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Found 5 results

  1. Things like permadeath; and energy is limited. The main base starts off with a little bit of coal, enough for a certain amount of time depending on how hard it should be. After that, it doesn't produce oxygen anymore. You need to fuel it with organic material and coal in order to survive. You would obviously have batteries and oxygen tanks in the main base which, after not generating any more oxygen could use those to help you not die. Depending on how hard it will be, the main base needs a different amount of energy, so that after a week you would be in constant fear of running out of fuel.
  2. i was wondering if astroneer is still getting a creative mode. this is my first time posting a topic, sorry if I have left anything out
  3. You take a pod to Barren (the small moon around Terran). The pod has no functionality once on the ground. No terrain tool. No compound and resin in scavenger mode. Tethers do not help either since there is no infinite oxygen supply. Find titanium, copper, lithium and oxygen to survive (Already packaged) from crash sites of past Astroneers. Build tanks, batteries and generators. Organic packs, small solar panels, beacons, filters and hydrazine tanks can also be found at crash sites. One old rover can be found and recharged (No infinite oxygen with the rover, but you can store oxygen packs that
  4. DEVS I am currently playing build and I love where you guys are going with exploration on the planet. Furthermore, the planet generation, whether it be caves mountains or hills, it is exciting and entrancing. There are, however, some problems I have with how we, as the player, shape the landscape. The deformation tool has a lot of potential to be not just a powerful tool, but a game altering one. There are a few ways that this tool could be more useful, not just for mining, but for base creation. A few examples: Selection-multiple options (circle, square,
  5. Thinking of a mode where you have infinite power in your backpack, and don't have to worry about dying of suffocation so you can explore the beautiful planets carefree, and experiment with the Terrain Tool, and what you can do with it! Similar to Minecraft's creative mode, except I don't agree with the idea of infinite materials. Part of the joy of this game is getting them so I personally don't see the point! so I call this "Exploration mode"!