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Found 9 results

  1. Summary: Titanite not recognized as mineral, only smelted titanium ore. Description: I have found some titanite and I wanted to multiply it with the mineral extractor. The mineral extractor did not recognize it as a valid object, but as soon I smelted it to titanium, I was able to multiply the smelted metal... I assume you have not adjusted the extractor to reflect the changes to the new ores? Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro, 64bit, Version 1803, OS Build 17134.191 CPU: Intel Core i5-7500,
  2. give the mineral extractor a interface tablet Why? its awkward to use the conversion rate is hard to grasp for new and even experience players having to hold resin, lithium, compound, etc. next to it for the sample takes up needed space for items Possible Benefits shows you a better visual and or numeric way of what your getting easier to see conversion rate could have a system to where you can insert a material and then the extractor can now forever extract that material can use the new symbols adam made for all the materials which are just
  3. Current problems this suggestion looks to solve: Mineral extractor is too much of a one-stop-shop for resources in the late game Mineral extractor renders the trade platform largely useless once the player has a sample of all mineral types Mineral extraction needs to remain available to make up for lack of common resources such as compound and resin in the early game Mineral extractor requires players to maintain samples of all mineral types - a space-wasting and error-prone process, as well as an artificial limitation that varies based on RNG findings Coal and l
  4. I discovered how the drill works together with the mineral extractor, and it's fantastic! This will save me a lot of work, because it automatically gathers all the drilled ground! Obviously I had to secure my long Rover, while I was working with my drilling head, with a winch! Because otherwise, the Rover moves with the strong inclination of the terrain. I am very happy with this discovery!!
  5. I had a Mineral Extractor in front of and right up against a Large Storage D filled with various Research. When I placed a medium storage of filled canisters on the left platform of the mineral extractor, the medium storage unfolded and half of it was inside the large storage D. The mineral extractor automatically loaded the eight canister and returned them to the medium storage, but when I moved the medium storage, the canisters that were in the positions obscured by the large platform D had disappeared. Win7 PC with keyboard and mouse Steam
  6. Summary: 0.6.5 - XB1 - Constancy needed in platform utilization Description: The game is very non-uniform in the utilization of platform slots. Any production base module should be consistent as to where it deposits output materials. I don't care whether its the left side or the right side that is the primary output but pick one and make it the same on every base module. Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: 0.6.5 SMELTER: Not positive when it started but it was in one of the more recent patches. The smelter has changed where it deposits output meta
  7. Summary: Attached small generator to mineral extractor Description: I managed to attach a small generator to a mineral extractor right after building it, the generator didn't have Organic in it, the generator would turn on when attached but when I took it off I couldn't put it back on the extractor, it would just return to an open spot on the platform Platform: Steam/ XBox One / Windows 10 Store Version / Build Number: Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 CPU: Intel I7 7700k 4.2GHz GPU: GTX 1080 Ti 11gb RAM: Corsair 2x16gb DD
  8. I'm playing on Xbox One, & loving the Base Building Update. Absolutely glorious. Just one thing... The mineral extractor no longer auto grabs filled canisters, when I place a storage unit on it full of filled canisters. Well, it grabs the 1st one & puts it back on the storage unit, but then stops there. Any chance we can get a HOT FIX for this? Please?
  9. Drill Needs a mod slot opposite from the collection port, mainly for an attaching worklight. Mineral Extractor Needs to have a larger sediment capacity, denser elements should not take hours to coordinate raw material at the base. The production should still only be 8 at a time though. Base Building I feel that the new platform system is nice, but would benefit greatly if they only allowed for 45° angle adjustment instead of 1°. This would make bases much cleaner. If nothing else add it to the settings menu, as an option for snapping base platforms.