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Found 24 results

  1. Alc

    Companion Bots

    There would be 2 kinds of companion bots; Dog bot(ground roamer), Dragonfly bot(air roamer). Dog Bot: is ground based, it has 1 tier 2 slot and 2 tier 1 slots when it is deployed. The Dog Bot will have 3 compatable mods available: Retriever mod: ocasionally fetches nearby scrap and rarely; resources. Terrier mod: tracks and points out nearby resource nodes. K9 mod: bot is faster, strains less with more cargo, consumes less energy. Dragonfly Bot: is an air based, it has 3 tier 1 slots when it is deployed. Map mod: Dragonfly bot flies high overhead, providing UAV support. Seeker mod: Dragonfly bot automatically researches T1 research within range. Alert mod: Dragonfly bot detects and marks dangerous plants, including name and plant type. Both bots will have their own reserve slot when they are deployed. They will drop the resource tabs but not the mod being currently equipped when you collapse them to put it away in its slot. Both bots requires 1 Steel to print from the back pack. When the bot is printed, it will come with a station. When the bot is deployed, there will be a power line connected to the player's pack.
  2. Small Hovercraft: Require tier1 printer 1 tier1 slot placed at front Requires: 1 Titanium Alloy Includes special driving animation. Collapsible and expandable for storage. 1 seat already available. Slow Oxygenator. Medium Hovercraft: Requires tier2 printer 2 tier2 slots Requires: 1 Titanium Alloy, 1 Ceramic Includes 2 power plugs. Oxygenator. Able to increase and decrease altitude. Large Hovercraft: Requires tier3 printer 3 tier3 slots Requires: 1 Titanium Alloy, 1 Ceramic, 1 Plastic Includes 2 power plugs. Oxygenator. Able to increase and decrease altitude. XL Hovercraft: Requires Tier4 Printer Comes in parts, 2 versions of every part: Orion, Polaris. Parts: Hull: Requires: 2 Titanium, 2 Plastic Bridge: Requires: 2 Titanium, 2 Copper Engine: Requires: 2 Titanium, 2 Nanocarbon Vehicle Bay: Requires: 1 Titanium, 2 Plastic, 1 Resin Hover Generator: Requires: 2 Titanium, 2 Aluminium Alloy Platform: Requires: 2 Titanium, 2 Ceramic
  3. BongoSteie

    Gateway mods

    Gateway mods I've made this post on reddit (idk about this forum). In thos post i briefly describe how the gateways could be used in a different way and to incentivice players to activate surface nodes aswell.
  4. BongoSteie

    Buildings mods

    Building mods In this post i've thought about some nods that could be added into the game to increase the variety of gameplay in terms of basebuilding and optimization of production and power efficiency
  5. Vale_Panzer

    Terrain Tool Mods

    Hey there Astroneers, I was wondering if it would be a good idea if there would be a Terrain Tool mod addet to make perfect 90 Degree walls to the floor or the roof. I could just stand on a wall trying to get it like that and that really freaks me out. Would be great if it gets addet
  6. New resource and advanced mods Since the groundwork update is coming up,(and since zinc doesn’t have a composite, (and since I want something f***ing useful)) I thought I would elaborate on my idea for new terrain tool mods. New resource: Brass Recipe: 1x Zinc and 1x Copper Use: for making advanced mods. The brass mods consist of upgraded versions of normal zinc mods, and other mods with new abilities Upgraded mods:(2,500 bytes each) Power Mod 2: More Power (2.5x normal) Wide Mod 2: Wider Circle (2.5x normal) Narrow Mod 2: Narrower circle (0.25x normal) Inhibitor Mod 2: attracts resources outside of the circle range Terrain Analyzer 2: can save 3 colors Alignment Mod 2: can save an angle to be used elsewhere Universal abilities/info They’re is a tooltip on each mod that can switch it to the original mode (excluding the terrain analyzer, and alignment Mod. the tooltips switch color and angle) The upgraded abilities consume more power, but in the original mode it is more efficient: 0.2U/s normal, 0.4U/s upgraded (haven’t checked, am assuming each mod uses 0.25U/s) New mods: 0.5U/s (5,000 bytes each) Reach Mod: increases your tool reach (1.5x) Soil Filter: can filter 3 different types of soil into canisters. These soils can increase the amount of resources gained at a soil Centrifuge per canister. *has no drill capabilities* Phase Mod: Has 2 modes: mode 1 doubles the range that the terrain tool can detect resources through soil. Mode 2 allows you to collect resources without having to actually dig the whole piece out, i.e. The circle just has to touch it. (The first mode consumes no power, but the second consumes twice the normal amount.) You can use all the brass mods on pavers and strength drills too! P.S Veronica, please don’t go back on adding new soil storage! Any dev please pass this on!
  7. Cant really show a picture as i cant really demostrate it
  8. Is your base getting expansive enough that your not always connected to oxygen? Do you think tethers will make your nice flat terrain look ugly? Worry no more! For I have the quick tutorial that will solve all your problems!(or at least fix the problems stated above...) Part 1: The Setup You will need: 1 Narrow Mod, 1 Wide Mod, 1 Alignment Mod, 1+ Soil Canister, Tethers(number will vary), and a Terrain Analyzer with the color of your choice(optional, but looks cool.) If you have not already flattened out your base, I recommend doing so using the Alignment Mod and your Flatten key. Part 2: The Digging/Placing Next, move to the platform closest to the area you want to oxygenate. Equip the Narrow Mod and the Alignment Mod, and dig a hole right up against the platform, about 1.5 Astroneers deep. Now, move into the are you wish to oxygenate, and dig another hole the same depth, but make sure it is within tether distance of the first hole. Continue digging holes until the area is sufficiently covered. Then, place a tether in each hole, right side up. Make sure that all of the tethers are connected to each other. If not, redig the holes in locations that will allow them to connect. Part 3: The Cover-up Equip the Wide Mod, the Alignment Mod, and the Terrain Analyzer(if applicable), flatten the holes over. If the holes are deep enough, the terrain you add won't mess up the tethers. Ta-da!!! Smooth Oxygenated Base!
  9. Hey, new player here. Managed to get the hang of this, really fun game. I would like to suggest making a toggle option for mods/augmentations so that they can be turned on and off without removing them. At some point, I have been putting and removing certain mods/augs that it became an annoyance. As an extension to this:adding a swapping functionality - so that objects can be swapped with objects in the backpack or generally in sockets. Great game! Really fun! Co-Op is amazing!
  10. Simple request, Give as a "true flat" mod for Terrain Tool so we can easily make mega structures as seen here: This tool should be in constrast from the "alighnment mod" which only flatens relative to the core and not relative to a true flat plane
  11. I'm sure someone has brought this up but I'm gonna suggest it anyways sense i haven't heard anything about mod support for Windows and Xbox, I suggest a mod tab in-game for WIn and xbox in the main menu sense xbox and windows store apps cant be modded there's no way for either version to use mods there should official mod support that goes to console and windows players for that very reason, Nothing fancy probably just a button to enable/ disable mods on the left and right sides and something to detect mod compatibility for instabilities issues encase it breaks a save or something, Any confirmation on this would be appreciated ^.^
  12. Wertyhappy27


    I think a modding tool should be added, by using a pc program you can program mods, you can post them on a page on a website, and on console, you can find some in the menu, sort of like fallout 4.
  13. Hello, You can build a perfect dome around your base because there's an invisible shape around your habitat that protects it from being digged under. I was thinking: this "feature" could be turned into a gameplay element. For example you would have a "shape emiter" that you could turn on and off, place somewhere and then dig the shape around it that you want because it would repell the terrain modifier like the habitat does. What if you could configure the size and shape ? So you could maybe build mos eisly base by just building domes and then replacing the item, put it down and activate it on another place and then build another perfect dome. And if you want a pyramid, or a cube, you could configure the item to emit that shape as well. (whethere it would also create hardrock remains to be seen, I would advice against it because then you could end up turning your whole planet into hardrock).
  14. I bought astroneer back in early 2016 on xbo, enjoyed the game and it was relatively stable besides a couple small bugs. Returning in 2018, this game is an absolute train wreck. The bugs are game-breaking and ruin the entire experience of the game. Placing things at the base is way more difficult than it should be, often they won’t snap into place until I fool around moving a resource/object around for way too long. Backpack more often than not won’t allow me to move things in and out, craft, or add/remove mods from resource collector and backpack. This makes the game completely unplayable and incredibly frustrating to attempt to do so. Don’t release big updates when you haven’t play-tested them. This ruins the game completely. Just because it’s an “alpha” or “beta” doesn’t make it okay over 2 years into the game to let stuff like this slide. Needs a fix immediately! Again... CANT SELECT ANYTHING IN BACKPACK, REMOVE/ADD MODS, CRAFT, UNLESS IN CERTAIN AREAS... SEEMS TO BE RANDOM. EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING. PLAYING ON XBO.
  15. JBall

    Suit Mods

    Soon I know weather is going to be a thing and I was wondering one day some planets could have extreme temperatures. So, our suits could have an add on in order to regulate suit temperature by using the suit battery as a resource. This add on being heating coils and liquid cooling could be placed on the left shoulder as a visual of which add on you are using.
  16. So, some people enjoy sandbox games as they are, where they can be creative and create their own challenges and not really needing challenges be presented to them. Other people, like me, do prefer there to be challenges in game. And I know you guys are planning on adding those challenges. But, you can only do so much, and there are lots of people out there with lots of great ideas who could help. And to make it clear, I'm not talking about mods. I'm talking about having an in-game option for users to create challenges, or puzzles, whatever you want to call them, and making it very easy to share them.
  17. OnlyCrucible

    Alignment Mod Problems

    Now i absolutely love the idea of mods in game but the alignment mod is one that is special to me. i love what it can do but the amount of hassle it takes to use it is really annoying. i cant clip properly on the ceilings to create a perfect flat to go with the walls and the floor. i would like to snap a picture of this but i don't have a screen capture tool for me to get a image of this. The circle that makes up the terrain tool that we use all the time gets stretched and warped on the ceiling and cant be used. i really hope this gets fixed soon because this tool has amazing potential for great use.
  18. Satellites Satellites allow you to collect solar power from space, collect data (Research / Bytes), and make a Network. Command Module Allows you to connect with your satellite (Network connection needed) Networks Allows transfer of items and data from one connection to another. Can be wired or wireless. Crafting needs Power, Aluminum, Copper, Lithium, and/or Titanium. Uses 1 unit of power for every 4 wired items moved 1 length. One length is the max distance of tethers. Wireless requires Satellite. Different channels allow different things to be connected 2 or 4 channels / satellite. Mods Allow players to make mods in the game. Pretty self explanatory. Hosting System Era Official Server Hosting. 24/7 multiplayer servers allow for faster Research Acid Rain Must dig underground to survive. Sitting in a seat will still slowly kill the player. Backpack Storage (Small Storage) Takes up 2 Slots and gives 4 Slots of storage. Can be applied on a rover, platform, or backpack. Liquids Water on earth. Must drink water to survive. Water can all be found in ice, looking similar to the oxygen pellets in the ground. Food Find food in plants (where organic is), or make a farm. Must eat to survive. Aliens / NPCs Have Factions / NPCs that are like Players. They carry items, you can give/take (trading), have their own habitats, and you can kill them with weapons (once and if added to the game )
  19. I think that players should be able to make mods, just like in other popular games. For instance, maybe a mod like "Liquid Space" that basically adds liquids to the game... idk just a thought. It would publicize and progress the game really quickly. Thank you!
  20. Summary: 215 - Steam - Terrain tool mods not combining Description: When combing a boost mod with either a wide or narrow mod, only a certain configuration will work. It seems that the boost mod must be attached first for both the mods to work. If attached in the opposite order one mod will not function. Video - It just seems to be an issue between the boost mod, wide mod and narrow mod. I tested the other mods with no issues. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 215 Specifications: RAZER BLADE 2016 OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1703 | Build 15063.674 CPU: Intel i7 6700HQ 2.6GHz GPU: Nvidia GeForce 1060 6GB RAM: 2x8GB SODIMM 2133MHz Drive: Samsung M.2 SSD 500GB
  21. Brad Owens

    What do Mods do??

    What do the mods do in the game? I still a little confused when I find a new Mod to create. A list of what mods do and description would be nice. System : Xbox one
  22. Papa Smurf

    Terrain tool mods UI

    Wuddup folks. Sittin here not sleeping imagining a clever ui system for the terrain tool and future modifiers. Basically, the terrain tool becomes accessible via a hotkey, call it e. Press E, and the terrain tool flies into focus much like the backpack. From here, the tool contains a single 1snap mount that can be used to modify its actions. Perhaps also some basic parameters are available with simple mouse clicks here like brush size etc. Want the only "lazor" in the game? Better find that holy grail 1snap tool mod in the deepest alien research module on exotic... brush pattern, energy saver, "spraypaint" mode that builds and destructs in swiss cheese flavor, etc.... What gets interesting here is 2 things. 1. Maybe these snaps are a different size and are kept in a "toolbox" that attaches to your backpack or something so that these mods have only one purpose and other 1snaps are not going to fit on your astrovac (no bonus carrying capacity like a compound in your build slot) 2. OR perhaps other regular 1snaps ALSO act as modifiers.... this can be as simple as color eg; slap in some compound and you build in white. Or even further down the list of possibilities, it could get crazy. A lump of power in your gun creates terrain with luminescence. Hydrazine makes terrain with higher friction for efficient roadways. Organic spawns plants. Aluminum creates smooth terrain with blended voxels for very appealing "walls" and other structures. Maybe resin is clippable, becoming a physicsless "water"... Oh yea unrelated, but also cool would be a terrain tool mod that creates "permanent" structures. Probably does not add or subtract material, but simply floats over existing matter and glues it into uneditableness. Hopefully also with some voxel smoothing for ultimate in appealing structures.... Anyway, Obviously im getting way out into dreamland. The main point of my post is to offer a possible simple solution to what might otherwise be some challenging or time consuming code to further the "creative" agenda with the press e, insert different terrain tool idea... Thanks guys hope your new year is kicking ass
  23. Spent a few hours playing this game on PC with a friend today and had a blast. Unlike similar games, I found your take on the UI refreshing. It was mostly intuitive and once the player realizes how it works, everything else falls into place. I would have figured it out sooner if I wasn't so excited to try this game out, choosing the skip the tutorials. I did go back through them and I'll add that they're well done. Our first adventure took us beyond the base, and into the caves; an experience I found compelling and immersive. If you were aiming for a "something-is-going-to-eat-me-while-I-explore-the-alien-underworld" vibe, you nailed it. Gathering resources was fun at first, then it started to feel like a grind as near-resources become scarce. In retrospect, this is more an indicator of early-game resource mismanagement by the player, as opposed to a resource scarcity in game. I recognize that it is very early in development. I couldn't find a list of planned features so pardon me if some have been covered already. I present my ideas in no unique order. Resource Management & Transportation Logistics The inventory feels small, with a nod towards vehicles and storage modules as being helpful. Nevertheless, running like a hamster between a resource node and your storage pit gets dry after a while. One suggestion is to add a robot that will travel down tethers at regular intervals to pick up materials placed in a cargo container. The robot would return the raw materials to a central storage unit that the player constructs and enlarges. The player could also request that the robot deliver materials on its next pass to your location. Similar technology is in use today by mining companies and NASA. The ISS has a robot that helps build and perform repairs. It is safe to say the Astroneer of the future would possess technology somewhat better than what we're working with today. At the most, such a robot aids in reducing cognitive overhead (monitor crew safety, detect & respond to threats, and handle busy work tasks like station keeping or resource processing) At the very least, a dumb donkey cart that follows waypoints would be helpful to reduce grind. With regards to logistics, the Astroneer, who in pursuit of profits, would likely have very strong financial backing. Receiving supplies, equipment, and support from resupply vessels and a mission command could add a whole new dynamic to the game, and open up new roles for co-op role for players in orbit. Consider, a space-faring group of Astroneers using a moon as a resource for a resupply station in orbit to shuttle materials down to the main operation on the parent planet. Flight Mechanics I have not had a chance to experience flight in the game, but from what I read, it seems overly- scripted. It would be much fun to be able to construct vessels and directly fly them around in a physics simulation, even entering orbit if the vessel is capable. I don't know if you plan on having some type of orbital physics, as the game seems more arcade than simulation, but I'd be elated, since I'm part of an audience that has been seeking a multiplayer game that executes this dynamic of space well. Engineering Simulation When I think of an engineering space sandbox game, having played many of the genre, I think of technology that supports the player.Things like radar, comms, mission data transfer, and telemetry from stations, probes, and devices would be an intriguing window to the game world. What I'd really like to see as a result are user-fabricated and assembled ship components. Perhaps best understood by anybody who has ever played Garrysmod-Spacebuild Mod; the player has props and tools that allow him/her to design, assemble, and operate a vessel from scratch. Not necessarily a module based building system, nor a voxel or paint-by-number approach. This build and control mechanic would be simple enough so they player isn't turning every screw if they didn't want to. The option would exist for a degree of technical fidelity that would be appreciated; an example of which might be in-game scripting like Garrysmod Expression2 (control scripts to manipulate modules and detect events/data) and the mod EGP (scripting to build custom information screens and interfaces to interact and use that data collected by control scripts) What would be a reason to add all this? Simply for the joy of building and doing it yourself. Personally, I'd love if there were rocket parts or procedural building mechanics that allowed me to design, build, and control a multi-stage rocket. Even more attractive when considering you build it as a team with friends using cranes to assemble the boosters and service models. Together, we design the interior, program flight computers, add sensors, fuel, and add cargo, and crew it with friends who want to explode blast off with me. But such rocket technology would have other purpose - to cheaply put probes and satellites into space to aid in mapping, prospecting resources, navigation, and opportunity hunting. Another possibility is naval play. If you can build anything, and should that world contain liquid oceans, you should also be able to build small and large vessels so you can sail the oceans of wherever. I'd love a fuel tank, thruster, and a chair just to blast off into space for kicks, but being able to take it further; to the point of customizing a ship design or vessel to solve particular problems in-game would be delightful. Environmental Simulation Closely related to the above, the player deserves data about the world around them. It makes the player feel he/she is part of the world; in it, surrounded by it. Information on the atmosphere composition, make up of terrain in the near region of the player, and suit metrics should be part of the UI. Players should venture to build and launch probes and satellites to better understand their universe, and how to progress though it. A compass and mini map is desperately needed. I found it troublesome to reference directions with the other player. The question of "where are you" would also come up frequently. Solve this with waypoints, hud indicators, and a planet coordinate system available to the player. If you're planning on making the universe procedural and infinite, such a simulation could offer technology like radio astronomy and spectroscopy to aid in the search for new worlds so we can strip them of their precious resources. Player-verse-Player I'm not a foaming fan of PVP, mostly for the vitriol it begets. Then again, vitriol exists not because of competitive multiplayer, but because of human nature. So there is no avoiding it, regardless of the game mode. You'll always have trolls and nutcases. That said, competitive play is fun, and adds more to the game. Including an ever-important reason to keep playing after you're end-game. The rules should be controlled by the server admin, and only occur in designated zones, and only if the server admin allows it. The possibilities of PVP are nevertheless exciting. Lets say you have two warring factions who begin on separate worlds and work towards solar system dominance. You could also have a planet-wide conflict of red vs. blue. It could prove fun as two factions fight for control over resource deposits and strategic zones. And there could be several gamemodes that liven up play. Mine-to-Fight - mining, building up your factions strength, and fighting skirmishes and/or pitch battles Build-to-Fight - unlimited resources, build what you want, test, and then take to a fight In either mode, add in construction / sandbox safezones so players can work on their creations, perfect them for battle, and then test them out in the PVP area. Add in blueprints or saved contraptions to make construction less arduous and persistent - so players can iterate and perfect their war machines. Heck - have a third mode that is purely hardcore. A race to dominance as each faction builds during a construction phase of lets say a few days, and goes to war when the bell rings with whatever they've developed for battle or combat support. Player-verse-Environment Now, I do prefer the co-op nature of things. Working together to get to space and build bases & ships is a load of fun. I see minecraft PVE communities lasting almost a decade because they get to decide how the game is played. This is something key to consider when thinking about the long term player base, and why they'll stick around, help draw new players, and continue to drive sales. I'd like to see larger games, for reasons I'll get to in a minute. Mod API Nothing, and I mean nothing, will rocket this community more than user-generated mods and content. Consider a framework and API that allows the developers in your audience to build fun stuff for the community. It'll lower your workload and give an enormous amount of depth to an already exciting game. Multiplayer Universe Chat is necessary. There really is no way around it. Without a chat, you rob players of a key staple of the multiplayer experience, and force them to use Steam chat, discord, teamspeak, skype, or the telephone. I prefer discord, but not everyone prefers voice chat or having to leave the game to communicate with other players in the same world. I'd like to admire the four person coop, but unless the limit is imposed by the engine, it seems forced. Many players have more than three friends who want to play together. Why force them apart when you can bring them together? Ideally 16 players, but if I had a spot on the wishlist, I'd like to see dozens, if not hundreds in a very large universe filled with planets. Dedicated Servers & Tools Much of what I described in multiplayer revolves around dedicated servers that will run in a persistent state on common server hardware hosted by third-parties. Long lasting game community coalesce around these dedicated servers, and if supported (given the room & tools to grow) the rate and scale of growth is practically limitless. ... I'm not trying to change this game into "insert name of game" ...I'm interested and excited about the possibilities this game seems to offer. I'd like to see some of the best mechanics of earlier space and sandbox games make it in some iteration, because Astroneer can become the multiplayer space sandbox that the genre has missing for a very long time. Thanks to those who made it this far.
  24. Bernlakv2

    Astroneer Workshop ;)?

    This idea came to me just now. I was wondering what if you could make mods for Astroneer like adding new ores, Creatures, Terrains, Tool Modifications, Player modifications, etc The possibility with this game is endless! LETS MAKE IT HAPPEN! Vote now! :