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Found 3 results

  1. What happened to these graphical features making it into the game? I’m talking about how the ice looks in the ground as you mine it, how it’s embedded and looks shinier and has a different color than the surrounding soil. I thought these looked awesome and you should add them back once the game is fully stable And bug-free
  2. (I noticed that there was another topic on asteroid belty things but i think my idea is a bit different) Firstly, this game is insane Secondly, I once got an idea for, say, and asteroid belt that (like irl) has a set distance from the sun in the space map, and when you travel to it, you and your spaceship zip through it and can use it as a form of planet-jumping, and as you travel through it (if you have a crane on your ship) you could snag some rare minerals (which would make up entire small asteroids) as you go i drew a thingy and it sorta shows what i mean i guess... maybe a little bit... (this idea really came about when thinking about a crane on a rocket, just sorta thought, "what would it even do?..."
  3. I looked around and couldn't find it but this may have been suggested already. (Apologies if it is.) Anyways, I got this idea from a crashed rocket in game that gave me Titanium and other materials. What if you want to send stuff to a player on a different planet without actually going there yourself? Rocket itself: The rocket could be an enclosed with moving doors (optional) or could look just like the trade platform, inside would be about 3-5 placement notches for materials or research (maybe an upgraded one for research? Ex: Medium/small transport). Fuel: Obviously the thing will be need to be fueled in order to move right? (unless it's like the trade platform mechanic) The amount of fuel could dictate how far the ship can travel. Hydrazine is only fuel currently so that goes without saying. How to move: Now this is a little difficult to explain but I'll try. The transport rocket can go on platforms that are already built by the player. (This would mean that 2 platforms are required before any movement can be made.) When the device is fully fueled and ready to go with whatever you have in it you need to launch it right? Okay so to do this the platform itself needs a panel. (like research station control panel) When this panel opens it can show a miniature version of the solar system/ planet system you reside in. (much like the view you have when traveling to different planets in a normal shuttle) All you would have to do in select the planet, then the platform you wish to send it to (provided there is more than one on that planet). Once selected the rocket flies off to the destination reaching it in a time that seems appropriate. Once it finally arrives the other player can use the items/research without actually traveling back themselves.