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Found 10 results

  1. The main idea is to add an advanced version of the medium storage. Effects: - the storage has a panel that allows to set an item filter to limit the resources it accepts (e.g. "resin", "soil canisters", "smeltable resources") - if an item is pushed into storage (e.g. soil centrifuge finished producing) the corresponding filter storage has a higher priority of getting the item (but still lower than a printer) - add the icon logo of the filtered resource to the storage ? I don't know if the player should be able to manually add other resources... Cost: - some "
  2. The ability to choose when and where a Medium Storage unit unfolds to the flat position. If it’s on the Ground, if it’s in the middle of a Platform, or if it’s on a Vehicle. Not just when it is on the side of a Large Platform B. However, I feel if there was a button hovering over the Medium Storage unit, it would cause clutter, so I recommend achieving this a different way. Perhaps a button press while holding the item, I’m not sure.
  3. I've posted about this on the Steam forums, but under the assumption you don't really read thos eanymore, or they're subject to gatekeeping by moderators who may or may not decide to pass on any given posting to you, I'd like to write about it here as well, with considerably better formatting and less snark. So I'm not a huge fan of the remodel to the medium storage. I've felt that, like the wind turbine and solar generator and many of, I assume, Paul's works from the game's earlier days, it's stood the test of time and shift in equipment aesthetic very well, and fit right in with what I
  4. Bugs: Mouse/keyboard? Controller? Keyboard Steam? Xbox? Steam Bug 1: Large Platform B/Smelter Sinks What were you doing leading up to this bug? Setting up home base, smoothing out terrain with Ctl + Digging Tool (no mod) Any steps that we can take to reproduce the bug on our end is appreciated. Smooth/flatten out the terrain. Place Large Platform B, with Smelter & two med storages on top. One storage was full of ceramic, the other was empty. Come back to it in about 30 mins
  5. Summary: Unpacking a medium storage shifts if space becomes occupied during unpacking animation Description: I wanted to test the unpacking of the small objects... So printed a medium storage, put it on a platform. If you occupy the slot the one-slot-packed medium storage wants to expand, it will not allow you to unpack it. But, if you start the unpacking animation with "E" and quickly move an obstacle to the second slot, it will shift one away and merge half way with whatever is next to it Fortunately you can remove the obstacle and move the medium storage back
  6. Hi. Since there is no action with SHIFT + clicking on MEDIUM STORAGE then I suggest emptying all 8 items (slots facing towards) from backpack to medium storage.
  7. I think it would be neat, if your backpack was comepetly empty, to be able to attach a medium storage to fill your backpack and it would fill/replace every slot. This way when mining or picking up items they are stored directly to the medium storage slots. When you are full you can pop off the entire module and it folds back up to medium storage with everything still attached. This could speed up moving around items and managing item organization especially on a controller.
  8. I've made 2 other posts related to this topic, but after playing around with the latest updates enough, I realized that the issue is probably not with the modules themselves, but the medium storage unit. The mineral extractor & the hydrazine catalyzer do not auto-pull canisters &/or materials (ammonium), aside from the 1st one on the medium storage unit. And the hydrazine catalyzer does not replace filled canisters with empty ones, when there are some available on a medium storage unit. Also, the smelter doesn't fill the medium storage unit, until all the slots where you lo
  9. Spent the last 3 hours on a new save trying to figure out how to build the medium storage and the medium solar panels. I’ve tried the small and medium printers mounted on the ground and on all platform sizes. I’ve moved them to all the platform positions. I’ve researched both components as well. I tried building the vehicle bay but that didn’t do it. I tried my back back and no luck there. I am at a complete loss as to how to build these pieces. Before the update the medium storage was built at the printer. Anyone else having this issue?
  10. This is an odd one. So I had one of those partial resources from an old save, specifically a partial lithium block stuck on a storage which caused annoyance. I decided to attempt to destroy the medium storage with some dynamite. Stuck it on the side of the storage and detonated, which destroyed the storage without problem as well as the partial block with it. My base was well outside of the radius of the explosion. Yet within a few minutes I realized a couple other storages I had attached to base platforms had disappeared. Few minutes later I found them. Floating in the sky just ou