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Found 4 results

  1. Can someone add the ability to change from wheels to tracks, to hover engines (very costly and end game). Applies to all vehicles. Printing out tracks as wheels suck tbh.
  2. BarnBurner

    Space Stations

    Adding the ability to make space stations that you can store supplies refuel and rest at.
  3. blaze125

    modular rover engines

    when i first used the thruster (now hydrazine thruster) i thought, how fun would this be to always be going this fast and so i had an idea for a modular engine design for rovers, it isnt much of a fleshed out idea but i thought it could be a part for when rovers are made more modular i had the idea of multiple different types: electric engine, works just like they work now solar engine, fast in daylight but very slow at night bio engine, needs organic to run but is faster and can pull more (longer chains) fuel engine, needs carbon to run and is an upgraded version of the bio engine hydrazine engine, uses hydrazine and is EXTREMELY fast, but doesn't add pulling power thank you for your time to listen to my idea, and i hope you consider it
  4. I've accidently built platforms too close close to each other, now it does not supply power to either platforms and seems to have clipped into one another(rendering empty slots unusable).