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Found 2 results

  1. Version 1.0.13. Any time terrain is "flattened" or modified, my vehicles and any unattached platforms will begin to sink into the ground. Vehicles are then very difficult to dig out as any terrain modification done around them makes them sink further into the ground. I have to dig way below them and make a sort of landing platform and than dig around the vehicle itself for it to sink onto.
  2. 2 words... Heat Beam. Now i know what you all are thinking, "thats just a laser beam and they said NO WEAPONS". Though I think I've thought out a clever way to make it more of a tool with some defensive capabilities. The Heat Beam Upgrade for your tool could be used to harvest some specific plantlife you would normally be unable to or to melt through super hard rock when digging. Could be used to harvest a super rare and very hard mineral/ore. Heat Beam could also maybe be the tool needed to "destroy" or melt down a piece of your base so you can build something different. When fauna are introd