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  1. Okay, so with every update and new items added the UI is getting closer to its limits. my little backpack printer is getting totally overburdened with so many recipes but same applies to all other printers as well. to find the stuff i need i have to do a lot of clicking, and the more clicking i do, the faster i tend to do it thus possibly skipping the item i wanted... and i have to make another loop over the recipes... Now that we get regular monthly updates i start to dread on the thought of researching new stuff for that very reason (no way to unresearch stuff, is there?). okay time to
  2. Hello guys, So I got bored and I decided to mess around with something that was bugging me about Astroneer since launch, that being the main menu and subjacent menus. I always felt that around all of the interfaces and aesthetics within the game, the main menu was one that felt a little bit off... So I create something that I could visualize as an approach to what I think it could be a more cohesive version on this interface and perhaps give some ideas of improvement (or not xd)... Mostly it was just for fun, it's nice to mess with this kind of stuff in a game that a like so much...
  3. After the last update I cannot load my world. Every timeI try to click on the save the game freeze or I click on load but it goes back. I don't know how to resolve this problem. I also tried to remove the game or verify game files but nothing to do. Someone has the same issue?
  4. So when I try to open a menu (ex research chamber), my backpack with rapidly open and close instead of the menu opening. This bug renders the game literally unplayable. Same thing happens when trying to interact, except the mining tool with rapidly be pulled out then put back instead of using the object (ex. turning on a furnace). Bug began randomly occuring and didn't stop with a restart or the game or my pc.
  5. This has been happening since before the last patch. After loading save file or exiting a new world, the screen turns black. Everything works because i can still hear everything. Please help...
  6. Right, I looked at other posts to see if they mentioned it briefly, and none did, so I'll mention it here: 1. If the hosts wifi gets disconnected(While they're playing single player) and later someone tries to join you can't 2. If you lose connection to the host, a pop up should, well, pop up saying you have lost connection with a timer counting down from like 30 seconds, and you can't do anything, because I can't really tell if I'm disconnected sometimes, and I fell like I get kicked out of the server too easily 3. Also you should be able to input numbers into things like audio
  7. Hey deer Systemera Team, I've got an idea for the menu. I wanted to turn the volume down... but It took ages untill I've got it to 50%. So my idea is adding a slider or the possibility to keep the mouse pressed and don't have to click each volume sound fpr it's own. I hope you know what I mean!
  8. Posted November the 1st Summary: Steam - Empty screen after acess setting's menu Description: After I was change some parameters like commands and graphical settings, I have a screen with only the name of the game on top right, and no picture and selection available. Platform: Steam / Windows 7 Version / Build Number: 119 Specifications: OS: Windows 7 Édition Intégrale 64-bit SP1 CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 @ 3.16GHz GPU: GeFor
  9. If the planets that revolve around the sun moved slowly until they were aligned to the right, and when their aligned, it means it's done loading.
  10. I was out on a long excursion and mistakenly quit the game while navigating the in-game options menu. I panicked but I was but was relieved to find my progress had been saved. Thanks, good job! – Nonetheless, I think a simple "Are you sure you want to exit?" confirmation modal should appear upon selecting that option. Please and thank you.
  11. As provided in the screenshot, there are some problems on rendering the menu. I guess its kind of static, or not optimized for all resolutions. Or maybe there is a breakpoint on a given resolution. (NVIDEA GTX 1070; Driver 385.31) (Two monitors plugged in. Gamescreen: 1920x1080, second Screen: 1600x1200) (Windows 10 Build: 15063.540)
  12. I was gonna go into options and check the graphics options as I hadn't played for a while. As soon as I press options (in a save or in the menu) my FPS goes from its usual smooth 60FPS (good job on that front guys, like smooth FPS) to about 2 FPS. In the menu I go down to 20 or less FPS. Tested several times, it's 10/10 times it does this. Closing the options menu doesn't help, it gets stuck on bad FPS.
  13. Summary: 197 - Steam - Options menu memory leak Description: Options menu consumes all available memory locking up PC Platform: Steam Version / Build Number: 197 Specifications: OS: Windows 7 | Build 0.3.10197.0 CPU: AMD FX-8350 8-Core 4.0ghz GPU: ASUS Geforce GTX660ti RAM: Mushkin Enhanced Blackline 16GB (4 x 4GB) DDR3 1600 Drive: SanDisk Extreme 2.5" 240GB SATA III(SSD) SDSSDX-240G-G25 *reposting in requested bug report format*
  14. Summary: 158 - Steam - Pressing menu key after loading screens opens invisible menu Description: When the screen with the pre-alpha notification is shown after the loading screen (with the orbiting planets animation), after pressing a menu key (i.e. ESC or F6), the game menu is opened invisibly. It is possible to select menu entries with the mouse when you know where to click on the screen (including the return to desktop option). You are unable to proceed to the game's load/start screen (main menu) with a mouse click, but it is possible to proceed with the return key. (If you are a
  15. In the loading sequence, there are three planets orbiting -- presumably -- some star. Objects orbiting a large central mass like this should follow Kepler's 3rd Law: P^2 / a^3 = constant The period, P, squared, divided by the semi-major axis, a, cubed, should be constant. Since the semi-major axis of a circular orbit is the radius, and the radii of the three planets in the load sequence seem to be multiples of the smallest orbit radius, we can say the orbit radii are 1, 2, and 3 units in size. The planets appear to orbit in a 5-2-1 resonance, with the planet nearest the star orbiting 5 t
  16. so i have very recently gotten the game, as in i got it today, but i have noticed two things as of now, when nearing the end of my link to a tether, the "gathering oxygen" (can't think of a better way to phrase that) sound starts to replay over and over, increasing in volume every time, it gets quite unnerving, unsure if its a bug or on purpose, but either way, letting you all know. the other thing i found, while in the main menu i noticed if you press the E key, it still plays the sound of equipping the terraformer, its not a big deal, just what i believe is a missed detail.
  17. Summary: 119 - Steam - Pressing menu key after loading screens stops you from doing anything in the application. Description: When the screen with the pre-alpha notification is shown after the loading screen (see screenshot below), after pressing a menu key (i.e. ESC or F6), the application does not react to any input any longer. That is, there is no reaction to any key pressing or any mouse actions. The only option is to terminate the game with external means, like Windows task manager. The Steam overlay still works and is accessible in this situation. Platform: Steam V
  18. Backpack 2.0 My idea for a better Backpack. (On Xbox, I haven't played PC so I'm only speaking for console) Currently the backpack system is okay at best. Upon opening it you're greeted by a moving menu, Power cells and an oxygen tank at the top. I love the design, that's not why I'm making this post. I'm here because I hate the interface, the way you interact with the pack is atrocious, (no offence) there is no snapping into position, at any degree that helps. The bag will move around if your character, let's call him Marv, starts to move and there is nothing telling you how
  19. I've been experiencing a lot of slowdown in the game. I went to turn down the graphic options, but in the resolution option, only 1920 by 1080 was there. I tried on a different computer and It all showed up. Intel Core 15 Windows 10 HP Laptop
  20. I play on the Stream Experimental version. When you load a character, hitting escape before the left click prompt will leave you stuck on the left click prompt and you will need to restart the application.
  21. I dont know if it just my game or everyone elses but for some reason you can only use the d pad to go left to right in the menu but it really should just be the usual left analog stick
  22. Hello everybody! First of all, thanks for creating this game. This is an extremely good concept, and for what I've been reading on this forum, there are excellent ideas to improve the game and to make it a really interesting game. I'd just like to suggest a couple of things that could improve the Terrain Modulator Tool (the E gadjet) in order to let its usage more fluid. 1. Ctrl+L-click (from now on referred to as CL): This is the PC command to shape the terrain. During my gameplay I've enjoyed spending some time building structures: tunnels, caves, buildings, giant greek-like c
  23. Naming saved games, deleting saved games and overall management with cool animations. Having player for 20+ hours Om stating to have trouble with figuring out which save is which. The only identifier is the last played date, and sometime the newest save is not the one im looking for. I am sure this is om tour list, and meny of my posts propobly are. However, mentioning them and putting the ideas in the spotlight also gives you perspective that you are right about your ideas ^.^ Best regards
  24. There is a glitch of some sort when I start up the game on Xbox One that has the pause menu frozen on the screen and doesn't allow me to do anything. I found out that if I don't press start before I load up a game, it will go away, but for people who don't know, it's probably frustrating. I gotta actually shut the game down and restart it in order to get rid of the menu.
  25. When you enter a coop game, you get started again at the menu and you choose your astroneer, but if you force the close or the conection shutdown, your last astroneer becomes bugged and you see the bag items floating in the air. And the distance that the host of the games see and yours is different ( that could be maybe because of the hosting, I really don't know, but sometimes it's annoying... ).