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Found 8 results

  1. What happened to these graphical features making it into the game? I’m talking about how the ice looks in the ground as you mine it, how it’s embedded and looks shinier and has a different color than the surrounding soil. I thought these looked awesome and you should add them back once the game is fully stable And bug-free
  2. (I noticed that there was another topic on asteroid belty things but i think my idea is a bit different) Firstly, this game is insane Secondly, I once got an idea for, say, and asteroid belt that (like irl) has a set distance from the sun in the space map, and when you travel to it, you and your spaceship zip through it and can use it as a form of planet-jumping, and as you travel through it (if you have a crane on your ship) you could snag some rare minerals (which would make up entire small asteroids) as you go i drew a thingy and it sorta shows what i mean i guess... maybe a little bit... (this idea really came about when thinking about a crane on a rocket, just sorta thought, "what would it even do?..."
  3. I looked around and couldn't find it but this may have been suggested already. (Apologies if it is.) Anyways, I got this idea from a crashed rocket in game that gave me Titanium and other materials. What if you want to send stuff to a player on a different planet without actually going there yourself? Rocket itself: The rocket could be an enclosed with moving doors (optional) or could look just like the trade platform, inside would be about 3-5 placement notches for materials or research (maybe an upgraded one for research? Ex: Medium/small transport). Fuel: Obviously the thing will be need to be fueled in order to move right? (unless it's like the trade platform mechanic) The amount of fuel could dictate how far the ship can travel. Hydrazine is only fuel currently so that goes without saying. How to move: Now this is a little difficult to explain but I'll try. The transport rocket can go on platforms that are already built by the player. (This would mean that 2 platforms are required before any movement can be made.) When the device is fully fueled and ready to go with whatever you have in it you need to launch it right? Okay so to do this the platform itself needs a panel. (like research station control panel) When this panel opens it can show a miniature version of the solar system/ planet system you reside in. (much like the view you have when traveling to different planets in a normal shuttle) All you would have to do in select the planet, then the platform you wish to send it to (provided there is more than one on that planet). Once selected the rocket flies off to the destination reaching it in a time that seems appropriate. Once it finally arrives the other player can use the items/research without actually traveling back themselves.
  4. First of all I really love this game i play it every day but It would be cool if there was different minerals on different planets so that it would make it more fun and more encouraging to explore different planets There should be thrusters that you can build out of aluminium and lithium so that you could easily get out of holes and you can have a fueling station of some sort so that you can use coal of hydozene to fuel up your thrusters
  5. Hi! after playing for a while, i kep finding hydrazine pretty easily and it comes ready to fuel the spaceship, so if its a "endgame" thing, why is it so common?? Other thing i was thinking is a planetary scan (optional equipment for spaceships) that can show you what types of mineral are there in %, so you might know where to go to get some minerals that you need the most. Making minerals harder to find and caves moore deeper, you can extend the gameplay and make it a sort of a "quest" to find specific minerals.
  6. First of all I had to say that even now the game is great, but we have to be honest : in a few hours we have seen 90% of the game. As you will see I think that the principal lack of this game is the number of craftable objects. Why ? Because we have all the vehicules/items in just a few hours. So here what my friend and I were thinking about : - More ressources !!! It's too easy to craft a spaceship - Extremely rare ressources only available on other planets ! - Alloys - More machinery, to extract more ore or to build a house and all the inside of the house, like a bed, a computer or whatever you could need in it. - Intermediary machinery to build some parts of the spaceship that you need to assemble later with the vehicule platform - The possibility to destroy platforms - Some lasers ! What for ? I don't know but lasers are always cool - The possibility to launch small satellites into orbit - A station in orbit where we could live, craft and go outside of the station to bring some new modules to the station - The station could be the only way to do some research, because we need to be into the void or something like that. About the difficulty : - I think that rare ressources should be hard to get, either defended by creatures to beat or because they are hard to find. Anyway the game has take a good start and has a huge potential, keep going guys !
  7. Here are some of the things I think would improve the gameplay experience; 1.) For an improved movement, a good idea would be adding a jetpack / booster into the game. This could possibly be created in the printer, or the vehicle bay. This could be put in the side panels of the backpack, and you could press the "A" button" while in the air to activate it. 2.) Add an exo-suit or mech-suit of some kind. This would be a very cool feature, and would add more variety to how you could get around. You could also make it so the exo-suit has it's own backpack, and each arm could have modules built onto it from the vehicle bay. I also think this should be rather difficult to make, as the extra storage and tools would make it very good. 3.) To create a more in-depth crafting & mining system, you could add more minerals into the game, such as iron, gold, etc. You could also add oil deposits under ground, that could only be accessible by creating a drill or some other tool to extract it. This could be used to make power (lots of it), or other uses you guys could come up with. 4.) Add more buildings. I know this is probably obvious, but it is definitely needed. This would, without a doubt, improve the experience. 5.) A more dynamic weather system. For instance, in the storms, rather than just having blocks, some items flying through could be an actual piece of something, like an "Unknown" or a mineral. I know this would be hard, but I think it would be very cool. 6.) A shield generator. You could either attach this to your base or your backpack, and it would require power. This could protect you from multiple things, such as the projectiles in storms or the spiky plants in caves. ONE MAJOR REQUEST: Please don't add hostile creatures to the game; I love this game for what it is, a calming, laid-back survival exploration game. I love it how it is. It's your guy's decision in the end, but I think most of us could agree we like it how it is. (I would promote a bit more danger, but not monsters or hostile aliens.) Whether you add any of these into the game or not, I will continue to support you guys and be thankful for your dedication and hard work towards this game. Best regards, and good luck.
  8. So, the game so far can be challenging but all of the challenges are circumvented pretty easily. Adding some new environmental factors might spice the game up a bit. Weather Additions The game already contains the dust and rock storm, which is great. I've suffered my fair share of deaths due to flying boulders destroying me. Adding some base and equipment damage to this storm would make it more realistic (this has been brought up on other threads). Another thing we can add is temperature change. During the day, the temperature is mild or hot, and countermeasures must be taken to move past this barrier. Suit/backpack upgrades and the addition of a small air conditioner unit to the build options would allow us to combat the hot climate. During the night, the temperature drops to minus 120F and we must use suit heaters or other sources to stay alive. I do think that the relatively rapid change from day to night should be slowed down to allow for the implementation of climate-combating equipment. Environmental Hostility I have grown used to the ability to wander the planet without too much worry of death. The gaseous plants inside the caves and fall/suffocation death are about the only ways you can die. I don't really fancy the idea of adding hostile enemies and turning this wonderful game into a FPS. My suggestion is adding more to the environment that can bring about our lonely existence's demise. A couple of ways include the weather/temperature changes I mentioned above as well as planet structure changes. Turn a nearby mountain into a new mineral's mining ground. This mineral (we'll call it Xanadium for fun) is extremely rare and packs a punch in terms of upgrades. It's available in small quantities and multiple veins must be found to make it worth it (adding exploration and challenge). The caveat? Volcanoes This mineral rich mountain is now a smoldering volcano. Dig too far for your precious Xanadium, and BOOM. One of the volcano's lava veins is broken through and now your cavern is filling with molten rock. How do you escape?? Ingenuity and quick thinking. Or you're mining around in a mountain and find some Xanadium. You didn't know this was a volcano but you risk it. Without warning, the volcano starts to erupt, leaving you only minutes to find your way out and escape the range of the volcano's spew. You're left with only the Xanadium you mined and the ash from the volcano blocks out the sun, dropping the temperature below freezing. You're left with no solar power for weeks, and you're forced to expand into new energy sources. Volcanoes Aren't Entirely Evil Using the erupting volcano as a power source could increase your options for energy. Geothermal energy as an energy source could require you to venture into the heart of a volcano or mine deep shafts where you place probes to pick up the heat and convert it into energy. Sucking up lava as a volcano erupts would allow you to store it on your pack as a heat source for those blistering cold nights, and, while the ash blocks the sun, blistering cold days.