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Found 5 results

  1. I would like to see in the game not just costumes that change the appearance, but costumes that change the characteristics of the character. For example, higher jumps, an increase in the supply of oxygen, a more powerful beacon, accelerated assembly of resources, here you can come up with many ideas. Next, I would like to see enemies in the game - various life forms, both neutral and aggressive, from which you can collect resources for some new technologies, for the costumes that I mentioned above. If you add opponents, you can create costumes that will carry the characteristics for a more effective battle. If you introduce enemies, you need to introduce various weapons that can be switched instead of the collector. If the developers are interested in it, I’m ready to help, come up with monsters, weapons, costumes, I think very well and draw not bad. Русская Версия Хотелось бы увидеть в игре не просто костюмы меняющие облик, а костюмы, которые меняют характеристики персонажа. Например более высокие прыжки, увеличение запаса кислорода, более мощный маячок, ускоренную сборку ресурсов, тут можно много идей придумать. Далее хотелось бы увидеть в игре врагов - различные формы жизни как нейтральные так и агрессивные, с которых можно собирать ресурсы для каких то новых технологий, для костюмов, которые я упомянул выше. Если добавить противников то можно создать костюмы, которые будут нести характеристики для более эффективного ведения боя. Если ввести противников то нужно ввести различные оружия которые можно переключать вместо сборщика. Если разработчиков это заинтересует я готов помогать, придумывать монстров, оружия, костюмы, я очень хорошо придумываю и не плохо рисую.
  2. I played this game for long time ago and my only real complaint is the beacons cant be see very far away. I think home beacon at least should be seen no matter where your at on the planet. Regardless how many you have. Because its extremely frustrating when you get lost on a planet and circle around the planet a few times before you can find your base if you can. I play multiplayer with two other people and all three of has gotten lost. Be able to see beacons no matter where was apart of the game once upon a time why was it removed?
  3. The vehicle doesnt accelerate when I use the drill and I just want that fixed because it hurts my right hand when I have to spam rb for 3 minutes straight
  4. For gas storage you'd have a "pump" or "pipe" construction that you'd place like an extender with two ends and you'd bury it by building a wall on it with the ends sticking out both sides, one you'd connect to a machine or something and the other would check if it's side was a sealed volume whenever you try to turn it on and if so it'd act as gas storage equal to the area's volume, naturally if by digging it's ever connected to a volume that's too large or not sealed it would all be lost, if it's connected to a volume filled with some other gas(like air) it would instantly mix and be unusable until filtered which could be an attachment to the pipe. there would be other possibilities like having an airlock that'd be like a pipe but would allow passage without gas flow so you can build atmosphere specific things, for example titanium refineries would only work without a purely unreactive atmosphere like IRL or planters would only grow with their home atmosphere and a source of lighting(or transparent terrain to let the sun in). Beyond that you could have simple liquids that would just fill up an indentation up to a flat level depending on volume, once the level reaches an edge it would send out a "stream" that'd follow the steepest slope from whatever point it's at until it either reaches another liquid surface or a point where there's only up slopes at which point it would make a new one into which the overflow from the originating reservoir would flow into the new one, if the new one fills to the point that their levels are both the same then they mix and continue upwards as one, if they drain past that that point then they split again. you could also do something with multiple levels of different density fluids and if you have a reservoir inside a gas room then the gas room would have a reduced volume depending on how much the liquid takes up. In short I feel the dynamically modifiable terrain should be more important to construction.
  5. Hi, I'm new! I've played for a while past days, and I would try to inspire you. Have you ever played Spore? I loved that game, and I think the "terraforming" feature of planets could be intresting. I mean the "import fauna and flora to stabilize the planet's ecosystem" thingie. You've set the game like a gold rush, and that's fine. But what if we have concequences on the ecosystem? What if we have tools that allow us to directly affect the ecosystem? What if certain equipment generate pollution or waste? Pretty much actual topic, I would say ;). That's just a thought. P.S.: Good job, even almost without any content the game is fun to play already! Keep it up, cheers!