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Found 4 results

  1. Sandbox games are fun for a while, until you find out how empty and pointless they are. This happens once you have done everything in the game that you can do. Once that happens people will never open it up again and start it up because "why" would you do it all over again? and for what ? This is mainly why we played minecraft for a very long time in the beginning, but after you've done all the things, explored all things that can be explored in the sandbox game, you just don't want to start all over again and do it again and again (unless you're a 6 year old kid with lot's of serotonins
  2. Feature Request: It would be great if I could level up my character through activities and spend the earned experience points. RPG like elements of this nature would increase the penalty of death and would incentivize me keep playing over a longer period of time by unlocking new abilities / objects using in game experience. Often times I find that I tend to stop playing a game if I can no longer level up or can't level up at all.
  3. This game is awesome, thank you so much for putting together such a well thought out and feature rich game! Really excited to see all the features you guys have planned post alpha. Feature Request: We'd love to hear not only your idea, but why you feel its an improvement or the right step for us to take. Basically try and let us in to your thought process behind the idea. As a user I would love to have local co-op, because then I could play with my wife without the need for multiple Xboxes. Also, we don't mind purchasing multiple licenses, so long as we can play on the same
  4. ok, some people might say this game is turning into minecraft in space, but thats not necessarily a bad thing. i think having a rail/ mine cart system would be very nice for exploring deep caves