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Found 1 result

  1. So I have an idea for the platforms that would make things more modular. I was thinking that you could make the B variant large platform the standard starting large platform for all of the bays, and unlock expansion mounts that you can attach to the sides of the platform, since the A and C look similar to that. So the idea is you build like the A-mount and C-mount individually that slots into the "power" slot of the platform, and deploy them from there. So you can mix and match various mount types, like one C-mount 10-single slot storage, and then an A-mount double-slot on the other to allow the dropping of medium storages to feed into the system (e.g. hydrazine catalyser or smelter). Maybe make the D variant a vehicle-bay construction on top of the B variant. I also think the vehicle-bay should be renamed the large fabricator, since that is basically what it is now, since you use it for the xl platform to build the huge storage on it already. And same with the medium platform, being able to build the standard B-variant double-mount medium platform, and maybe add the variant modules to it to give it side-bays for storage. It would also expand the usability of the medium platform. instead of simply having a double-mount with two single-mounts, you would be able to upgrade it to be able to slot 3 double-mounts for storage on that slightly smaller platform. Or lots and lots of single-slot storages by building the C-mounts. So costs, I'm thinking 1 resin for the A-mount expansions, and 1 Aluminum for the C-mounts. It would make the platforms more expensive as a whole, since you have to build them separately, and it would also cost more bytes to unlock, but that can maybe make the starting landing platform's 3rd slot usable by dropping a free A-mount with the small platform and medium fabricator, giving you effectively the same as the current Medium Platform A, but instead making an extra double-slot instead of 2 single-slots on either end. Maybe even make the small fabricator able to build a 3rd variant of mount (lets call it the E-mount for now) that will just like the current Medium Platform mount a single slot on a mounting end. The small fabricator would build a PAIR of these mounts at the cost of 1 resin so you can immediately put both on the medium platform (or large if you so wished). And now since that is now explained, here's what I'm thinking of renaming all the platforms and proposed costs: Medium Platform (1x 2-slot) 1 Resin Originally Medium Platform B Large Platform (1x 4-linked slot Building Module Capable) 2 Resin Originally Large Platform B A-Mount (1x 1-slot) x2 for 1 Resin Originally part of Medium Platform A B-Mount (1x 2-slot) 1 Resin Originally part of Large Platform A C-Mount (10x 1-slot) 1 Aluminum Originally part of Large Platform C Large Fabricator (built on Building Module) 2 Aluminum (unchanged) Originally Vehicle Bay Large-Mount (10x 2-slot) 2 Aluminum (constructed on Large Platform at Large Fabricator) Originally Large Platform D