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Found 1 result

  1. There's very little I'd change as it stands, but here are a few things that would be a bit more immersive, and for power gamers more functional. These are all things that exist in the world/universe today and add depth/variety. 1. Hostile Environments [World Gen] > Corrosive gas, radiation, high temperatures > Additional Storm types: Acid rain, Meteor showers, solar flares (wipes out stored power, could leave you stranded if out on patrol ). 2. Environment sensor [Backpack attachment] > Small advanced warning of incoming storms, meteor showers, acid rain. > Hostile temperature/radiation/corrosive gas. 3. Planet Transfer Planner [backpack attachment or base object]. > Notification that a planet has entered transfer range so you can launch straight to the new planet. I find myself having to wait in orbit till my transfer window arrives, it can take a while... 3a. Launch facility instead of vehicle bay for space craft. It would be nice to add functionality specific to the space faring aspect of the game.