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Found 2 results

  1. I've started exploring Vesania, and I decided to use the large resource canister to catch all that abundant organic resource there so it won't go to my other storage modules on my rover. When it got full, I wanted to destroy all that organic by using a packager on the full larger resource canister. Sadly, it wouldn't work. I experimented a bit, and I discovered that the packager won't work on either large or medium resource canisters when they have even just a bit of resources in them. Once they are empty though, the packagers work fine.
  2. Summary: The button repeater does not toggle the input/output state of a medium resource canister when the button repeater is also connected to an auto extractor. Description: Test setup: 1. Place a medium resource canister atop an auto extractor. 2. Attach a storage sensor to the medium resource canister and set it to “full or empty”. 3. Connect the storage sensor to a button repeater. 4. Create a branch point for the button repeater. 5. Attach a branch from the button repeater to the medium resource canister. Attach a branch from the button repeater to the auto extractor. 6. Turn on the auto extractor and wait for it to fill up the medium resource canister. Expected Result: When the resource canister is full, its state should be toggled from input to output. Actual result: The resource canister’s state remains unchanged. It does not toggle to output. Notes: When the resource canister becomes full, the button repeater does indeed send a signal to the resource canister as is evident in the signal animation. However, no actual state change occurs. The button repeater correctly turns off the auto extractor. If you do not attach a button repeater branch to the auto extractor in step 5 and instead manually fill the resource canister, the button repeater does correctly toggle the state of the canister from input to output. In the following video link, I first show the correct expected behavior by not including the auto extractor in the experiment. In the second part of the video, I include the auto extractor and demonstrate that the test then fails. Video recording:!AgyAjt7yCN5TmWQ2B86CL7os1kho Platform: XBox One Version / Build Number: Specifications: Xbox One X, default hardware.