave the herbs in the confectioneries. Graphic proposal: Astroneer light.avi
  12. I know there are splits in the opinions of people wether there should be more survival-like elements in the game, but hear me out. What if you begin the game with the tech for a photosynthesis module already unlocked. Building it would grant infinite oxygen to one player for one hour. To refill it, need to supply it with oxygen and power (assuming power could double as hydrogen, or hydrogen to be added as resource in the future somehow) to create water for the plants to thrive in. If more players hook up to the same base network, the photosynthesis module will get drained quicker, so havin
  13. Hey there! I´d like to share an idea that I think it´s very important: the option to remove a module station, and changing it for a new one, or only remove it. I love this game, so I always try to create a great space station for my character, but I usually set a wrong work station by mistake, for example, I need an Printer and I accidentally set a Commerce Station, I can´t remove it, the Commerce Station is there, and we are not able to change it for something else. A ¨remove¨ button would solve the problem, and help players to design better space stations, I think (and I´m sure more players
  14. Let's say you want to go to a Tundra. You have to enter orbit to see where it is. So you load up some hydrazine, go up, and, surprise, Tundra is literally on the other side of the solar system. With a planetarium module, you have an always-active model of your solar system that, in real-time, shows you where every planet is, which in turn lets you know when the best time to explore is. It basically looks something like this, but instead of 2D icons its the actual model. Perhaps you can upgrade it in the future and have it give you more information, or maybe actually visiting th
  15. Ninja edit: Apparently ctrl+enter automatically sends the post. Oops! Sorry, i'm gonna edit this! Gimme a sec, sorry, sorry ^-^; Hello, devs of Astroneer(s). You're creating something awesome! It's been a long time since last I found the logic behind basic game mechanics so instantly intuitive, within the first two minutes I felt comfortable and at home playing the game. Congrats, you've done a great job there! I only hope you guys can keep holding up that excellent standard of quality. The fast launch into creating a new game and the speed at which the player gains full control is absolu
  16. I am attaching an image, with the concept laid out in a type of crude blueprint. I apologize for the multiple images, i over estimated the amount of space I could write on, and still get a viable scan. lol Ok so a basic explanation of the IDEA. I saw the suggestion on a Personal Home, this is a different take on that, and more of a communal living and light work area protected from storms and the like. As the present Modules exist, once you gain the platform creation option in the 8 node module, where you choose RESEARCH etc, Add Dome. - This Dome would have a do
  17. This IDEA does not need images or pictures to explain. = MODULE MANAGEMENT = I encountered an issue, where my modules once expanded began to pinch one another in, and one even spawned under a full platform where it could barely be reached. My suggestion would be perhaps, OPEN BACK BACK to trigger a MODIFY MODULE reticle, maybe with combined keypress (example left and right trigger, while targeting a module, perhaps highlights RED to warn you, you are modifying your platform). Then an option to MOVE the MODULE out of the way for better placement, or deconstruct It, for a return of materials.
  18. Crudely made Illustration provided (Left: Reactor Module(large); Right: Enriched Astronium(medium)) Of course, it's always a good time to leave a suggestion for the game (even if you're a moderator). And it's always even better to leave something fresh here. Oh! and to leave a good suggestion format for any other user to use Astronium Reactor Reactor Module Recipe: not sure Crafted at: Upgraded Platform Tier: 3 (Large Module) Type: Power Generator This module are made using whatever material suit it, will use a medium sized Enriched Astronium (always
  19. Summary: 215 - Steam - Sometimes the rover won't connect to the base module Description: When you try to connect the rover to a module, sometimes it will connect only for a moment and will instantly drop for some reason. Attached videoclip: Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 0.4.10215.0 (Latest) Specifications: OS: Windows 10 64bit CPU: Intel i5-4460 3.2ghz (4 CPUs) GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 6GB RAM: 8 GB Drive: HDD 1 TB
  20. I posted in another thread that a health feature would be interesting.. so this suggestion will go along with it as if health were already in the game. I think a mid-to-endgame machine called the "Suit Upgrader" (or similar) would be a neat new system. The upgrades would require materials to be applied, and power of course - somewhat like a glorified Printer, but for the space suit. An Astroneer would only be able to apply, say, a maximum of 2 or 3 upgrades at a time - spread out over about 3 or 4 slots (Helmet, Backpack, Boots, etc). This could have a lot of possibilities because it is n
  21. Since the addition of T.A.R. and the nerfing of Fuel Condensers, I thought about something similar to a Fuel Condenser... Introducing Dust Collectors! Dust Collectors look kind of like your average Fuel Condenser (except that they might have some sort of funnel or tower or something on top), but instead of condensing Hydrazine from the air, they collect dust particles floating around! They are about 1.5 to 2.0 times more effective than Fuel Condensers, and they are twice as effective as normal while a Sandstorm is active near them! (Just like wind generators) Since there
  22. Upon landing on the tundra we found that we couldn't build our base with resin. We tried multiple landing sites and save games with no avail.
  23. Imagine that you just placed that dammed 3d printer module in the wrong place and now the snaps is overlapping with the research module. You then go into your Hab and you are able to easily move, extend, and pull back the weird black oxy/pwr cords with ease. Imagine a huge octopus just lashing its arms about. It would do into a top down menu where you would be able to move any branches of the Hab and any branches off the main 4 branches. You can even move the direction of the modules and where is facing. You would also be able to change height so any of those really annoying times where for so
  24. New here, love the game. Not sure if a bug or it is not a current feature. Trying to reorganize things and couldn't restart the building layout after demolition.
  25. I got a little bored so I drew a rough concept for a fuel tank using paint (too poor for photoshop) It will have the effectiveness ratio as a storage, so It's capacity will be 8 times greater, Which is 16 fuel unit or 8 Hydrazine Tank This will be a very useful module once Hydrazine got nerfed and start requiring containers like the oxygen. Concept Statistic Usage: Store any gas and liquid (Fuel tank is a placeholder name similar to oxygen tank) Tier-2 Capacity: 16 fuel unit Cost: 2 Titanium Crafted at the Printer