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Found 11 results

  1. MODS...AUGMENTS...the things that go on the terrain tool...I WANT MORE! I will list my...along with some others' ideas here: Repair Mod Capability: When the terrain tool is moved over Debris, (I hope that such Debris can be created from use or storms in the future.) it can be transformed into it's fully functional condition (by means of repair) using, possibly, Scrap or about half the resource cost. Research Cost: 1000 Recipe: I'm thinking 1 Iron Go here for more information: Smoothing Mod Research Cost: 500 Recipe: 1 Zinc Go here for more information: Range Mod - I REALLY want this one. Capability: Expands reach of terrain tool Research Cost: 700 Recipe: 1 Zinc Alignment Mod 2 Capability: Allows adjustment of the terrain modification angle by 5 degrees every time the "Use" function is performed with it. Research Cost: 1000 Recipe: 1 Zinc Shredding Mod Refer to this: Please let me know what you think.
  2. Playing Astroneer, I can't stop thinking about ZBrush as using the Terrain Tool often feels a lot like 3D sculpting. So I end up hoping to have a few more possibilities. One of them : an equivalent to ZBrush's smooth brush : when one arrives on Calidor or Vesania for example, one can enjoy the beauty of soft dunes eroded by the winds... until you break it all up with your tool. At best you can smooth a flat space for a base. But you can't smooth all those triangles to create a nice curved surface. The terrain Tool should enable us to smooth/relax the polygons of an area we just terraformed. This Mod wouldn't modify much the shape we terraformed, it would just soften its surface to make it look more regular. Like those dunes in Calidor. I can destroy them. But I can't create my own. Thanks for considering this. With the ability to sculpt Add+Sub, to triangle paint with the analyzer, and smooth with the addition of a new Mod, we'd probably end up with even more artists playing Astroneer just for the sake of sculpting in the wilderness of those beautiful planets. Cheers
  3. Summary: - Steam - Alignment Mod Alters Starting Platform Description: If you click on the starting platform in wall mode of the alignment mod, it makes a lump in the black rock your hab spawns on that is not normally mineable. You are unable to fix it afterwards. Also I was using it to flatten the surrounding area and it made a stair step pattern in the black rock as well which I am now unable to repair. form: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 7 x64 CPU: Intel i7 3770K 3.5GHz GPU: Nvidea GeForce GTX 1060 6GB on board ram RAM: 8GB DDR3 Drive: Samsung 850 250GB
  4. Hi, I heard that there may be mod support soon? Why not a mod library where people can download Astroneer mods and they could have ratings? And developers can upload their mods for other people. No im not smart.
  5. Like the other tool mods, only this one only creates perfect right angles. I watch Z1 Gaming a fair bit and emulate some of his ideas and the biggest problem is always creating perfectly flat walls, floors and ceilings.
  6. It would be really cool if we could repair some (if not all) of the wrecked things that we come across on our travels. I'm thinking of a new mod that you would attach to your Terrain deformed that would turn it into a repair tool. It would obviously need power like the other mods, but would also use up scrap in your backpack as a resource to fix things with. Finding a broken Medium solar panel or a wind turbine that you can fix would be an alternate way of getting more power for your base whilst you research how to make them yourself. Same goes for broken Modules and platforms. As for wrecked habitats and drop pods, you could fix them to start a new base, though they would require more scrap than other things to repair, to keep things balanced. And finding a wrecked Rover and 1-seat will no longer just offer up some scrap, but could instead be used to get around in.
  7. I think that players should be able to make mods, just like in other popular games. For instance, maybe a mod like "Liquid Space" that basically adds liquids to the game... idk just a thought. It would publicize and progress the game really quickly. Thank you!
  8. Hi, from new patch i have problem whit augment. They don't work properly... wide mod: act like inhibitor mod narrow mod: block the terrain marker in a positin, cant do nothing Boost mod: the speed dosn't change before someone answer energy ecc ecc i have full energy bar when i use e the green cirle in the mod is on .... someone have the same issue?
  9. Is there any way you can make the alignment tool work the same way on ceilings as it does on the ground beneath your feet? When I point the tool at the ground by my feet with the alignment tool attached and then hold CTRL it works as expected. It levels the ground around me to the height I began at. When I point it at the ceiling the white dots stretch out and it no longer flattens horizontal to the ground below. If it worked this way, creating "garages" and such would be much easier.
  10. First, this comes from a console perspective but I see no reason a keyboard hot-key couldn't be handled the same way. What I would like is to be able to easily switch mods in and out of the top slot on the terrain tool. My suggestion is do a mod wheel like ESO does their quick slot. For example, if the hot key would be D-Pad UP, then holding it down brings up a wheel of mods you have available. And you select one using the stick. Now when you tap D-Pad UP it would mount that mod on the top of the terrain tool. If anything was there, it goes whereever that other mod came from. And it now becomes the D-Pad UP mod. Tapping D-Pad UP again would then put the old mod back, and return whats there to inventory and again redefine the D-Pad UP. This means D-Pad Up now becomes a quick swap. Its use I see mainly with terrain analyzer and inhibitor. PITA to swap these in and out having to drag crap around in the backpack. A quick, defineable button press really would streamline the process significantly.
  11. Hey everyone, hope you're all enjoying Astroneer as much as I am! Please let me know down below, what you think to these ideas, and anything you'd potentially change! Space Suit Modules (Requires A lot of Research) Adding different modules to the space suit to help protect you from the environment, i.e. Storms, Poison Gas, Fall Damage, Storage Extension, Spikey Balls of Death etc. You can only have one module/add-on equipped at any one time to keep the game challenging. Each module requires a mix of one unique element to make it, of which can only be found on ONE planet, and other different elements that are slightly more common. Power Tethers (Requires Research) These would work in the same way as Oxygen Tethers, but for Power. When placed they could also work as a deployable light source to help with cave exploratation. Could possibly be a Tether upgrade rather than having two different Tethers? As soon as you unlock it via research, the tether you then make provides both Power and Oxygen. Compound and harvestable Power would be required to make them?