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Found 4 results

  1. I have moused over with the mining tool active on the entire quarts piece. It doesn't seem like there's any way to get rid of it, but it's only mildly annoying.
  2. when i launch the game it seems normal (no audio issues) the main menu music is playing it even stops when i load up my save but when i load up my save the title screen music starts to play over the songs which doesn't sound that great. I have noticed that going into the shop will fix the issue, leading me too believe it may be an issue with calling out what songs to play when you load into the main menu or a save. I have also noticed that when you exit to the main menu after loading a save the main menu music is swapped for the songs you would hear while in the actual game.
  3. After denoting dynamite with small objects nearby (Beacons, O2 Tanks, etc) some items will go flying while others will float over the resulting hole (usually the Beacon). Occasionally a small piece of land will remain and the player can walk on top of it as if it was solid ground. The floating land will disappear after reloading the save. Beacons will float 100% of the time. I have only experienced floating land once out of the ten or so times I tried to reproduce the issue Screenshots taken after the explosion and reloading have been attached.
  4. I, the genius that I am, have come up with an idea that is most likely already been thought of, but I figured I'd put it out there anyways. Obviously the easiest way to "beat the game" that is ASTRONEER is to make a fuel condenser and a trading post, so you can infinitely trade fuel for resources you actually want. The problem is, even though they cut the value of hydrazine in half trading wise, you can still cheese your way to success with just a little more patience. So instead of feasting upon piles of gouda, I suggest to the great devs at System Era that you completely remove the value of fuel in trading, and instead, require the trading post to be fueled before departure, as the seemingly infinite fuel source it has gives no real sense of "price to pay" other than trading away materials you obviously don't need. So by requiring fuel to use it, and making fuel pointless to trade, you encourage people to actually GATHER the resources they need, two birds with one stone. The problem with this is that if you do happen to make this change, people won't find much value (or at the very least at lot less value than it has now) in building the trading post, which removes a useful element of the game. I think a way to help remedy this is to make resources value 1:1 with their respective rarities. For example: 1 compound for 1 resin, 1 malachite for 1 laterite, 1 titanium for 1 lithium, etc. This way, people who are on, say, a planet with scarce lithium, can still get their hands on useful resources such as titanium or coal in order to progress, without having to find excessive amounts of a resource that is just as rare. Just for clarity's sake, say i'm having trouble finding any coal on this particular planet, but as luck would have it, the planet turns particularly slow, and being the prodigious user of stations, have found myself with a bunch of solar panels that aren't useful half of the time I'm on this rock. But I have a generator, and a small amount of extra lithium and titanium that I don't need. Now I need coal to continue using my equipment, so I go to the trader, fuel her up, put my stack of lithium and titanium on there, and receive two coal. Now I'm happy, because I can continue working on my progress without feeling like a sack of crap because i gave away 2 rares for 1 rare. I believe this is the way you can keep the value of the trader, as well as keep, if not increase the value of the fuel condenser, as you need it to fuel more than just your ship. P.S.: I'm gonna hate this change, because I too enjoy mozzarella, but I believe this to be a good way of keeping the core gameplay loop centered around exploration instead of centered around a fuel condenser, as well as helping prevent the game from becoming too easy. P.P.S. (And the reason for the "minor bug" tag on it): I reloaded my save and went to one of my shuttles which had a habitat pod on it, which I had planned to use on another planet, but it decided while I was gone (aka loading the save) to embed itself right then and there, right on top of the shuttle, so it's now useless to me. Thankfully habitat pods aren't too difficult to make (let's keep it that way), but I know this could affect a lot of people who are planning to move onto another planet, and get screwed over because compound is hard to find, shuttle gets stuck, etc. P.P.P.S.: Attached is a screen shot i took with the intention of making it a nice desktop background. I think it came out pretty swell. Enjoy!