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Found 4 results

  1. thecarlocarlone

    Rover on Rail as Minecart

    When you go inside a cave for miles, you start thinking: "Damn, i should bring a rover down there" But we all know that rovers are useless inside caves... So why don't add some placeable rail for a rail mounted rover? (such as minecarts) You can place rails like you do with tethers (maybe?), and then a "rover" will only follow its path without get stuck or lost inside a bottomless pit.
  2. Jasksie

    Mine shaft tool

    I thought it would be cool if you could build a mineshaft that would excavate down an then create a open room to branch out from. It would make it easier to go deeper straight down without having to worry about falling to your death. Might be cool if you had to use a winch on it to go down and up. Would also need a power source attachment.
  3. Admir1 Nelson

    Crane/Drill improvement

    So I had to build a crane to see how it works and what sort of things you can do with it. As far as I can tell. It's useless. I can mine faster using my terrain tool then with that. My idea for the crane with the drill bit is that it pulls what ever your mining, compound, resin etc. straight out the whole vain. So instead of destroying the whole wall, floor, ceiling You would just punch a whole and mine it all front that pocket. Obviously it couldn't be instantaneous but if it's not faster then what's the point?
  4. FoxFireRage


    A lift or crane might be really nice, I am currently 4 mines down and it takes forever to get stuff back up. It would be nice to tunnel straight down and lift stuff out with a crane.