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Found 10 results

  1. If you use Hydrazine for your spacecraft, make some flights, until one Hydrazine canister is 2/3 empty, then land and go craft something (eg. Graphene, using Graphite and the used up Hydrazine canister) you are able to complete that. In other words, you don't need a full canister Hydrazine to complete crafting something with it
  2. After placing a packager on an object, then shift clicking it off into your inventory, the item will float in mid air after you move. I encountered this while using a mouse and keyboard, so I can’t confirm if it happens with controller, but I’d suspect it will. Steps to reproduce: 1. Attach a packager to an appropriate item (tractor, debris, research item, etc.). 2. Without activating it, shift click the packager back into your inventory. The packager will appear to go into your backpack. 3. Move away from where you were standing. The miniaturized packager item will be floating in the spot where your backpack was. 4. After that, you can shift-click the miniature item to pick it up normally without issue. I know this is a minor issue, and currently it’s probbaly being overwhelmed by rover bugs and performance issues, but it still exists. Keep up the good work System Era. ❤️
  3. So I was in my spaceship orbiting Barren when all of a sudden one of the other planets got so close to it the literally merged into each other. Thankfully steam allows me to take photos in-game so here is a picture of the bug in action. This isn't game breaking but I'll report this anyway.
  4. Summary: 119 - Steam - 1 seat modules don't stack nicely on the space ship Description: When adding two single-seat modules to the space ship, they stack with the same orientation, rather than being symmetrical. It makes me sad. But I guess it's minor, if a bug at all. Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 119 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home x64 | v. 1607 | Build 14393.693 CPU: Intel i3 4370 3.8GHz GPU: ELSA GTX 750Ti 2GB RAM: Elixir 2x4GB DDR3 1600Hz Drive: WD Black 750GB PS. Your game is amazing and extremely stable on my machine so far!
  5. Burntout Gamerz

    A couple MINOR bugs.

    So I have only come across 3 main issues, first one being the driving of the rover. It isn't unbearable but it could certainly do with some fine tuning. The second being that if you take a shuttle out and bring it back to your original spot you cant create a vehicle again. AGAIN, not a big deal as you can simply land somewhere nearby and build another base with it and connect them together until you have it up as good as your original base. Lastly, I dug up a tree and it kept rolling into my base so i tried to bury it and suddenly it popped out of the dirt mound and landed next to it. THIS IS MY BIGGEST ISSUE RIGHT NOW! When i put something 6 feet under it is supposed to stay down lol THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR READING! Like i said none of these are game breaking and I LOVE THIS GAME! HAVE AN AWESOME DAY!!!
  6. Playing through the game I noted that the waypoints for beacons were being interacted with by the lighting/environmental effects of the engine and by 'solid' sky objects such as Clouds. This adversely affects the the navigation of the player even in scenarios where it should not a concern Repro: 1. Drop beacon 2. Place the following items between the beacon and player: Fog, Clouds, Sunlight (angling the sun's location so it comes near where the beacon is shown)
  7. So, Tundra decided to show me its true colors. It was quite interesting to say the least.
  8. Steam Version - Minor graphics bug where the tether to your astroneer with rapidly switch between a rover and a base object.
  9. Citywaverob

    Tether Bug?

    I have noticed after the recent update that sometimes I won't automatically tether to the main station or vehicles, My fix was just to play tethers around my base. Mouse and keyboard Intel i5 gtx950 windows 10 Steam edition
  10. Version: Steam Gametype: Hosting multiplayer w/2 other players Specs (From memory): AMD FX2 Octocore 3.8 GHz 24 Megs Ram NVidia GTX 750-TI Issues After flipping my rover and being thrown out of it a copy of the hip/holstered version of my terraformer was floating in the air where I landed. After a full crash the textures on some plants were missing and they were only white objects. Known plants effected were the green bulbous underground trees and the thick underground vine trees on Terran. After a full crash some terrain grids were not aligned properly and "tears" in the ground appeared. All of these tears were near places where terraforming had occurred prior to the crash. Upon crashing from multiplayer game, client items were hanging in the air where they were kicked out. I was hosting. When all side item holders are full on the smelter crafting more than one item will use all resources, but only create one item. Suggestion: The current smelted item should be dropped and a new one created behind it like the terraformer if all item holders are full. After ~3 hours of multiplayer with a sizeable base on Terran flying to other planets showed base items and location markers at a set spot "floating" in space near the bottom of the screen while flying to other planets alone. No reports of errors from players at the base and base could be returned to normally. While flying through space/on other planets alone sounds from other players could be heard as if they were nearby. IE: Item pickup/dropping & low power beeps. Attaching items other than a hydrozine canister to the hydrozine "ghost" space on the shuttle will make it impossible to place hydrozine canistes in that space. The "ghost" image also vanishes. Other items fit normally at all times. Client players in multiplayer game could not see the shipping pod in the Trading Station. Items placed on it would vanish from their screen and they would only see it after it launched. After landing on Barren and extending a base, returning to Terran, then landing on Tundra a new base could not be extended from the shuttle. Shuttle had one seat and a solar panel placed in a hydrozine canistor space. On the flight out two attached hydrozine canistors had been used and auto-removed from the ship in flight.