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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, You can build a perfect dome around your base because there's an invisible shape around your habitat that protects it from being digged under. I was thinking: this "feature" could be turned into a gameplay element. For example you would have a "shape emiter" that you could turn on and off, place somewhere and then dig the shape around it that you want because it would repell the terrain modifier like the habitat does. What if you could configure the size and shape ? So you could maybe build mos eisly base by just building domes and then replacing the item, put it down and activate it on another place and then build another perfect dome. And if you want a pyramid, or a cube, you could configure the item to emit that shape as well. (whethere it would also create hardrock remains to be seen, I would advice against it because then you could end up turning your whole planet into hardrock).
  2. I think that players should be able to make mods, just like in other popular games. For instance, maybe a mod like "Liquid Space" that basically adds liquids to the game... idk just a thought. It would publicize and progress the game really quickly. Thank you!
  3. Hi guys! I've had a quick idea about batteries and energy and stuff and wanted to share it with you. If you don't want to read everything, i've attached a picture that should explain everything. I've started the game by landing in a cave. The shuttle came down frow the sky and landed straight down in a deep ravine. After disovering a bit of how things work, i've realised that it had it's ups and downs. It was safe for sand (rock) storms, i had already a lot of underground ressources around me, and i didn't have to dig that much, but i also had to run up to the surface for compound and resin, and most of all getting energy was a mess. So i did what every good person would do in these moments... I got the hell out of there and made another base, much more cozy in a little valley. But since the planet wasn't very windy and didn't have much coal near the surface, my only option was solar panels... And batteries for night time. So since i like letting a lot of stuff run at the same time, dig through the earth and my energy reserves without care, i made a HUGE battery park, and i mean ridiculously huge! It sure does get the job done, but i think there should be better ways to do that, which is why i've come up with the stackable battery (see attached image)! The idea is in the name, batteries on which you can stack stuff. But since i like my game balance (It's hard not to like it when you're a dungeon master) i've set some limits: No more than three layers (or four if you like the number more), otherwise it gets ridiculous. But there is something that would be even better: Batteries with what i'd call "Power nodes", opposed to the normal storage nodes/slots/thingies. Nodes that can only accept power-related components, such as solar panels, generators, raw energy from a digging, or even other batteries. This way you can make "smarter" energy plants, like two batteries and a solar panel. Batteries can be considered rather expensive, so unless you're very lucky with your lithium, it's not something that you can stack mountains of early on a i do believe that this would be a neat little feature! Anyway: The game is realy charming, and neat even if ther still is a lot of place for improvement! Keep up the good work !
  4. I think a good addition would be to add a craftable alarm for incoming storms. Maybe some high rise walls to block flying debris. And to vary the severity of storms, some being so powerful that it may damage some equipment, while possibly rolling chunks of terrain from the mountains that you will have to mine to remove. I think since we're in space we should expect massive tornado's like that of Saturn, some storms could be a blessing and a curse. They could rain chunks of various craftable materials but make them sparse and the storms deadly so the risk is worth the reward. lighting strikes of various colors and intensity. Falling meteors could be a addition that alter the terrain. But also enable the player to build some sort of shield for the home base..(just incase one random one falls on it).. possible add a storm shelter for the storms that literally cannot be reckoned with. Just some ideas! Love the game... thanks for making space fun!