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Found 2 results

  1. when playing in multiplayer mode, materials that appear in the host computer are not appearing in the client side. if the client digs the area where they should be, all they get is dirt. Here is a list of clips from the stream.
  2. I am working on getting the videos posted that show a lot of these bugs. I will update this thread as I upload them. The majority of games I have been playing are with a friend and most of the issues happen from the client who joins the game. If I am the host there still are bugs like when in a crane and you are getting a resource like compound it goes into the slots on the crane, if that slot does not fill up all the way it becomes stuck on the crane and you cannot remove it or fill it up with more compound. Things like that happen when you are hosting but when I join a friend that is when the crazy stuff starts happening. The vehicles are dangerous when playing with a friend and if you are not careful the tentacle monster comes and destroys it or it flips out on a rock and shoots up into space or the ground.Here is the list of the bugs we have come across in the game. Playing with mouse/keyboard and on steam. 1. Resources that are farmed by host if client did not see host mining them show up in the game world and you can farm the resource as normal even seeing it graphically displayed that you are getting the resource but nothing is accumulating in the gun or backpack. Also you lose your power while trying to get the resources that are really not there. 2. This seems to only happen when I am in a friend’s game, when my backpack is full and the excess resource being farmed is dropped to the ground I cannot pick it up until the player hosting the game grabs it and if he drops it I can then pick it up. 3. Vehicles are very buggy as the player who joins a game. The vehicle will randomly flip out just by touching a rock or sometimes it seems doing nothing but moving forward (was tugging a rover and driving a truck) my friend had the same experiences in my game as I did in his. They are hilarious when they happen but certainly not something we want in the finished product. 4. The player who joins a game can sometimes see through the ground, it’s great for finding resources but that player can also fall through those holes and die. 5. Spaceship landing sites are sometimes not level with the ground and you land floating in midair. 6. Sometimes entering the shuttle or spaceship your character is seen in the sitting position outside of the craft. 7. Sometimes getting out of the seat with a battery pack turns your character into a walking battery pack. 8. Sometimes when farming nodes in a friends game the node gets depleted but nothing is given to the player. Also power is drained but no resource in backpack or ground to show for it. 9. Sometimes loading into a friends game you drop below ground and its a race to the surface to survive! It has happened to me twice with one successful resurface and the other time a death! 10. Resources sometimes get buggy and cannot be removed from a platform. Other times it is a partially used resource like oxygen or power that cannot be removed usually from vehicles. 11. Dying in a hosted game sometimes spawns the client on a different planet. Usually the starting planet. 12. When using the crane the vehicle should lock to the ground and not move, as it is now you are lucky if it only slides around and does not start flipping out of control. 13. When joining a game the world changes the hosted player has done does not show up for the player who joins, this is usually the reason why you see gaps or holes in the game world. The only workaround I have found is with the hosted player walking you through a cave while you use the terrain tool to force it to update the changes. I have a video for this that I am currently exporting now and will upload and link it when it is done. 14. Can't exit game or get to the options from main menu.