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Found 4 results

  1. I mentioned this to Marc when Creative first came out to us. The slider controls in the "R" menu are difficult to adjust to a specific number or setting. Please allow control of the sliders to be accomplished using arrow keys, much like the sliders for Audio, etc. Marc told me that was something that had not been mentioned yet at the time. Hugs SES!
  2. Summary: 196 - Steam - Exit to Main Menu, while in Main Menu, causes program lock-up. Description: I know this one was my fault, but it is still un-expected behavior, so: Pressing "Exit to Main Menu", whilst in the Main Menu, results in Astroneer locking-up. (NOT crashing, just complete and utter "never leaves the loading screen", followed by CPU useage of Astroneer dropping to 0) Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 196 Specifications: OS: Windows 10 Home CPU: Intel Core i7-3630QM @2.4GHz (8-cores) GPU: Nvidia 610M RAM: 16 GB Drive: Unknown, sorry.
  3. Really enjoy the game guys, great job so far! My biggest suggestion is to update the UI for the Xbox One version. The current system is obviously for a mouse setup. Just simply by putting button icons on things as you get close to them (push to activate) would help a bunch! Any time you can avoid having to move the pointer with the left stick would be great. For example, to push the button to activate the smelter "B" should show up next to the button when everything is in place. Any time you can streamline it and make it button activated would be great.
  4. Audio options have no "Apply" button and can't be changed. Keyboard/mouse, PC/Steam