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Found 16 results

  1. I have moused over with the mining tool active on the entire quarts piece. It doesn't seem like there's any way to get rid of it, but it's only mildly annoying.
  2. Greetings! I had a somewhat interesting idea yesterday while trying to mine on Desolo. What if we could have a tether system, like a vacuum/power line between the rover and the mining gun? My idea : The item would be equipped on the mining gun and it would amplify the connexion range with the rover. It could be a physical link that would send the item directly to the rover instead of having to hot-swap every mineral collected from the backpack to a storage.
  3. When you are standing on downill slope (steeper one), facing down, and rear end of your terrain tool (where resources gathers), is touching trerrain or is slightly below terrain slope level at that spot, when ammount of mined resource fill up to one stack and fall-off (=backpack full) in this case this resource fall through terrain, or to be precise under level of surface, where it cannot be found again (after digging on same spot afterwards).
  4. I am experiencing constant crashing on XB1 after the latest Groundwork update. When using a large rover with a drill and paver combo, hardly any mining progress can be made (on any planet) before the game freezes then crashes going back to the Xbox home panel. Presume updates are tested prior to release (I know you won’t catch every bug) but this bug is destroying my enjoyment and I hope that you can look into this and patch it asap.
  5. The vehicle doesnt accelerate when I use the drill and I just want that fixed because it hurts my right hand when I have to spam rb for 3 minutes straight
  6. Summary: - Steam - Exposed resources disappear when loading the game Description: When I start mining and it exposes new resources, if I save & quit the game and then reload it, the newly exposed resources disappear. Here is before the save: Here is after reloading the game: Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 1.3.13 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 | v. 1803 | Build 17134.915 CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K 4 GHz GPU: EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 SC RAM: Crucial Ballistix Tactical 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR3-1866 Memory Drive: SAMSUNG 850 EVO 2.5" 500GB
  7. So i started playing astroneer 2 days ago AND ALREADY had to make 2 madium rovers. I found out that when you flat the floor around the rover the rover will go into the ground and will disapear with all of your stuff now i have nothing and im disgusted to try getting the resources again
  8. With bases becoming so large and complex i feel that it would be helpful to add a base part that creates a set of S.A.W (self automated workers) to help you do mulitple things at once from one terminal and/ or search for resources. It could be somthing you could add to a rover aswell to search for and tell you where resource nodes are.
  9. Hi all!! I playing on XB1 and have 2 savegames. One on co-op and the other solo. Well. I can't find iron. I descend coves to the hell and nothing.... only zinc and aluminium. Where can I find this??? Thanks ^^ Answers in spanish too are welcome Have a nice planet!!!!
  10. Hi,me and my friend have thought about robots in astroneer : Explorer Bot (Places Tethers), Miner Bot : Mines ores (what did you expect) And Research Bots : Go to find researching things,bring them to your base and put the Researching things in the Researching Chamber. now to get these robots you must have : 1 compound 1 Wolframite or Resin And 1 Laterite.Then you have to have Power or wind/solar panels to give them Energy.For a Miner Bot you have to have the mineral / ore that you want him to mine inside your inventory to put it inside his inventory. Explorer bot has to have Tethers to place them.and research bots... carry a table on their back or something?
  11. I know that this has already been thought of. The purpose of this thread is to expand on the idea. When you launch, there should be several asteroids orbiting the central star that you can travel to in the same way you do planets. They are positioned in a way similar to this: Central Star Radiated 2-3 Asteroids Arid 1 Asteroid Exotic 3-5 Asteroids Terran-Barren System 2 Asteroids Tundra 3 Asteroids (accessible only from Tundra) They have treacherous terrain but double the output of solar panels and do not spin wind turbines (for they lack an atmosphere) and contain large amounts of Iron deposits (not Hematite), Copper deposits (not Malachite), Aluminum deposits (not Laterite), Lithium deposits, and Titanium deposits (not Titanite). Though, they do not contain any Quartz deposits, Clay deposits, Compound deposits (which should be renamed to Silicon), or Resin deposits. On them, the Atmospheric Condenser only gives 5 PPU of Hydrogen. Please let me know what you think.
  12. Remove the logos of the resource deposits when they are completely extracted from the ground, (for the aesthetic …).
  13. Hey so I was in a cave and I found two of these black rocks/soil bits and I can´t suck them up with the terrain tool, in fact the terrain tool doesn´t do anything to them. Does any one here know what they are? Here is a photo:
  14. Adding some sort of drones that can mine for you would be awesome, or some sort of railway system with automated trains that can bring materials to and from a mine to home base and automatically put them in a smelter or something. Having to EVERYTHING manually gets kind of annoying after a while so maybe adding some sort of automation.
  15. This is an updated concept to my old one. The reason I really want to suggest this is because when me and my friend play we like exploring. Although we find it hard to set up connecting bases of operations around a planet. We like going into caves, mining everything we can find. As well as gathering as much research as we can. The problem comes when we get full we either have to run all the way back to the base or if we have our rovers with us we try and get them out of the cave. (I don’t know about y'all but getting the rovers out can be a pain depending on how deep you are, and if you have a smooth path, and if you have connecting rovers it can be much harder.) My solution is having the ability to have a train system. This way it can make it easier to get from one place to the next fast and easy. (as long as you place the tracks effectively.) This system can work for exploring underground or connecting different bases on a planet together. Pros: -Fast and easy travel -Can hold as much as a large rover -Can have multiple carts (maybe max of 3-4?) -Hovers over rails so its smoother then a rover and harder to lose -Has rails so you can set out the exact path to take (with a rover you could accidentally crash into a small ravine or fall in a cave. Thus, having to dig yourself out) Cons: -Expensive (could cost 4 titanium per cart and 2 titanium per set of rails? Making this more of a late game item. Also adding to the grind having to mine more and trading things more so you can get the materials you need) -Only goes from one point to another, no free exploring. (still have to use rovers early game or to scout out areas) -More power hungry so your base will have to have sustainable energy. Possibilities: -Could probably have a system of rails connecting multiple points. (instead of point to point it could take multiple routs.) -Rails could carry power to train so as long as the base has power your train has power. (unlike rovers where you have to use up a slot for a solar panel, or something to keep it powered.) -Could have different levels of trains. (like the rover/ truck and the small/big shuttle) -Could have a specific platform like a docking station instead of using the vehicle bay (this way the rails don’t get in the way of the ships and the rovers.) -could hold a drill so you or someone can dig out a path while a friend sets up the rails. I personally think this would be an amazing addition to the game. Let me know what you think? Would this help you out in gameplay? How would you make it better? All feedback is appreciated The 3D model is a rough concept I quickly came up with, trying to follow the look of the rovers a bit. (concept model can always be changed.) This is the updated version of the train based off of the new rovers that came to the game. They can still use some work with the design but this is what i have so far. (all 3D models and textures where created by me Killershadow115) Sorry for the late update been busy. Here is a refined version based on the new rover model they have. I hope they add something like this to the game or if they allow modding I’ll be happy to provide all the models and textures necessary to whoever wants to mod it in, if that time ever comes.
  16. My friend and I played Astroneer and when he was mining on the barren planet he still saw the materials he already destroyed.