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Found 6 results

  1. I came across an obviously fake application claiming to be Astroneer on the Google Play store. Title: Astroneer: New Adventure Developer: EVGENUY Contact: All the reviews say the app doesn't open, but has a "start" button. Very likely a virus as well as containing ads to make them money. I reported all of their apps to Google, but they don't have a label for fake app or virus. I hope someone at System Era sees this and can try to get it removed.
  2. Hi all, Had a few thoughts watching Vlog #23 and seeing/hearing the Dev's thoughts on larger vehicles. The concepts they demonstrated looked really nice, but they seemed dubious about the largest of the mock ups. Personally I think a huge, lumbering truck, akin to the Caterpillar trucks used in quarries and mines, could be a great addition, offering the ability to transport large amounts of resources, or even construct a small, mobile base on top. Make it a slower vehicle, maybe powered by coal or hydrazine, so that electing to use it as a hauler or mobile base means planning your journey carefully. Also, unlike smaller rovers, if you flip it or drive it into a chasm you need a second vehicle/crane to right it. Likewise, chaining two or more together should require additional power consumption by the lead vehicle. Constructing such a large vehicle might be impacted by building mechanics, eg. be done in parts, maybe constructed at a space station and dropped in, but would be an awesome addition for a large scale mining operation. See what you think...
  3. I really like the forum software you've chosen but there are many, many features that aren't implemented in the mobile format. I'm not talking about advanced features—actually the text editing features are pretty strong—rather simple functionality things, like being able to follow a thread, or easily being able to unfollow. There are several more but they don't come to mind just now. But I'm not always in front of a desktop/laptop and want to make good use of my time and be able to participate from wherever I'm at without all the frustration. As it is I just end up giving up in frustration and am less likely to participate. Though I suspect some wouldn't mind that but I can't be the only one experiencing these functionality limitations. For the record, I'm on Android using a variety of browsers, the usual. Thanks for listening!
  4. Cardinal

    Mobile Website

    In the mobile website there is a bit of empty space to the right. I am on Chrome in Iphone 6+. It loads in just fine, but I noticed that it scrolled to the right, and there was a big space there. Nothing important really, but I decided to say it.
  5. I was thinking, while driving my truck/rover train tonight how nice it would be if I could halve (cut in half) my storage requirements. AND THEN IT CAME TO ME! ICECREAM! And then it came to me again! Mobile smelter! Imagine having a mobile platform capable of smelting? You'd save room by smelting the raw ore. Or, in the case of resin and compound (or other things), a condenser/refiner. This device would take 2 stacks of things and condense/refine them into one thing. 2x as potent as the original item with half the storage space! Just ideas. Thanks for your time!
  6. I just wanted to report a bug that was unrelated to the game. The forums are a little too wide when display through a mobile. This seems to appear on Safari on iOS and Chrome for mobile too. I have an iPhone 6. It looks like the background min-size is a little too wide for certain phones.